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    Tandy 286 Express Accelerator and 80287 math coprocessor issues

    I used Borland's Quattro Pro on my 1000A with the 286 express. Had to disable the cache for that to work too. It was obvious when the math coprocessor was running in Quattro Pro. I was doing groundwater modeling as a school project and I needed all the horsepower I could afford. Deskmate did...
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    TRS-80 / Tandy external hard drive question.

    So, when you wire it back up, does it behave the same? Push off, push on? With it off do you get the same error?
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    TRS-80 / Tandy external hard drive question.

    Check the wiring on the switch then. It should only be on when pressed. It is a push button switch. When out, the light should be off and there should be no continuity through the switch.
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    TRS-80 / Tandy external hard drive question.

    The read button means write protect is on. There's a mix up somewhere in your 3-wire fix.
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    MS-DOS memory limits?

    I have an older P4 computer with an ISA slot. I was going to use this as a tweener to test some things. However, when I try to boot DOS from CD it just resets with no output and starts boot over again. The computer has 512 Meg installed. Will this much installed memory cause this type of...
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    What protocol is the UUCP in Tandy Xenix?

    I recall having a ton of trouble getting it to talk to newer versions (protocol G?) of uucp packages. Was micnet every ported to any other platform? Anyone interested in helping reverse engineering it? Just got a Tandy bug and there's no vaccine. Kelly
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    Model II keyboards

    I have at least 2 model II computers without keyboards. Has anyone figured out the serial protocol yet and made a PS/2 adapter? I have a couple of keyboards we can test with. Alternatively, anyone want my extra model II computers sans keyboard? Make an offer, figuring on you arranging pickup...
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    Life with Tandy Xenix

    So, back in the day I used a LOT of Tandy Xenix machines. Before we finally switched over to SCO Unix on a 486 we were running: 4 Tandy 6000 computers, each with 2 three port serial cards 1 Tandy 16a with 1 three port serial card. The 6000's had 70meg primary drives internal and a 70 meg...
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    Tandy 16B Green Hills Coimpiler

    So, I was reading through the source for a 1986 version of the Dhrystone benchmark (v1.1). It shows the Tandy TRS-80 model 16B and benchmarks using the development system (cc) and the Green Hills compiler. This is the first I've seen mention of this compiler for the 16 running Xenix. Anyone...
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    I have found the Tandy Videotex and Office Information System install disks

    All 3 single sided install disks as well as the sample data. They look a little heat damaged. I'm a little afraid to try to image them. Kind of a Schrodinger's cat of Tandy lore. Now that I have them the service both exists and yet still doesn't exist. Anyone with a known good 8" FM/MFM mixed...
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    68010 in the model 6000

    Found this note: MC68010 PROCESSOR SUPPORT FOR THE TANDY 16B/6000 XENIX/68000 Version 3.2(42a) 9 Nov 1987 The kernel in this directory will allow owners of Tandy Model 16A, 16B, and Tandy 6000 systems to use an MC68010 microprocessor of identical speed in their CPU...
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    Speedup for the Model 4

    Reading over some old archives I found. Does anyone remember this tip for the model 4? SIMPLE SPEED MOD ================== Here's a simple modification for your Model 4. It requires no additional hardware and it will bring your computer to its true 4Mhz speed. I should add that I have...
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    Can't boot dos cd image on pentium

    I've tried several DOS images on CD. For some reason I can't get my P120 with Award BIOS to boot from a CD. No matter what image I use, it scans once real quick and then dumps to a no OS error message. Any thoughts? Thanks, Kelly
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    Best DOS for each model

    I have a strange fondness for the radio shack computers. What DOS does everyone prefer for each model? I like TRS-DOS because that's what I've used on the III, 4 and early 16. Here's my list of OS's for models I have (or in the case of the 16a, had). Feel free to add on or make snarky...
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    Arkansas vintage activity

    Anything interesting to see in the northern half of the state? I'm driving from XNA to Marshall in the near future. Thanks, Kelly (Moderator's note: This was moved from a regional forum.)
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    Model 6000 z80ctl disassembly

    I've been looking at the two different z80ctl files I found. I'm wondering how this file is laid out. Here are the first 256 bytes. Any thoughts on the file layout? 02 06 00 14 00 00 3F A4 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 40 00 86 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 3E...
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    Alternatives to the Neoware CA21

    So, I've used these little boxes for years for a local Ham club. We run our contest networks on these using Windows XP. The software the club uses will stop supporting XP in the next year, so what are our options here? We're looking some something small and cheap with just enough ooomph to...
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    Help identifying Motorola chip

    Was handed a bag with about fifty 48 pin ceramic DIP Motorola chips. Date codes from 84 to 87. I think they may be house numbered 68008s but am not sure. The only part number that is consistent on all the chips are 50238 (with either a -01 or -05 suffix). Anyone have any thoughts on where to...
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    Lotus 123 and Symphony on 8" disks

    Trying to sort through the thousands of 8" disks in my basement. Stumbled onto an oddity. Three disks. One labeled Lotus 123 and the others Lotus Symphony. Anyone have any information about Lotus software on 8" disks? I have no indication, but I think these were from an 8" drive system for the...
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    Windows 2000 Resource Kit

    All manuals. $10 plus shipping or make an offer. Come get it with a hot coffee in your hand and I'll trade you one for one. Kelly