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    Interesting 8-bit SB clone board

    It's missing quite a bit of logic if it's supposed to be a clone of the Sound Blaster Pro CT1330 - though to be fair, that could be logic that's driving the CD interface.
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    Roland RAP-10 Repair - need high res pic of card and/or schematic

    Hi folks! I recently found a Roland RAP-10 card in junk pile. Actually, I found it there after ChromeDome45 kindly pointed it out to me ;) But it needs a little love... it's missing an SMD cap that was obviously placed, looks like it has a torn trace that needs repair, and while brushing...
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    Not Mine - Roland MT32 Midi, 0.99 starting bid

    It's a Gen-1 unit, in case anyone's wondering. Comes with midi cables (looks to be official Roland) http://www.ebay.com/itm/390813119082
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    NOT MINE - IBM PS/2 Model 25 7386 Planar Upgrade - 386slc - Eduquest Upgrade!

    I know many of you guys hate this term, but this IS extremely rare! William Walsh talks about these on his PS/2 page here, and this is the only one I've seen or heard of outside of his. I'd love to have the unit, but since I've already got a color Model 25 and an Eduquest Fifty-Five, I can't...
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    Not Mine - IBM 5150 A 16-64kb CIB system w/ valuable SW, < 2 days left

    Seriously, worth a check-out... http://www.ebay.com/itm/251424269321 He has the 5150A, which needs some minor work, but was purchased with factory options of an 8087 Math Co-Pro and memory board, then later added a hard drive and a DSDD 360KB drive... a 5151 monitor which no longer powers on...
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    NeXT Cube Motherboard - prototype?

    You tell me - click. and please... let's keep it about the auction, not about the circumstances surrounding the seller/etc....all of us regulars know who this used to belong to. Thanks.
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    Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy

    Just to exclaim my happiness and joy (since I've nowhere else to share it, and no one else that would really care!) I managed to snag a NEW, shrinkwrapped copy of Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy (retail copy from Goodtimes Software) for $18.99 shipped this week. I won't say where (not an auction...
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    Not Mine - Apple II GS, CFFA, etc,etc,etc...

    Click. Seller is an extremely nice guy who's been kind enough to send me rom images - at his insistence - just because I sent him a question about an expansion card in an auction that he had. I haven't purchased from him, but from his feedback, and his willingness to help a stranger, I'd be...
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    Fujitsu Poqet Portable Computer

    Saw this on shopgoodwill. $9.99 starting bid. Looks to be in good physical condition, and seems to be a pretty cool little system - just that I've no further need for 8088-class machines (even one that can run for up to a 12hrs off of 2qty AA batteries!) Here's a Wikipedia Article about it, if...
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    NOS Creative DXR3 Kit, $24.99 (not mine)

    Click. Think someone was asking about these a few weeks ago... it's a nice piece of vintage kit, if you're into playing MPEG movies on old Pentiums for some odd reason ;)
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    Free for shipping

    Cleaning out some stuff from work. It's good stuff that we've no use for - I'm trying to save them from the landfill. Hopefully you guys might have a use for them. 1. New Manhattan old-school manual VGA A/B box (with two screws robbed, one each from 2 of the VGA connectors). Free for cost of...
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    not mine - Amstrad PPC640, $19.95 starting bid

    Hey, the price is right... day and a half to go. If it were in the US and didn't have to come from Canada, I'd be bidding. Click.
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    Not Mine - IBM 5151, 5153 and 5160 Auctions

    You don't see 5151's this cheap every day. 5160 is a bit on the expensive side, but looks like new. Just figured I'd pass along. 5151, 5151, 5153, 5160
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    ebay: Tandy 1000 complete setup $30 BIN, local PU, South Jersey, [not mine]

    Just reposting here. It's priced right, though it does have a bit of a problem. From the description, my gut says memory chips, but hey, what do I know!? This 1000 does have some cool mods, like volume control for the internal speaker, and volume on/off button. *edit. Damn. Can't edit the...
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    Popular Science magazines, 1960's and 1970's

    Hey, guys... We're cleaning out my grandfather's house as it will be sold by the end of the month (he died earlier this year). He was a flea market type of guy, a product of the Depression, and anytime he saw "a deal," he had to have it, no matter what it was or who would find it useful. This...
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    Anyone looking for an IBM 5140 Convertible with Printer?

    Not mine -but this one's $80 shipped in the USA. With printer attachment and battery that holds ~ 30 min charge. Shown working, though with untested floppies.
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    Windows 7: Copying a corrupt file

    Hey, guys... I've an Edirol R09-HR audio recorder. It's a device that records directly to SD cards either from the internal mic/speakers, or from an external mic. I was recording this weekend when my batteries ran out. Trying to salvage the 1.6gb (1 hr) worth of recording I had (about half of...
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    Mac collection -- anyone local to Snohomish, WA? :)

    I don't want it, but thought I'd post it here. Local PU.
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    5qty NOS Pentium Pro 180mhz - $185 USD Shipped

    I know nothing about them. I know that others here are looking for them, and these might fit the bill. Works out to under $40 a pop for a new chip. I rather doubt we'll beat that in collector circles. See them here.
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    Disney Sound Source $29 BIN free ship

    Not mine. I've seen cheaper, but only slightly...and rarely in this condition.