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    MAn iforgot about these threads

    damn I haven't been here since august. well hey guys i'm back im sure no one missed me:D
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    looking for older version of linux

    can one of you guys link me to a download of linux that will work on my old 90's latitude xpi Ms-dos laptop?
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    trade (Sega Dreamcast)

    I am willing to trade a sega dreamcast all hookups, 1 controller, and 1 game (crazy taxi) for a sega saturn. anyone want to trade??????????:confused:
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    I am trying to learn C++ from a book but the book doesn't explain anything. can you guys give me some links to C++ tutorial online? thanks, Tim
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    dream car thread

    I always wanted and always will want a ferrari testarossa. wutaobut you guys?
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    lamont vs. lieberman

    who do you want to win. I want joe lieberman cuz ned lamont doesn't even tell you his plan and just has hundreds of negative ads and annoying phone calls asking you to vote for him
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    sega genesis wanted

    sega genesis wanted
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    I want to sell this but who will even want to buy it?

    It is a tangerine imac g3 that works fine.
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    yay! free mac se!

    I got a free mac se from my good buddy's wife who had it in college. (it is the all-in-one) it pretty cool. she bought a hard drive for it and I got that too. It had games like asteroids and pong on it. great find!
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    for all you atari fans!

    http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/a2600/file/e_t_indiana.txt awesome!
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    atari 2600 joystick help

    it will turn up down and left but when i try to move the character to the right nothing happens. anyone have any solutions to fixing this?
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    I'm back and I have matured

    sorry I was such a troll before! I have now changed and am down to earth.
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    I just got an apple g3 (imac) for 50 bucks! works pretty good.
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    nba playoffs!

    anyone follow the playoffs?
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    windows 95 on psp amazing!!!!!

    it's true! he also ran linux on it. see for yourselves http://www.hacker.co.il/psp/bochs/
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    intel vs. amd

    which is better?
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    so many damn newbies! always asking people for 1 mil! it's like gees just bring up ur lvls...... if you all play rs my sn is tim_lol777
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    favorite video game system

    what is it? I like the atari 2600 and 5200 they both tie
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    APPLE macintosh will pay cash

    128k, classic, plus, original. DOESN't MATTER! i will pay whatever you make the price. I live in Connecticut so can't ship too far (japan, austrailia, uk) needs to work come with a keyboard and mouse have some version of OS on it
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    WANTED trs-80 model three

    you make the price. ONLY MODEL III