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  1. Chuckster_in_Jax

    Ebay sellers

    Manufacturer is probably using a channel partner. The company I work for uses channel partners. A channel partner is a company — such as a reseller, service provider, vendor, retailer or agent — that partners with another organization to market or sell their services, products or technologies...
  2. Chuckster_in_Jax

    Merry Xmas and a good .....

    Merry Christmas to all. Hope everyone is making it thru the arctic blast ok. Definitely feeling it here in NE Florida.
  3. Chuckster_in_Jax

    Heath Zenith HF-148-40

    Zenith put out a service manual for the Z130 -Z140 series computers but as you stated, no schematic for the power supply. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/a4167tszjjc3m/Zenith_Z-130-140_Series I have a Zorba 2000 computer that has a bad video circuit that took out the power supply. I couldn't...
  4. Chuckster_in_Jax

    Visual Commuter dead LCD lines - repairable?

    Try this: https://www.mediafire.com/file/q97jeml56ea7w5w/Visual_Commuter_Maintenance_Manual.pdf/file
  5. Chuckster_in_Jax

    What uses hard sectored disks?

    Then again, you can use the following that will allow you use soft sectored floppies in your machine: https://deramp.com/vsg.html
  6. Chuckster_in_Jax

    Tandy 6000 destroyed in shipping - keep it or refund?

    I have a model 12 that I received several years ago in the same condition and I was thinking the same thing you are now about the plastic supports for the CRT. Unless you are a real expert, it would be almost impossible to glue\cement the posts back and them bei sturdy enough to support the...
  7. Chuckster_in_Jax

    Intertec System 10

    This must be really rare.. Never seen one before.
  8. Chuckster_in_Jax

    Zenith Z100 Repair

    Check the tantalum capacitors on the voltage supply lines for the floppy controller and S100 buss . The're notorious for shorting out. Place an ohm meter across the positive and negative supply lines and check for a short.
  9. Chuckster_in_Jax

    Texas [FS] TTR is offering up for sale a TRS-80 Model 4P

    My apologies. I should have read the fine print. With a FreHD and Gotek then yes, it would be worth it.
  10. Chuckster_in_Jax

    Texas [FS] TTR is offering up for sale a TRS-80 Model 4P

    I think the $400 asking price is high especially one that is discolored.
  11. Chuckster_in_Jax

    The South 7/16/2022 Huge Vintage Computer & Electronics Sale in Franklin, TN

    Clicking on the link shows: "This Listing Isn't Available Anymore"
  12. Chuckster_in_Jax

    your favorite portable

    I have a number of portables that are nice but my favorite has got to be the: TRS-80 Model 4P.
  13. Chuckster_in_Jax

    Salvaging OS/2 Software

    FWIW, Most if not all of that software has been archived. IIRC, The floppy images are on one of the distribution CDs
  14. Chuckster_in_Jax

    Zenith ZDS - 320S: Information Needed!

    Do a search for "identifying motherboards" and you will find info on where manufacturers mark their boards. You may be able to find specs for the board in your computer. Also, there are usually jumper settings silkscreened on the motherboards you will need if making changes to the RAM or...
  15. Chuckster_in_Jax

    Midwest WTB IBM RS/6000

    What, is this for a Crypto mining setup?
  16. Chuckster_in_Jax

    What system is this keyboard for?

    Well, I see it's up on eBay now with 30 bids.
  17. Chuckster_in_Jax

    Collections Old and New

    See this link from the HP Computer Museum. for documentation. http://www.hpmuseum.net/exhibit.php?hwdoc=2 Apparently it has BASIC in ROM and a capability to run HPL. These were also used as instrument controllers.
  18. Chuckster_in_Jax


    My grandmother had an old 1930's or early 1940's Victrola that played the 78 RPM shellac records. Had a cast iron tone arm with what looked like a small nail for a needle. When she passed away I asked my dad to keep it for me. It was a real collectors item. One day I dropped by to visit my...
  19. Chuckster_in_Jax

    How do you guys store you computer/peripheral cards (for those who have MANY)?

    This a great idea. I have in my will that all my computer collection should be handled by an auction service but not specified who.