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    Brother M1009 / M1109 User Guide

    Can anyone oblige me with a link to a pdf copy of the User Guide for the Brother M-1009 printer, or even the M-1109? Edit: Managed to find it eventually. Thanks Merlin
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    Evesham Micros Quickdisc Plus cartridge

    Hi, I've discovered a working Quickdisc + cartridge amongst my C64 stuff. It appears to work, however, I have no manual for it. Plugging it into the C64 gives the message "Quick Disc Plus (c) Softcell 1985" at power on, however, the message disappears if I use the reset button on the...
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    C64 Tape interface / adapter - New Project

    Hi, I thought you guys might like to know about a project I'm working on to produce an updated and upgraded version of Markus Brenner's C64S interface. Markus no longer has the Gerber drawing for his original and recent events have allowed us to improve on his original unit. An old home made...
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    Removing Yellowing from Plastics - Part 4

    Blimey! we are now at Part 4, the saga continues. This idea has been taken on by the Airstream mobile home community, Lego and Transformer toy restorers, vintage telephone and radio forums, vintage pinball and fruit machine forums, the list goes on and on... On the computer side of things...
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    TI 99/4A file transfer - what's needed?

    One of our Moderator team at AmiBay has just acquired a Texas TI99/4A. She has asked us what hardware and software she may need to transfer files to and from a PC or via another means (CF card, SD card etc.). I am stumped, as I never owned one. Can any of you nice people on here help us out...
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    Removing Yellowing from Plastics - Part 3

    Hi all, Yes, we are now at Part 3, the previous threads were over 20 pages and 200+ posts in each thread; the two threads amassed a combined figure of 20,000 reads!! I never thought that this subject would capture so many people's interest in the way it has.... The condensed history so far can...
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    Removing yellowing from plastics - Part 2

    The original thread is over 200 posts long now and getting to be a heavy read for some, so Lorne and I thought it was best that we start a new thread here, with a "Story So Far" summary, before we start more experiments. So, what has been discovered and learned so far? 1. We have learned that...
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    A major breakthrough in removing yellowing from old cases!!!

    Hi Over in the Amiga forums a major discovery has been made that is too good to keep to ourselves. A way of completely reversing the yellowing of old computer cases has been developed and proven, details are here: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=37808 This process only reverses the...
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    Amibay - retro computer trading site

    Hi, I am Merlin, lead moderator and admin at Amibay, which is currently a free trading site dedicated to the Commodore Amiga. In December 2007, Mark "Tecno" Wilson decided he would wind up the Amibench site after 10 years and move onto other projects. For those of us who detest the price...