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    Dismantle an RL02 pack

    Hi all, I have managed to remove the handle which is the trick so separate the Platter+Hub from the cartridge. Trick is to push in the two small plastic pins [which you see when the handle is lifted up] put the handle back down, push/lift the hub gently up, to unbend the handle and pull the...
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    DEC RA81 Drive

    Hi All, I had a deeper look onto the HDA of the RA81, and have recognized that my drive looks quite different than it is shown on page 2-21 in EK-0RA81-SV-001_Svc_Oct82.pdf. The whole brush ground spring is a massive plate with long screws. And for me it looks like they hold something in the...
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    DEC RA81 Drive

    Hi All, I have picked up a RA81 last weekend, and have managed to get in to the 2nd floor. Really heavy! Until now I have checked the Voltages, removed the Foam Filters, unlocked the drive and turned it on. It's my first RA, and I have no idea which noise and sound this drive should produce...
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    ROI documentation needed

    Hi All, I have got a bunch of RIO CPU Boards and a Backplane and would start to look how they work together, and what I need to bring them back to live. Is there a place in the WWW with ROI documentation? Bitsavers seams to be empty in relation to ROI. Here is what I have:
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    PDP-11/23 with RL02 on - eBay US

    Just spotted this auction on eBay US. Item: 263824036905 https://www.ebay.com/itm/DECs-PDP11-23-with-RL02-Disk-Drive-documentation-and-disks-available/263824036905?hash=item3d6d235429%3Ag%3Adt4AAOSwW9FbNuZd&_sacat=0&_nkw=263824036905&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313 Location is: Glenview...
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    Bootstrap >>> BProm

    Hi Folks, I have TS05 9Track Tape Drives and DU-142 Pertec controller. I can boot and use them on my 11/84 where own Bootstraps can be added quite simple. Now I would like to us the TS05 as boot Drive also on my /24,/34 and /44 where this means to burn an BProm, or type in the Bootstrap each...
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    PDP-11/44 M7090 Console cable pinout

    Solved. Found the m7090 and the Pin layout here http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/pdf/dec/pdp11/1144/MP00897_11X44sys_Dec79.pdf on Page 41 RS232c mapping M7090 | DB25 | DB9 3 1 1 Protective Ground 4 2...
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    PDP-11/44 M7090 Console cable pinout

    Hi all, Is some here, who knows the pinout of the M7090 Console cable? I have found it near for all DEC systems, but by now not for the /44 and the M7090. I would like to use a female DB9, as I have much of them. Many Greetings Ulrich
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    QD32 getting into ROM

    So I have noted and reviewd the SMD Drive configuration. 1. it is terminated 2. it's configured for Hard sectoring 3. Hard sector is configured to 34 so we have 603 Byte per sector After turning on, and booting from cdrom, NetBSD sees ra0 on uda0, but shows an error like unknown drive. But as...
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    QD32 getting into ROM

    Hi All, next topic on my MV II. I have found a QD32 controller in the chassis of a Fujitsu M2321/M.... which I have bought last year. (Many thanks to the seller!!!!) So the QD32 seams to be the controller of this nice big and heavy SMD drive. I have by now finished the replacement of all...
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    MicroVAX II / Dilog SQ706a and NetBSD

    Hi all, I have found the time, to play around with my "new" MVII (KA630 v1.3 with 2x4 MB Mem). In the meantime, I have managed to enter the ROM of the SQ706a Controllers, to format disks, ... . I have also found a SCSI CD-ROM Drive, which is working, and was able to boot NetBSD beginning from...
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    11/84+rc25+ts05+rx02 or 11/84+rc25+tu81

    Hi All, I'm back with a full car. It was a nice trip, with overall 1.600 km. I was able to get an 11/84, TU81, RC25, RL01, TS05, RX02 and an SMD Drive and three Racks. Also Media (RL,RC,Tape) is included, so now I have a good starter set, to go forward. Big problem was the fact, that all...
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    11/84+rc25+ts05+rx02 or 11/84+rc25+tu81

    Hi Forum, I can pick up one of the above systems each for the same price and need to decide which one it is. Both are completely equipped with all needed stuff and all cables. I would like to run in a first step any available DEC OS RT11, xxdp, or ... and in the next step BSD. So the main...
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    RK611 Backplane/Controller in BA11-k Main Chassis

    Hi All, Maybe someone can answer a hopefully simple question. I have a RK07 and the RK611 Backplane/Controller and would like to use the RK611 in my 11/34a placed in an BA11-k. In the RK07 manuel I have read about installation, and see only a topic, to place it in an extension box, but no...
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    Searching for DEC RK07K-DC

    Hi All, Many thanks to Mattis for three RK07 Cartridges and the fast shipping. Ulrich
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    Transporting an DEC RK07

    I need to split the RK07 from the Rack, to get both in my Computer room which is in the basement, as both are too heavy.
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    Searching for DEC RK07K-DC

    Hi all, I'm looking for functional Disk Pack/s for my RK07 Drive. All offers please in this thread and not via PM, as I'm new here and not able to answer PM's. Have a nice Day Ulrich
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    Transporting an DEC RK07

    Hi Forum, I have buyed an RK07 drive an need to transport them in the next days in my Van. I have checked the RK Manuals, but have not found any hint in relation to the transportation, except unpacking and checking. RL0x Drives have a transportation lock to secure the Head so I would also...
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    Transport of an DEC RK07

    Duplecate please delete.