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  1. dorkbert

    ChatGPT and code generation

    Well, at least you have a big vocabulary. Me, not so much.
  2. dorkbert

    Texas WTB: AT / 486 Case With at Least 4 5.25" Bays

    it'll help if you reveal where you are geographically in your member profile. shipping cost can be prohibitive.
  3. dorkbert

    Ebay sellers

    This has been on going for years, for a variety of products well beyond electronics components.
  4. dorkbert

    Xebec SASI controller utilities disk image for Apple II needed

    This is a combination of information I gathered from Sapphire (LeftWall), Xebec/Firstclass tech support and web. I was trying to put together HDD for my II+ and we were sourcing the parts from Weirdstuff (when they were still at Sycamore Drive in Milpitas) Sapphire was running his BBS (this was...
  5. dorkbert

    Xebec SASI controller utilities disk image for Apple II needed

    No, the drive geometry is hardcoded into the 'custom' S1410A firmware. The HBA ROMs are not geometry specific. Sider utilities has hidden option for specifying drive geometry. Xebec later bound check the option input to block access, but since it's written in Applesoft...
  6. dorkbert

    New England WTB: Black Bezel 5 1/4” Floppy Drive

    like this? https://www.ebay.com/itm/225340712813 disclaimer: not mine.
  7. dorkbert

    Help Diagnosing and Finding Ram Replacements for IIe

    I find it hard to believe that all eight chips would fail at the same time. While Micron parts have been problematic, it's extremely unlike that all eight would fail at the same time. clean the MMU and CPU while you're spraying away with deoxit.
  8. dorkbert

    Any rare apple II accessories I should keep and eye out for?

    not sure why you would think the macroshaft's cp/m card is rare; it was extremely popular back in the day and there must be hundreds of thousand of them out there. Koala pads were also very common. Apple graphics table (with dedicated interface card) might be a little harder to come by, but no...
  9. dorkbert

    Apple //c lcd screen repair?

    well, there's always this for IIc LCD panel. as for the guy looking for iphone repair, park your iphone on an anvil and whack it really hard with a hammer.
  10. dorkbert

    Scsi st-277n interleave etc settings

    I wonder what application he is using, and if that parameter is really applied. spec has no provision for interleave in format unit CDB, it's possible that parameter isn't used at all. that or it's being applied to some mode page that I am unfamiliar with; but I rather doubt it since the entire...
  11. dorkbert

    Scsi st-277n interleave etc settings

    format unit command has no provision for interleave. the direct access device is presented as a continuous stream of logical blocks. drive geometry and any interleave that might be in use is entirely internal to the drive. while it is possible the drive vendor may have vendor unique setting for...
  12. dorkbert

    Scsi st-277n interleave etc settings

    You don't control the interleave factor of SCSI direct access block devices. SCSI spec has no provision for such setting. There may be vendor unique command or vendor specific mode page for it, but that would vary for each vendor/model drive.
  13. dorkbert

    Unknown Mac Performa 630 motherboard

    that's the much coveted power PC upgrade.
  14. dorkbert

    Apple III Keycaps / Key stems needed

    The III keyboard with tophat under the keycaps uses ALP's short stem key switches. It looks like the keyswitch for the arrow keys are not standard ALPs keyswitches (deeper with four soldering points) The caplock keys are special, you can probably source one from early models of IIe (ones with...
  15. dorkbert

    Apple III Keycaps / Key stems needed

    the III used a couple of different key switches over its production life. if your keycaps have a tophat spacer, you'll want the short stem key switches (common with II+)
  16. dorkbert

    Modem for Mac Color Classic

    It's not compatible. Just get a din8 to db25 cable and pair that with a generic external modem, though I don't quite understand why an analog modem is still being employed.
  17. dorkbert

    Modem for Mac Color Classic

    Google is (sometimes) your friend. https://apple.fandom.com/wiki/GeoPort
  18. dorkbert

    "Like New"

    you misheard. he shaved Christmas.