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    IBM 5153 Monitor - Works! SF Bay/Sacramento Local Only

    This IBM 5153 isn't the prettiest but it does work. The casing needs a really good scrub and has quite a few scratches throughout. There's a light at the end of the tunnel though: It works perfectly! The brightness/contrast knobs work (although contrast needs a little cleaning), the brightness...
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    NCR System 3450(/3550) Processor Card

    A bit of a long shot here, but I'm looking for an NCR System 3450 processor card. Don't really care whether it's actually a dual 486 or not, more that it's one of the ones with the same connector. Here's a pic:
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    AST Premium 286 and Some Random Motherboards (US)

    I have way too much stuff and it's time to start downsizing. Feel free to make an offer on anything, nothing bad can come of it. AST Premium 286 Note: This here's local pickup only in Fairfield, California. Asking $200 but if you want to make an offer go for it. 8 MHz Intel 286 (actually might...
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    Some Motherboards and Possibly Other Stuff

    I'm at a point now where I have far far too much random stuff laying around - who needs stuff like three identical Socket 7 boards or two identical 386 when you don't even use one? I'm going to be adding more stuff as I test and get photographed but for now here's the two things I have: Deico...
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    AST Premium 286 - Memory size in CMOS invalid

    I picked up this AST Premium 286 and after some work it's working - almost. Here's some pics of that: http://imgur.com/a/W5dxp For some reason upon startup it's seeing the proper 1 MB ram it has, however, it then complains about invalid CMOS settings. Once in with the BIOS setup it's seeing...
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    Two IBM 5150s and one IBM 5160 with a 286 Upgrade - Possibly

    Today was a great day, house got inspected today post-quake and now we got red tagged and now there's a good chance the house will be condemned. I figured it would be a good time to possibly get rid of the 5150s and the 5160 should it be condemned. I'll update if that happens as if anyone wants...
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    VIC-20, screen "wipes" in, rainbow and white...video for a better explanation.

    VIC-20, screen "wipes" in, rainbow and white...video for a better explanation. After picking up the two VIC-20s from Soupwizard, I decided to try and figure out what's wrong with the one with the "flakey video". So far I've noticed the problem in the video, and once I had no video at all but...
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    Verified: TWO revisions of the Type F Key 83 Keyboard

    I'll have to check out my keyboards tomorrow, see if I have one of the odd PCB ones, the only odd 83 key Model F I have (and have seen in real life) is a EMR keyboard, with shielded guts, cabling, etc. The cable there reminds me of the EMR keyboard cable, as seen here.
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    Building a Baby-AT system in an ATX case.

    One thing I've found is AT cases are darn near extinct locally, but ATX cases are everywhere. After some playing around I found that my Baby AT motherboard just about had every mounting hole line up with that of a spare ATX case I had laying around. While building I documented most steps to show...
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    Software to Show on a 5150

    I get to show off a 5150 tomorrow to a class, however the problem I have is what software would be good to demonstrate? Preferably for DOS as the CP/M-86 disk I have is deteriorated beyond readability. The requirements: 1.) Runs on MDA or VGA 2.) Doesn't need a hard drive. I already have...
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    More fun with the Commodore Plus/4

    Today I found another Plus/4 in box for $15, as-is, untested. I figured might as well take a risk as worse case it doesn't work, best case it does work. Well, after I got it home to test it I found it does not turn on, at all. Checked all connectors, power cord is working, don't see anything...
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    Compaq Prolinea 4/33, Compaq 102-System Board Failure

    After a fairly good night I decided to power up my Compaq Prolinea 4/33, to get a nice 102-System Board Failure message. With a POST code reader connected it has error 92, which is a CMOS read\write test failure. After a few reboots and a new battery I still have the same 102 error. Anyone have...
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    Cache SRAM pulls / installs

    Technically a special tool is supposed to be used to remove them, something that grips and pulls it up, although I don't really know of anyone that uses one. Looks like this: If you don't have the tool a typical way of removing them is taking a small flat head screw driver or similar item and...
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    IBM XT 1801 Error...5161 Expansion Unit?

    I've noticed recently that my XT is giving an 1801 error at startup, saying the expansion unit isn't working. The odd part is I don't have an expansion unit, or even a card for one. The motherboard is a 64-256 KB and the installed cards are: VGA card, AST Six Pack Plus, NE2000 clone network...
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    IBM 5150 Ram Error: 406E 201

    Having fun tonight with an IBM 5150 with 64-256 KB board and apparently fault memory. The error is 406E 201, a 64-256 board and no ram expansion cards. The switches for the memory are on-off-off-on-on and the motherboard has 4 banks of 64 KB. Does anyone know which ram chip(s) are at fault for...
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    Printing to a network printer via DOS, is it possible?

    I'm just curious to know if there's a way to print to a network printer through DOS. After googling I find nothing but people trying to do it for DOS programs on Windows, however nothing for DOS directly to a network printer. The printer is a Laserjet 4000, which accept Plain Text, PCL and Post...
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    Cool looking vintage computer cases

    Here's a pic of a BeBox: One interesting thing: there's 2 of those long vertical lights, one on each side and if I remember correctly they're CPU usage meters.
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    Anyone know typewriters? Adler J4 with shift problems

    I've got an Adler J4 typewriter here that I've cleaned up and it's mostly working. The one problem I'm having is when I try to use a capital letter or any other character used by pressing shift it's half cut off and raised about half a character higher than the lowercase letters. I've tried...
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    Getting a DLink DE-220 and a NE2000 clone working in a PC-6300

    After wishing I could get a network card working in my AT&T PC-6300 I started to try things out. I had just gotten a DLink DE-220PCT card from a thrift store for $3 still shrink wrapped, so why not try that out? I first tried it with ROM 1.1 but that just resulted in the system locking up (same...
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    Top of the lingitale system in Late 2001\Early 2002

    As I recently got a Pinnacle FX500, I'm trying to determine what would have been a top of the line system for Late 2001\Early 2002 to install it in, to show my Digital Media class how video editing has changed from needing special hardware that cost over $500 to being able to edit video with...