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    Compaq I Luggable Motherboard questions on repair / for sale on ebay

    I'm selling a compaq luggable motherboard. However, maybe someone can help diagnose ... When I got the MB it was posting one type of error that was diagnosed. Then, a memory error. I carefully desoldered all chips and replaced with DIP sockets, then replaced the chips. Then I verified all...
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    Looking for 34 pin floppy card edge to pin adapters

    I sell breakout boards on ebay that can easily have a right-angle or straight 34-pin socket connector attached. DIY gold fingers exposed: http://ebay.us/bI0uqN?cmpnId=5338273189 DIY (fingers can be scratched to expose then tinned for applications that don't need all pins)...
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    For Sale IBM 5160 with XT-IDE-CF MOD

    Willing to sell it for $250 (includes shipping to US only, willing to entertain offers from CA, but EU is too prohibitive and no Puerto Rico) I accept paypal. Pics and dead eBay page: https://www.ebay.com/itm/323037920914 This is a very nice 1983 IBM 5160 PC XT (second model XT) reversible...