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  1. J

    ETH Lilith DPU-board remake

    This board has now proven to be functional, and I already found a first fault in my Lilith using it. Alas it is not the only fault...
  2. J

    TU60 TA8E / M8331 maindec and caps-8 questions

    I do not have a TU60 : other than "it works" i have not received feedback on how well they keep up. I'll append the .scad file for this and some others rollers I have made. Material I used is Ninjaflex TPU 3DNF0517505 Print @220 Celsius with 90% infill, using half-speed (30mm/s) and check feed...
  3. J

    Looking for 68000 or 68008 SBC

    I can offer you a Philips OM5040, which is a Eurocard sized development system with the Philips 68070....
  4. J

    Intertec System 10

    Let us resurrect this thread... This very system now passed into my hands. Definitly not a S100 system, but a neat package with a Pertex 277 combined with a much hacked Z80 CPU card and a 1771 FDC card. Pics below. Sadly no disks to go with it, so I am tempted to transplant the Pertec into a...
  5. J

    The Computation Company

    Never heared of this system, but somebody got herself a cheap Persci floppy drive !
  6. J

    Western Europe Cromemco system 3 with C3101 terminal : asking 650 CHF

    For Sale in Switzerland ( and around...) a Cromemco system 3 in working condition, i.e. boots into RDOS. Contains : ZPU, 4FDC, 65KZ and PRI S100 cards. Does NOT contain any floppy drives. for pics see https://www.ricardo.ch/de/a/cromemco-system-3-s100-system-mit-c3101-terminal-1212538516/...
  7. J

    Thoughts on minicomputer to microcomputer transition (PDP to Macintosh)

    A guy in Switzerland sells huge posters covering the computer revolution in great detail. See https://wemakeit.com/projects/das-neue-computerposter?locale=de
  8. J

    VCF Zürich / Switzerland on 19 & 20 November 2022

    ..as always, in the "Rote Fabrik", near Lake Zürich. admission 7 CHF. See https://vintagecomputerfestival.ch We will have Smaky Computers ( working) and some Liliths from the ETH Museum ( probably display only) in addition to the regular exhibits. Prof. Gutknecht will be attending. Pre-corona...
  9. J

    Trivector minicomputer / Megatronics disc drives

    Said system is now with me, currently (slowly..) restoring the Diablo drive. The system MB has place for 3 identical Z80 cpu setups, of which 2 are populated. I'd welcome any info on this system, but will not probably go as far as programming in Cobol !
  10. J

    Restoring a PDP-8/L

    Find the BM8/L documentation appended. Note that the scanned documents were very poor quality to start with, so the result is less than perfect. I also scanned the netlist info, but that is too large to include here.. For those just tuning in : the BM8/L is an extension for the PDP8/L, allowing...
  11. J

    Restoring a PDP-8/L

    My unit is not tested, currently unused, and the cables from the 8/L are stored away savely. The omnibus you see currently serves as a storage space for some spare Omnibus cards. I'll see about scanning the document, it does contain the module placement overview.
  12. J

    Restoring a PDP-8/L

    Yes, found the document. Bad news in that they are a third generation photocopy and oversized .Though job to scan.... Some pics of my unit :
  13. J

    Restoring a PDP-8/L

    Would this be the BM08/L, which allows Omnibus memory to be used on the PDP8/L ? If so I should have the documentation.
  14. J

    Please ID this Data General diskdrive...

    Thanks, very helpfull indeed ! I.ll contact the seller with some questions... [edit] its is indeed a Data Genal 6227. A single platter version of this drive is discussed here : https://www.datageneral.uk/restorations/6220-5mb-winchester/ Used as an external disk in the MPT/100 series.
  15. J

    Please ID this Data General diskdrive...

    This Data General disk drive came into my possession today : sadly it was changed into a showpiece by directly driving the disk and not much else. Probably toast by now.. I can recognize the serial IO typical of the micronova series, but not much else. If someone can ID this drive?
  16. J

    S100 Harddisk controller for Diablo 30/40 14"drives...

    The controller hardware has to be different . For the Diablo 44 the bitrate is 2.5 MHz.
  17. J

    S100 Harddisk controller for Diablo 30/40 14"drives...

    I got 4 of these Diablos ( 44A coupled to a PDP8/E , 3x44B) : should be able to restore at least a few to working state. And yes, they are true beasts. I also have a Diablo 33 that will go onto my Datapoint 2200, and 2 fixed disks Diablo-30 that go onto the ICL1501. I've got the controllers for...
  18. J

    S100 Harddisk controller for Diablo 30/40 14"drives...

    I am trying to get a Diablo 44 onto a currently diskless Cromemco Sys 3 just for the hell of it. But I indeed also need to get some misc diskpacks ( both 2315 and 5440 style) read and archived. Among which are 2 2315 packs with software for the ICL1501.
  19. J

    S100 Harddisk controller for Diablo 30/40 14"drives...

    Thanks for the inputs. That Processor Interface board looks remarkebly simple. Any chance of software surviving , and/ or a better pic that allows IC-types to be read ? (Yes, I would try to copy this board....)
  20. J

    Tektronix 4052/4054 Multifunction modules available.

    I appended the (partial !) schematic I created. IRQ is directly connected to the RTC chip only. Maybe you can check on you real Transera module if that is indeed the case. Then we will need to check if there are differences in IRQ behaviour between the Transera RTC chip and the one I used (...