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    Remove yellowing from plastic using just the sun - and nothing else??

    I just recently discovered this video by Retro Recipes - using just the sun, no chemicals, to whiten yellowed plastic in just a day or two. I've tried it for a couple days and so far it seems to work! I have two Apple IIc computers and two Victor 9000 keyboards and I put the more yellowed one...
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    Got some NOS Kaypro keyboards!

    I just got a couple Kaypro replacement keyboards - new, never used, made in 1984 - to replace my old, worn keyboards. It sure is nice to be typing on New old keyboards from 1984. :cool: Read more here.
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    Byte Magazine in PDF form

    A nice generous guy over on AtariAge has been scanning and creating PDF files of Byte Magazine for anyone to download. The scans are excellent quality. I'm sure people here will be interested in seeing these. Byte Magazine was probably the best early computer magazine ever made. Go here...
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    Dead TRS-80 Model III - what could be wrong?

    [Last year] I started running a simple BASIC program (displaying memory locations as char) on my TRS-80 Model III when suddenly the screen went blank. I tried to Break, then reset, then power off & wait & power on. The screen remained blank. This TRS-80 has no drives. There's no indicator LED...
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    Have you ever seen a DEC VT-100 keyboard like this?

    My new DEC VT-100 keyboard doesn't have the traditional all dark brown colour scheme or the multi-coloured DECmate or VT-52 colour scheme. Has anybody seen this colour scheme before?
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    Post HERE using your vintage computer!

    Instead of always posting on a vintage computer forum using modern computers, why not let your vintage computer say something for a change? Let's see how many different vintage computers we can get posting in this thread. (Why? Why not!) Now, I know connecting some of these vintage computers to...
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    Display problem: Quick Reply and image display

    I've noticed recently that a few things have stopped working on this forum. Whenever I click Reply or Reply With Quote, I get a squashed useless box on the side of the screen as you can see in this screenshot: Reply and Reply With Quote was working fine until a couple months ago. The second...
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    Anybody looking for a Griffin iMate? (ADB to USB adapter)

    I just found a cache of Griffin iMate adapters on eBay - labelled wrong, probably because the guy selling them doesn't know what they are. He's selling them attached to what looks like miscellaneous Mac software dongles. There are 15, "Buy it Now" for $35 US each. I desperately need a couple...
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    SD card reader for Kaypro?

    Has anybody made (or attempted to make) an SD card reader for Kaypro portables? After all the hassles of trying to get software on floppy for my Kaypros, I would love to be able to just load up an SD card and plug it in. There's a motherlode of CP/M software out there and it's frustrating as...
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    Help identify terminals in Brainstorm

    For years, I've been trying to identify some terminals seen in Brainstorm. Here are some screenshots: (taken years ago using my Amiga 500) Can anybody identify them? (I love the keyboards!) There's also a pretty neat portable (luggable) in the movie, but I think it's just a mock-up, not a...
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    The tragedy of password-protected old computers

    I recently got an SGI Indy, NeXTstation and G3 PowerMac (with OSX) and was disgusted to find that they're all password-protected ...and I don't have the passwords. (d'oh! Most old computers I collect have no security.) Is there any way to bypass these logins? (without reinstalling the OS) I...
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    Kaypro confusion

    I just bought my second Kaypro. I already had a Kaypro II - which has software and works just fine. The new Kaypro, which I thought was a Kaypro II, turned out to be a Kaypro 2. This Kaypro had no software, but I assumed the Kaypro II software would work in it. I was wrong. When I try to load, I...
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    Kaypro II screen problem

    I finally got a Kaypro II. Unfortunately, it appears to have a display problem. When I turn it on, I see the "Please place your diskette into drive A", but it's repeated on 4 different lines and it's flickering. It looks as if there's a vertical hold problem or something. Has anybody seen this...
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    What is "The Best Keyboard Ever Made"?

    I know the IBM Modem M is widely considered the best keyboard ever made. I've tried one and it is very nice. I'm wondering if there were other keyboards from that era or earlier that were even better, but nobody talks about them because they were on an obscure computer or terminal that wasn't...