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    One IBM PC/clone gaming machine or two for covering 1980's and 1990's games?

    For Pentium II era machines, ideally ones with VIA or Intel chipsets, you might be able to use power management options to assist in slowing down your machine, like this one: http://www.oldskool.org/pc/throttle/DOS that software also turns off the L1 cache so you don't have to go into the BIOS...
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    Executive Suite Game Issue

    Nope. Doesn't work. I tried this version on my mono 5150, my PCjr and my 486. On both the 8088 class machines, it does get through the loader portion but hangs not long after that. On my 486 I received a Divide by Zero error. After poking around a bit more I see that INT 13h is redirected...
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    Executive Suite Game Issue

    This one didn't look too bad. I only found two violations of 8088 instructions and was able to patch mok's loader. Here's a drop in replacement for ESUITE.COM Disclaimer: I am away from my 8088 machines and only have DOSBox available which doesn't have (to my knowledge) true 8088 emulation so I...
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    Executive Suite Game Issue

    If inside esuite.com you see a message that says: "Dos driver by Mok" You've bumped into yet another loader by Mok that doesn't work on the original CPU the game was designed for. The loader uses 286+ CPU instructions and won't run on an 8088. Doh. A few of Mok's loaders have been reworked to...
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    XT IDE throwing error after Ctrl-Alt-Del

    as the hargle in question, i'm a bit surprised that anyone is still using that BIOS, but also feeling great that the old v11 version is still alive and kicking and not dropping a bit or corrupting a filesystem after all these years. I'm not even using that BIOS myself, except on the PCjr version.
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    Looking for early Intel 82801 audio driver

    The 82801AA is an AC'97 Audio Controller, which is inside the intel ICH southbridge. It looks like it's the 1st generation ICH, but the first handful of ICH chips were compatible as far as audio goes. Maybe something here: https://oemdrivers.com/sound-ac97 I once wrote a DOS wav file player...
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    Help Finding Typing Program from early 80s

    Typing Tutor III by Simon and Schuster fit the bill timeframe wise (1984) as well as one called Personal Touch Typing by CPT in 1985. The CPT one had a "fun" space invaders/missle command kind of theme where letters had to be blasted out of the sky.
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    WTB: Fatal Encounter - fighting game for IBM-PC (DOS), 1993, released in Australia

    Sometimes a screenshot can help jog people's memory that they might have this game lurking on a shelf.
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    Odd prototype motherboard

    Here's a development board that I no longer remember how it came into my possession. I booted it up today since I'm cleaning house and the specs are: Pentium Celeron @ 400MHz ATX power 64MB memory Phoenix BIOS 3 5.0v PCI slots 1 3.3v PCI slot 3 ISA slots Onboard video (VGA) 2 COM ports 1 LPT...
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    ioGear 8-port PS2 KVM switch (rack mount)

    Free to a good home (you pay shipping) Or pay $275 at amazon! https://www.amazon.com/IOGEAR-MiniView-Ultra-Switch-GCS138/dp/B0000514SL Includes power supply and rack mount ears. No KVM cables.
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    ISA POST card - free to a good home

    I have two of these available. 8/16 bit ISA POST card/debug card. You pay shipping.
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    Misc components

    Now that it's July, I'm getting around to some spring cleaning. (E)EPROMs, sockets, 8 block dipswitch 41648, 74F573N, 74245N, 74682, 12f629, ct688e, 74ls138, 232N 1.8432M oscillators bag of misc decoupling caps, resistors, leds, headers, ide connectors. looks like there's even an 8088 CPU-...
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    IDE (PATA) DVD and CD drives

    Anyone interested in a DVD or CD drive? LITE-ON DVD iHDP118-08 4, June 2010 TORiSAN CDR-S1G, June 1995 LITE-ON CD-ROM LTN-483S CREATIVE DVD8400E, March 2000 PIONEER DVD-105S, Nov 2000 Haven't been tested in years; assumed to work. If there is interest in any of these I can probably pull...
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    WTB: early 2000 era notebook

    I'm looking for an older generation notebook for a special project. Must be a functioning notebook, does not need battery power. *must* have an intel chipset with AC97 audio support. Typically this was from 2001 up to 2004, maybe 2005. If you have a model number of a notebook that may be in...
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    Anyone in the Detroit area? help!

    https://detroit.craigslist.org/mcb/zip/6192559724.html Free "porch pickup" of some DOS games. I'd like to get these archived into my Total DOS collection before they disappear. I'll gladly pay your costs+time to get them shipped to me, unless you're willing to image them for me.
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    FS: Two full height IBM branded floppy drives - need repair/parts

    For parts or repair: $10 plus shipping for the pair. I recall that both power on and spin up, but won't read disks. May just need alignment or a belt. This was going to be one of those winter projects, but I've realized that I will never get the job done so I'm giving the next person in line...
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    Free to a good home: Sigma Designs software+manuals

    Our good friend-of-the-forum Bob Watts recently donated several hundred of his floppy disks from his personal collection to me for archiving, and among them were a handful of disks from Sigma Systems. At some point in time, I had also received some Sigma manuals, so I've paired the two up and...
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    KVMs, cables, XT2AT keyboard converters

    Doing a little spring cleaning... I have two 8-port KVMs for sale. $10 each. The Belkin model supports PS2 as well as serial mouse. I also have a 2 port Belkin KVM for $5. PS2 only. KVM cable sets: $3 Two AT2XT keyboard adapters, with MIDI/5 pin DIN cable: $8 each. [one adapter has now...
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    Happy Birthday IBM PC!

    "The IBM Personal Computer, commonly known as the IBM PC, is the original version and progenitor of the IBM PC compatible hardware platform. It is IBM model number 5150, and was introduced on August 12, 1981." -wikipedia So it is now old enough to run for president of the United States.
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    My CC was stolen and I don't understand the motivation.

    On Sunday I was checking my bank account online, and noticed a ~$10 charge that posted the day before that I didn't remember purchasing. I may be getting senile and have had a few bouts of drunken ebaying, but this one was definitely outside my brain. I contacted the merchant, and they dug up...