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    Who knows the manufacturer and model of this Static RAM board?

    OBTW, manual is linked to from the S100 Computers site.
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    Who knows the manufacturer and model of this Static RAM board?

    It looks like a Tarbell 32K board. I think I've got one or two of them in my collection. A great board to swap over to modern voltage regulators if cost does make you choke.
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    CP/M on NVRAM?

    My very first for business use laptop was a NEC Starlet that not only had CP/M, but also had Wordstar, Calcstar and some other programs all in ROM. It also used a static version of the Z80 and so booted up upon power on to where you left off. No boot time at all. Quite handy when using it in a...
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    Help for identify tantalum caps

    Soldering on PCB if not done by a skilled person can cause more damage than just leaving sleeping dogs lie. Or as above, don't fix what isn't broke. Note: if you see goo oozing out of an electrolytic capacitor then that does need to be addressed. Not only replaced, but the discharge neutralized...
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    Fun with Windows for Workgroups

    I think Frog browser was created to allow older systems to get to the internet. I tried it some time ago, but haven't revisited it of late.
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    Unpopulated S100 stuff at Anchor Electronics

    I purchased a couple of S-100 dynamic RAM boards from Anchor a few months ago. They were made by CCS (model 2065) and so are the serial/parallel I/O (CCS - 2718) boards. There's an updated version of the CCS FDC bare board (CCS 2422E) available at Retrobrewcomputers.
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    Toshiba Tecra 500 cdt battery replacement - Hard to find?

    Fedco's Energy + line of products may have the 7.2v battery. If not you can make one out of two 3.6v packs. Plus (+) lead connected to the minus (-) lead of a second one will produce 7.2 volts. Just pull the connector pins out and solder together plus from the first to minus of the second and...
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    Best use for a stack of laptop mobo's?

    I'm slowly cleaning out the basement of left over laptop parts and I dug out a storage container with a couple dozen new old stock Chicony MP995 motherboards. This laptop was a Celeron (up to 466@66) machine from the 90's and these are left over new old stock boards from my purchase of all the...
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    Where can I buy a REAL ALL METAL kitchen faucet that is affordable?

    OH, Fishkill is the one I use and main parts center, IMHO. If you come over PM me and we can do lunch etc.
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    Where can I buy a REAL ALL METAL kitchen faucet that is affordable?

    They have several locations including CT.
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    Where can I buy a REAL ALL METAL kitchen faucet that is affordable?

    You're close enough to me that I'd suggest N&S Supply: https://www.nssupply.com/plumbing-and-heating-products.html They've the $1,000 stuff, but they also supply the local contractors and have a decent parts room.
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    Read 2716 UV EPROM

    I sometimes partially close the ZIF and then slide the chip sideways a back and forth. The chip's pins are only in contact with the ZIF with the pin's side edge. Any corrosion and contact may not be there.If this doesn't help, do you know anyone in your area with the a TL866 or a Wellon? I can...
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    I can reform these right

    Glitch, it's nice to see the manufacturer provided you a time to change indicator. Not all makers were so kind. Most made you have to do a bunch of tests and stuff. Just in case, I've got a bunch of late 1960's NOS Cornell-Dubilier cap's here if you want to replace those with, most of these are...
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    Replacing a failing Fluke 77

    My old Fluke is still working like new. It's about 45 years old. One of my fellow workers had to go to S. America to repair some equipment at a iron ore mine and his Fluke started to act up due to ore dust seeping into it. He took the PCB into the shower with him and gave it a good scrub and...
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    PSU recapping - what's the general consensus on when to do it?

    I've replaced a lot of bulged electrolyic cap's and left others in place to repair pwr. supplies and on radio, computer and other boards. Lots of times I feel it's more damaging to crappy 50+ year old phenolic PCB's to do any more work on them than necessary. It seems to me, that the larger the...
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    At which point can a forum lose its sense of community?

    It is sad that key people that have greatly supported retrocomputing are restricted in providing hard to find, if not imposible to find data that alows others to repair early technology that the world has pass on from and deleted references to elsewhere. If it wasn't for the few that thought...
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    New England FS: Chicony MP993 466 Celeron laptop

    Chicony MP993 (labeled with reseller Trogon jewel) - 466 Celeron CPU/256K RAM/16GB Scandisk CF card in adapter for HDD/13.3" TFT LCD. Laptop has serial, parallel, VGA one USB Type 1 and some other ports plus 2 PCMCIA's. Internal microphone and speakers. It comes with 3.5" floppy drive or a LS120...
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    Advice for fixing the CRT in an Otrona Attache

    I believe Hugo Holden is correct and this size connector is sometimes found on Wyse CRT terminals (and others) too. Don't know what holds the pins in place on your original, but worse case, if the correct connector can't be found, perhaps a pin can be removed from a new phone connector and used...
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    How do I image a hard drive with an unknown format?

    I've used AOMEI Partition Assistant to clone some drives and I believe it has a sector by sector option, but I've not tried that option yet. How about Rufus? I'm not sure it is can clone by sectors.
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    ECS Elitegroup P5TX-B Pro - Q8 mosfet hotttttt - FP45N03L

    Just a guess, check that the Mosfet is turning all the way on. The Gate voltage should to be a couple of volts higher than the source to reduce the voltage drop across the Mosfet. If it isn't completely on then it could very be overheating. Could be a design problem since you said a lot of these...