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    tandy sensation system disk needed

    I got a Tandy sensation recently and decided well I have the original disk and all, if I try to install win95 and bugger it up i can reflash the drive. well i screwed it up and loaded the restore image from the data disc, but now its asking for the system cdl. turns out they came with two disks...
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    tandy 102 ideas

    What can i do with a tandy 102 without spending lots of money on add ons ( I can build cables and stuff but that's as far as ill want to go.) I have bought one and I'm kinda just trying to figure out something useful to do with it. Also is there a way to list the files in the ram? its having...
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    NEED: power supply from a compaq portable286

    I have determined after blowing the fuse in 2 line filters that the power supply for my compaq portable 286 is fried . i need only the power supply board. board says (powersupply (150w))( assembly number 000076). thanks
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    compaq portable286 doa

    got a Compaq portable286 and a apple pb180, both stored in a non climate controlled area doth "oh they worked 14 years ago" well both don't work now. 286 is main focus here got all the panels off trying to find the fuse or what ever audibly popped when i hit power but having quite a hard time...
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    making images for the kaypro 4

    i got a kaypro 4 free off craigslist but with no disk. i found the images for the starters from dave dunfields site but have no luck making them work. have a 486 with the drive from my xt in dos using the software he provided. I either can't get the settings right or somethings wrong. it is a 4...
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    2 new additions to the family

    got two new macs a mac classic and a plus. well the plus starts but i have no keyboard and the classic doesnt. the classic turns on to a screen filled with white and black squares and hen sometimes actually gets to a screen with a mouse but nothing else. the plus is different . it has no...
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    drivers for asante mc3nb card + irc/web browser suggestion

    now that i have my mac IIci running good i need the drivers for the net card i found some sets but i cant make them work they are.image files but disk copy doesnt work for them. also is there any irc or browsers ill be able to run after i get it to run?
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    mac 2ci issue

    this is a weird question but how do i turn it on?
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    Samsung S-330 enabling off mobo video

    i have a Samsung S-330 Computer i just got that has a mono video on the motherboard, which is great except i have no mono monitor. i tried my cga card from my xt and nothing, is there a jumper or something i have to change to get the cga card to work. btw: anyone ever heard of kaylok hard drives?
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    model m space saver keyboard

    need money so decided to sell some of my computer stuff. only have my extra model m space saver out now but more will probably follow. ebay link
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    help mac lcII wont start

    i have just bought an lcII and it wont start.fan runs but drives dont keybord lights flash an screen flashes wht could cause this?
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    apple cat modem

    well the apple i got has two cards i might be able to use for serial with adtpro. a novations cat-com modem that aperently has a serial port on it somewhere and a ssm microcomputer products AIO-II card. my problems are 1. will either work in place of a super serial card. 2 what are the pinouts...
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    find / weird coincidence

    bought an apple 2e off craigslist from a computer recycler. this was ment to meet the need to find a replacement for the 2e in my 4th grade classroom. got it home opened the cover and found out it was the computer from my class room :D. kinda weird how that works out. any thing like that ever...
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    dell 316 lt

    does anyone have the pinout for the power connector of the dell 316lt just got one sans acadapter.
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    for sale 2 serial cards

    for sale 1 16 bit isa hayes serial adapter and 1 original ibm asynch card . both work asynch card is a tad rusty on the crystal and the bracket 5 dollars each or 8 for both.
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    compaq portable 486 hard drive

    does anyone know the pin out for its power connector. every time i get a drive with the connector it refuses to work. so far i have a Connor that refuses to do anything and a seagate that returns a drive 0 error. any help would be appreciated. also does anyone know where to get replacement...
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    finding ibm ps/2 adf files

    i have some new additions to my little ps2 family 2 more p70s (makes 3) and a 60 (awesome hard drive ). but although i have all the ref disks i need the adapter files is there any website i can get them from. i followed a link from the mca mafia site just to find the site i used before was lost...
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    new 8088 irc server testing

    using ircdlite and my new found smc 8/16 network card ive set up my IBM PC/XT as an irc server. i need people to test it so if you irc and feel the notion to kick obsolescence in the butt. drop in room #xtirc on server/ip if it doesn't let you on during the day come back...
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    fs ibm ps2 l40 sx parts

    since mine as died thought id see if anyone wants the wreckage all works except motherboard and hard drive. have modem card, power supply, ref manual, the quick charger, and what i think is the 8mg upgrade simm. screen works and is still very bright. tell me what you want and i'll see what i can...
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    ibm ps2 l40 hdd problems

    well got a new laptop lol . an ibm ps2 l40 sx only problem with it is the hdd a connor is dead (turns on turns off repeat) but i hear there is a drive limit i have a 2 gig toshiba drive i want to try that all it needs is a good format and i wanted to use it........ is there anyway i can?