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    Heathkit H11/H14/H19 for trade for pdp-8/e options

    Folks, I am listing this here in this forum, because this is the place where the target audience looks (and some may just enjoy looking at the pictures.) I am moving and need to turn some heavy, volume occupying, non-core Heathkit equipment into things that are more useful to me. So I have for...
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    RK8E and two RK05 drives available (NY/NJ) !!!

    Folks, Tim and I have for your consideration all the makings of a very nice two-drive RK8E / RK05 system. I can bring it to VCF East this coming Saturday, or it can be picked up in Westchester NY. This entire lot is $800. It will need some work, but it's 40 something years old!!! No...
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    FTGH: VR290-DA (wow is it heavy!!!)

    Folks, Free to a good home I have one really heavy DEC VR290-DA monitor. This beast is fixed frequency and totally useless unless you have a MicroVAX that can use it. I saved it from being recycled thinking I might be able to use it for something, not knowing it was fixed frequency. I...
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    DEC pc325SL and Facit 4550 plotter

    Way back when I went to undergrad, I used this very DEC pc325SL (pictured here: http://www.vcfed.org/forum/album.php?albumid=437&attachmentid=52048) I wrote lots of papers on it, and ran the student version of AutoCAD V9. I had an HP 7475 plotter and so could make very nice drawings for lab...
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    For Sale or Trade: PS/2 8580-A31 and 8590-3T1

    How're ya gonna do it? You're gonna PS/2 it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-Jcha_zqvU It's time to downsize, and non-core to my hardware collection are these two fine, clean (clean booting and no dirt) PS/2 machines available for USD$400 firm for the lot, pick up only in Westchester County...
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    Working starter S-100 system for sale

    Folks, I have a clean, working, compact, starter S-100 system for sale. It is non-core to my main interests and would be better appreciated by someone else. It's pictured in this album: http://www.vcfed.org/forum/album.php?albumid=415&attachmentid=45693 In summary, this is a single board ICM...
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    Rack Panel "Latch Molding" Bracket Repair

    This thread is about the plastic piece that was used by DEC through the 70s to hold cover panels onto 19" racks. In the drawings and parts lists it is called the "Latch Molding". It seems to be of a design that is not so robust. Almost all of them I have ever seen have at least one ball and post...
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    QBUS A/D, D/A, GPIO, GPIB boards

    The purpose of this thread is to shine some light on a few QBUS boards that were frequently used in laboratory applications and possibly in industrial controls. The ones mentioned below are ones I accumulated over the years. Documentation is available for some, but for others, I have had no luck...
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    Repair Story : Chrislin CI-1173 QBUS Memory

    The Chrislin CI-1173 is a very nice 2MW QBUS memory. Here is a good overall picture: http://www.vcfed.org/forum/album.php?albumid=406&attachmentid=44991 . All the talk a few weeks ago about qbus memory made me want to make an inventory of my loose memory boards. I came across this one that Will...
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    Manuals for MTI MQDX2 Qbus MFM/Floppy controller?

    Folks, I have an MTI MQDX2 disk / floppy controller, but cannot find anything on the internet about it. It's a dual height Qbus card made in 1988 (this one anyway), that is an MSCP controller for two ST506-style MFM drives and two floppy drives. It has a nice interactive bootstrap selection...
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    Two drive packaging projects: RX180 (for VT180) and M9058/RX33/RDnn (for qbus 11)

    Folks, Paul was interested in an old project of mine where I packaged Tandon TM100 drives in an enclosure and made a cable to use them on my Robin (VT180) in lieu of a real RX180. The cable is simple. The cable/connector pinning of the DC37 to 34-position cardedge connector on the back...
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    KA10 Serial No. 46 Video in operation in the 1980s

    Folks, My father was in LCG field service and one of his friends from field service posted this video today. Tim and I have seen this before, but you all will enjoy it !!!! Now you too can see a KA in action! https://youtu.be/Hm3UY1o7Bdo Lou
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    3D Printing a useful DEC bracket

    Folks, My wife bought my older son a Printrbot Simple 3D printer. It is quite amazing. I thought about the things I wish I could print with it, and one of the first things that came to mind is this bracket : http://www.vcfed.org/forum/album.php?albumid=51&attachmentid=32829 I have...
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    PDP 11/60 versus PDP 11/84 retoration.

    Tim, I found this one from Dad when I was moving: Lou
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    Decmate III+ on CL

    Folks, I just spotted this fully loaded Decmate III+ . The price looks right to me. This is it, the end of the line for the PDP-8. https://portland.craigslist.org/grg/sys/4578912589.html If I lived out there, I'd probably go for it (and I am pretty cheap.) The hard disk works and...
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    Repair Story - PC11/PC05 Papertape Reader Punch

    For those of you who like vintage hardware repair work.... For the hour here and there I've had over the last few weeks I've repaired and tested a PC11/PC05 that Will had in his attic for many years. This PC05 and its PC11 controller were made in 1981 from all the date codes. I am amazed that...
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    Super Cheap PDP-11 Bootstrap Loader

    Folks in the US, RadioShack appears to be dumping the Parallax Propeller QuickStart boards for $7.49 ! Being a ham radio enthusiast, I am super cheap, and this deal triggered my attention upon crossing my cheapness threshold. I was thinking about building a small box to blast various...
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    Turning double sided 8" disks into useable RX01/RX02 media

    I was making some RX01 floppies for a needy forum member and decided to photograph my process for turning double sided 8" floppies into "flippy" RX01/RX02 media. "Flippy" because RX01/RX02 were only written on one side, and with approriate modification can be used on both sides. RX01/RX02 are...
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    A Nice RX02 Repair Story with a Happy Ending

    One of my teacart RX02s went on the fritz. It would not come ready and I could not tell why. To zero in on the problem, I swapped cards with another known good RX02 and narrowed the problem down to the M7744 controller module. I put that M7744 in the rack mount RX02 I already had out on the...
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    Patching ZRQCH0 to use any geometry MFM hard disk on RQDX3

    Folks, It seems back in November of last year I drafted a document that explains how to patch ZRQCH0 using UPDAT to use ANY geometry MFM hard disk, not just RDxx disks. There are bits and pieces of how to do this floating around the internet, but I wanted to explain how to do it from soup to...