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    gateway 2000

    I have this very early Gateway 2000 , It looks like an IBM clone. But I can't find much on the internets about these models. does anyone here know more?
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    need help with xerox 6060

    When i turn on the motherboard seems to do some request. up until the keyboard is initialized. And then stops for some reason. I don't hear a start up bong , the screen does not get energized, neither do the floppy drives. The hard drive spots up and seeks . The Keyboard flashes , signaling the...
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    SWTPC 6800 and CT-64 terminal

    Hello I have issues with my CT-64 terminal. It seems that the vertical sync is out for some reason. https://youtu.be/Q3re47AbHJk I have replaced all components in the power supply. and several Capacitors and Resistors that seemed out on the CT-64 main board. So far what I checked on the...
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    I have a mircoscribe 8425 and need help

    actually I have two of these microscope hard drives. one shows error 0010- 'Code 2 - Interface chip diagnostic failure' and doesn't spin up the other has error 1110- 'Code E - No hall transitions during spin-up' and doesn't spin up I would like and try to get them running but need some help...
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    software for Power macintosh G3 and Power macintosh 7200/120- how to install

    Hello everyone I have several Mac pro's (2.1-3.1 and 5.1) and I also have some vintage powermacs (a G3 and a 7200/120) One mac has OS x 7.5.5 installed the other OS 8.1 Before I forget I also have a Macintosh M0001 (but more about that one later). I would like to install some software (games ...