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  1. J

    [TI99/4a] Looking for some recommendations

    I would add https://ftp.whtech.com to this list as well. Monster TI-99 archive.
  2. J

    Texas Instruments Luggable Business Pro

    I see somebody in Knoxville TN has relisted a PPC. Has keyboard, missing kbd cable and HD, but appears to POST. I'd go for it, if seller was ok with local pickup, but no budget for it atm. https://www.ebay.com/itm/175373863499
  3. J

    Texas Instruments Luggable Business Pro

    Maybe David you could post some pics? Business Pro I'm familiar with, it's a tower macine, but "Luggable" suggests the TI PPC. I'm assuming that's what these are? There are TI PC floppy images on archive.org. Not certain but I think they'll work in the PPCs as well. Anyway, nice find and I'm...
  4. J


    A WD500 just came up on Ebay today. Procrustes pulled the winchester, however, and I don't see the PBI cable or a TPBI board (for 990 use) Should be able to make a cable easily enough, though. Broke right now. Figures.
  5. J

    TI 914 terminal

    Have a possible lead on one of these. Looking for good pics of this term so the seller has something to go by in the search. Don't see anything on the webs. Also manuals to download or scan. thx, jbdigriz
  6. J

    TI-99/4A 911/820 terminal emulator

    Looking for a copy of the 911/820 terminal emulator disk for the TI-99/4A. This was internal TI software that was released to TI employees who had gotten their 4A's at the company store and used the emu to work from home. Interested to see how it worked remotely with ICS/RTS on a 990 mini.