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  1. SomeGuy

    VCF Southeast in 2023?

    In the past, the official announcement has been right on vcfed here: https://vcfed.org/events/otherevents/vintage-computer-festival-southeast/ At the moment it still has last years information, but I'd expect this to be updated sometime soon.
  2. SomeGuy

    VCF Southeast in 2023?

    I believe that is the idea, that it will piggyback on the Southern Fried Gaming Expo again like it did last year. The VCFSE is run by the Atlanta Historical Computing Society: Per their mailing list, the last I have heard things are still in the planning stages. It was a pretty good show...
  3. SomeGuy

    Rocky Mountains 12+ 5.25" external bays in an ATX case

    Awesome. One can never have too many floppy drives. :)
  4. SomeGuy

    Info about early OS/2 1.x versions, Word/Excel for OS/2

    What do you mean by specialized for later releases? If a release is not there, that just means nobody has bothered to archive it yet. Things like magazine articles, knowledge bases, or old advertisements are usually left for archive.org. Box and media photos *should* be included with archives...
  5. SomeGuy

    Help Make a Teac FD-55BV work the same as an Epson SD-521

    I'd sanity test this floppy drive with a normal PC first to ensure it is working properly. What was the source of the epson drive? Was it used in a PC before and were there any changes made to it to make it work with this device? If it was and no changes made, then in theory, the teac should...
  6. SomeGuy

    Greaseweazle Woes....

    I've never had any real luck writing Apple II disks with a flux level device and PC drive. The GCR encoding is way outside what most PC floppy drives expect, so some drives may filter that out as "noise". Other obstacles include the fact that Apple II disks are not index aligned, so each track...
  7. SomeGuy

    Best way to clear debris off a harddrive platter? (Quantum Q2040)

    Spaz around? I had a couple of those drives back a long, long, long, long time ago, and if the heads start randomly wondering around, causing occasional seek failures, the issue is likely those two honking large transistors that go to the stepper motor. As I recall, one of mine started doing...
  8. SomeGuy

    Windows 12 in the wings

    The other day I happened to get in to a conversation about a few random computer topics with a younger fellow that was working at a store. After talking about a few older computers, he asked me if I had my own "rig". Yea, "gaming rig" is literally what kids call desktop computers these days...
  9. SomeGuy

    Windows 12 in the wings

    I still want to know if we will be able to use it without a freaking Microsoft account. As far as I know, even using the non subscription based Microsoft Office 2022 requites a Microsoft account. They are really pushing this Microsoft account stuff. Heck, look in the security settings of...
  10. SomeGuy

    Please cry with me - My Osborne 1 chewed up my DD boot disk :( Advice sought.

    We are way past the point where one can safely just put a random untested floppy disk in to a drive. When one obtains an untested disk, or uses a disk that has not been tested in a long, long, long time, it is essential to inspect the surface of the disk before putting it in any drive. It is...
  11. SomeGuy

    Best way to clear debris off a harddrive platter? (Quantum Q2040)

    While that looks like dust, I'm wondering if this might actually be residue left behind from condensation. Looking closely, I see signs that the drive may have been exposed to long term humidity. If that is what it is, then it won't just blow off.
  12. SomeGuy

    IMG image files.

    Since that is what you are doing, you will want to download and use the "macintosh.zip" file at the end of this Kryoflux forum thread: https://forum.kryoflux.com/viewtopic.php?t=1090&start=20 to convert your 400k/800k Macintosh IMG file to a flux stream that the Kryoflux can write.
  13. SomeGuy

    OEMs & clones on eBay (continuous listings)

    Atari PC3 Desktop PC 8088 https://www.ebay.com/itm/115713434744?nordt=true Texas Instruments Professional Portable Business Computer - Color monitor https://www.ebay.com/itm/385431146510?nordt=true Zenith Data Systems Z-138-42 Transportable Personal Computer -Vintage...
  14. SomeGuy

    IMG image files.

    Need more specifics about what is being written, and what machines will be reading the disks. For standard 3.5" 1.44MB disks, simply use WinImage on a Windows PC, even if it is a Macintosh formatted disk. In this case, even crappy USB floppy drives should work. For standard 3.5" 720k IBM PC...
  15. SomeGuy

    HP 150 Touchscreen

    If you wish to make sector images of the disks, be aware that they have a very odd format. Most HP 3.5" disks like these are formatted single sided, double density, 70 tracks, with 256 byte sectors and an extra 128 byte sector on the end of each track. The only DOS imaging program that I know...
  16. SomeGuy

    5 1/4" Floppy disk woes..

    The physical damage is unfixable, but sometimes another cleaning and a dab cyclomethicone might help coax bits that are still there off of the disk. Imagine a tiny area on the disk that has flaked off as a pothole in the road. Cyclomethicone will sort of temporarily fill that pothole allowing...
  17. SomeGuy

    Fun with Windows for Workgroups

    The last version of Netscape for Windows 3.1x was Netscape 4.08. That won't get you very far these days, though. There was a version of Opera for Windows 3.1, but It wasn't very powerful.
  18. SomeGuy

    Destroyed IBM 5151 Monitor - Anything Useful?

    I think at some point, someone is going to have to start 3-d printing replacement cases for these things. If it were me, I'd disassemble it and check the condition of the parts or even see if it could be made working. My main concern would be if the frame is warped it might short something...
  19. SomeGuy

    Looking for advice about neighbor's sound reduction system

    Understood. Things might not always be what they seem. I've already made some mistakes jumping to conclusions due to some very bizarre coincidences. Which is why I wish there were an easy way to measure these - then I could hopefully easily compare them to others and quickly say if it was bad...
  20. SomeGuy

    Looking for advice about neighbor's sound reduction system

    I did think about the carbon monoxide possibility. Which reminds me, it has become apparent she has some kind of air venting system, from the sound of it in her utility room. I've noticed it running before but lately there have been some nasty chemical smells from down there, so I am guessing...