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    OAE OP-80A tape reader

    Digging though a few boxes, I came across an original OAE OP-80S reader. There is also a stack of tape with SYSGEN written on it. Hoping to get one of the old machines up and see it this thing works. Is there anywhere online for more information on this piece? Thanks.
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    Meca Alpha-1 dual tape unit

    Has anyone heard of the Meca Alhpa-1 dual cassette tape unit? Found one in my latest auction pickup. Tying to find info on it with no luck at all.
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    Original Altair 8800 in kit form

    Just purchased a lot of vintage computers. I aquired 2 IMSAI 8080 , an ICOM Attache' , 2 SOL-20, various 8 inch Altair floppy drives, NorthStar 5 1/4 drives, a part of a Pertec 300/55 system including the Hard drive controller and Hard drive itself (Very Heavy !), and an original Altair 8800 in...
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    Pertec ICOM Attache' software

    Looking for a copy or information realted to the FDOS or DEBBI OS for my ICOM Attache' computer. It has MITS Altair boards in it. I know its a long shot as this computer is pretty rare. Thanks.