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    LaserMaster LX-6 HP LJII Controller

    As far as setup, commands, etc. yes. The actual processing and driving of the LJ is all HW based. The controlled card came in three configurations (2MB, 4MB, 6MB) of memory but it was user expandable. The memory is all socketed so you just add DIPs and go. Mine came with 4MB.
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    LaserMaster LX-6 HP LJII Controller

    Unfortunately no. The only way I can get the LM to work is with the driver disks.
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    LaserMaster LX-6 HP LJII Controller

    I don't think the II and the III had HDD options. My LJ 5500 has a 40GB HDD with a real spinning HDD that I can FTP into. The fax cartridge is cool as well. As far as the upgrades go for my LJII it is maxed out on memory, I have the LAN interface but I am mainly using the parallel port...
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    LaserMaster LX-6 HP LJII Controller

    Yep. I remember reading PC Mag in the local library and seeing the adds for the LaserMaster stuff. Of course they were way out of my budget.... $4K just for the card and you still needed to buy a LJ II! They went on well into the 90s and made newer cards for the 4 series that allowed for...
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    California IBM 5175 Monitor

    They aren't that rare.... Although prices have gone up ridiculously... I am still kicking myself for losing out on one in box sold with a 5170 in box for $1200... Of course that was 10 years ago and who would pay that kind of money... Heck a few months before then I bought a PGC card and the...
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    LaserMaster LX-6 HP LJII Controller

    Hmm.. I wonder if that was different from the consumer products that I see advertisedon web searches. That one doesn't say much about drivers for other printers. Winworld has a copy of v 3.1. So I guess worst case scenario I can try them out and see if it has anything useful. I would however...
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    LaserMaster LX-6 HP LJII Controller

    I am not familiar with the Superprint. Was that a third party driver package? Or was it a print cache? Edit: So found this bit of info: SuperPrint is a software application that generally allows fast, high- quality printing in the Windows 3.0 environment. It gives you scalable printer fonts...
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    LaserMaster LX-6 HP LJII Controller

    Long shot but.... I have in my possession a LaserMaster LX-6 controller. The controller allows achieving much higher res from a HP LJII then one would normally be able to (600x300 DPI vs the standard 300x300 DPI). If you are really interested can read more about it here: PC Magazine 05-16-1989...
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    SCSI emulator?

    Any emulators for later SCSI revision's yet? e.g. Wide or UW SCSI?
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    FS : XT-ide expansion card for Toshiba Portables CF T1200 T1600 T3100 T5100 T5200

    So is this just the IDE card not the 4 in 1 that also has SB compatibility? Both are cool ideas but the issue for me is that installing this prevents uses of the expansion box. Now if someone could keep expansion function and add the other stuff it would be fantastic. Of course if wishes were...
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    Gateway 2K 386SX Will not post

    Thanks. I have the MB around here somewhere. I will take a look at it and post what I find.
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    Gateway 2K 386SX Will not post

    Can you expand on that? I did not find any obvious ground shorts but admittedly electronics is not my area of expertise. Is there be something specific I need to look for? Thank you.
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    Gateway 2K 386SX Will not post

    I moved on. Got a replacement motherboard that was close followed by an actual retail version of the OEM board used by G2K.
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    Love err… Vintage Restoration of an AMI Enterprise III in the Time of Corona

    I have tried both 9 chip and other types of memory with the same results:
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    Still looking for needles in a haystack

    Still looking to pay cold hard cash for the following (in no particular order): 1.IBM Industrial Series 7531 PC 2.IBM 5175 Monitor that is NIB, or Minty Clean in serial number matched box (yes a true unicorn) 3.NEC Multisync XL (JC 2001) 4.Areca Drive Probe Advanced Edition (with HW) 5.Working...
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    DOS LFN Support - I still don't get it

    O.K. I know this has been discussed before but I still don't get it: What does it take for pure DOS to support LFNs? Note that I am not asking about how to make a LFN work on a particular installation of DOS but the general requirements for it? I.E. does it have to be built into the Kernel? The...
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    John McAfee

    Apparently McAfee of the anti-virus fame has died.
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    Midwest 3 Toshiba Laptops T1200XE T5200/100 T3200SX

    Those three all take a standard power cord so it shouldn't be an issue to power them up and see what they do or do not do. Pictures would also be helpful.
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    GRC ReadSpeed Benchmark Program

    Hi, Has anyone successfully used GRC's new ReadSpeed benchmark program? It is a DOS program for hyper accurate benchmarking or so Steve says. I tried running it in a true/pure DOS format and it tells me that I need to remove himem.sys out of my config.sys. Fine, so I reboot w/ F5 to a prompt...
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    End of an Era - Frys gone

    Frys shuts down: https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/02/24/business/frys-electronics-closure/index.html I remember when the Frys store opened up in Woodland Hills and practically put the CompUSA store out of business overnight.