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    Packard Bell NiMH Battery Corrosion Problem

    Hello, I recently picked up a Packard Bell Legend desktop computer and it does not post nor beep. The original Packard Bell seal was still in tact, so I opened it up and saw the Varta NiMH battery had burst. I have read about these batteries and that the corrosion can destroy a motherboard, so I...
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    Working 1993 Pionex 486DX2-66 20MB RAM 5ISA 2VESA Computer AT Desktop Tower

    Hey, I've made a post about this computer before but I have it in fully working order now with no errors. Figured I'd list it here rather than Ebay for a while since I've gotten a lot of help from the forum to get it functioning again. This is a vintage 1993 Pionex 486 DX2-66 mhz computer...
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    Pionex 486DX2-66 Sound Card Issue

    I got a Pionex 486DX2-66 computer with Windows 95 I've been working on and have one last issue to fix before I sell it. The CD-ROM that was installed was proprietary and connected to the sound card, and the Hitachi CDR-8330 CD-ROM I got to replace it is detected by the system and reads CDs, but...
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    Vintage 2000 Mitsuba 1 Ghz 640MB RAM 0HDD Clone PC

    I bought a larger flat screen monitor today at an auction and this computer was included, so I figured I'd post in case someone is interested. Not much info on the manufacturer; they stopped making computers in 2001. Will probably just salvage some parts out of it. It does POST but can't boot as...
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    Large Lot of Apple IIe & Commodore 64 Software & Hardware

    I picked up a lot of vintage Apple II and Commodore 64 computer stuff today if anyone is interested. The software is predominantly C64 and the hardware is all Apple. Apple IIE Platinum model A2S2128 w/ Echo voice synthesizer – Boots up, displays on screen. All keys work. Echo voice synthesizer...
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    Vintage 1998 Custom-Built 4.3 GB HDD 233 Mhz 32MB RAM AT Desktop Tower

    I was hoping to be able to use some parts from this computer to troubleshoot another old PC, but since the parts I needed to check aren't compatible I'm listing it. I'm located in Simpsonville, SC and would consider shipping. This is a custom-built PC from 1998. Here are the parts and specs ...
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    Vintage 1995 Pionex 486 DX2 66 Mhz Computer

    This is a vintage 1995 Pionex DX2 66 mhz computer. It has two hard drives : a Caviar 1210 with 212.6 MB, and a Seagate ST3660A with 545.5 MB. It has a 66 mhz processor. There is a female power connector on the back of the tower (15A 250V) and underneath that a male power connector (10A 250V). I...
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    Vintage 1995 Pionex 486 DX2 66 Mhz Computer

    I'd like to sell this 1995 Pionex 486 DX2 66 mhz computer. I don't have any cords or peripherals for it so I can't test it. I would like to do so before selling it. I checked the power cord for my current computer and it fits, but it is 10A 125V. It has a switch between 110V and 220V. What is a...
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    Working Atari SC1224 & SM124 Computer Monitors

    I have two Atari computer monitors I acquired with a 1040STF. I sold the computer but still have the monitors if anyone's interested. Brightness, contrast, and on/volume switches all work correctly. I'm in Simpsonville, SC and will ship to the US (Excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories).
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    Vintage Working 1990's AT&T Model 2296 Computer Tower W/ Keyboard

    I have an early 1990's AT&T model 2296, class 3372 computer tower and AT&T keyboard I'd like to sell. I can't find any information on this particular computer so I'd like to see if anyone's interested in it. AT&T stopped designing computers on December 15,1995. I don't have a mouse for it but...