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  1. david__schmidt

    Did anyone release software, updates of patches commercially on 2.88MB floppy?

    You know who used them? Architecture firms, and anyone doing CAD drafting. Whenever I see them, they've always got .DWG files on them.
  2. david__schmidt

    40th anniversary of the IBM PC 5150

    I once took a plane ride back to Raleigh from a computer show in Boston in the 90's with one of the guys that built the 5150 board at IBM. They used off-the-shelf parts, just trying to lash something together fast that worked. No one else at IBM took the PC "revolution" seriously when it was...
  3. david__schmidt

    Did anyone release software, updates of patches commercially on 2.88MB floppy?

    OS/2 was only ever delivered on 1.44MB disks (and CDs); the post-4.0 convenience packs were delivered via bootable CD images. There were definitely some X-series IBM machines delivered with 2.88-capable floppy drives, though.
  4. david__schmidt

    Epson QX owners - please join

    I wonder if something as simple as cleaning the drive heads would get the drives going again? It's unusual for floppy mechanisms to fail outright, so I'd suspect fouled heads and failing media before suspecting the drives themselves. I didn't find any disk images where I expected on bitsavers...
  5. david__schmidt

    8" disk boxes - IBM "AIM"

    I've got a couple of 8" disk boxes here that are from IBM, and have "AIM" on the cover - it's not much good googling that little information, so I thought I'd give it a try here. Does anyone recognize what this program might have been? (They contained unrelated disks, so they're no help!)
  6. david__schmidt

    Interpreting TRSDOS 2.0 images from a Model II

    I have imaged a few TRSDOS 2.0 (probably rev a) 8" disks, and I was wondering if there is any software that interprets the filesystem on them?
  7. david__schmidt

    Cleaning Bernoulli 20 drive heads

    I was helping someone prepare for VFC East this year, and long story short - I ended up with five Bernoulli 20MB 8" floppy/cartridge drives. One of the five works wonderfully; the rest refuse to load the media after inspecting it. Given that these drives came shipped with a cleaning cartridge...
  8. david__schmidt

    Shugart 850 lashed up with DBit FDADAP and Device Side Data FC5025 - video

    I finally assembled all the pieces I needed to get an 8" Shugart talking to my iMac. It includes DBit's FDADAP and FDDC, and Device Side Data's FC5025 adapter. What's that you say? Video or it didn't happen? Fair enough:
  9. david__schmidt

    TRS-80 100/102/WP 2 Disk format

    Edit: I found what I was looking for in the manuals that Dave Dunfield has made available: http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield/kyocera/index.htm Specifically, http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield/kyocera/portdisk.pdf and http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield/kyocera/disksoft.pdf. I've got a few disks...
  10. david__schmidt

    Apple IIBF - Cortland Prototype

    Seems to work ok here... Kind of depends on what you load, though. I tried one of the early demo disks and that crashed.
  11. david__schmidt

    New Epson QX-10 - no monitor

    I've taken delivery of a QX-10 computer and keyboard. No monitor, though. I have lots of nice references to the pinout, such as this: http://fjkraan.home.xs4all.nl/comp/divcomp/qx10.html 7-pin 8-pin monitor QX-10 function wire color (original) ------- ----- --------...
  12. david__schmidt

    New Apple /// driver for CFFA revisions 1 and 2 available

    In case there are sarasaurs out there that don't read the apple3 mailing list or the c.s.a2 usenet group... there's a new driver and utilities disk available for CFFA revision 1 and 2 cards. See: http://groups.google.com/group/comp.sys.apple2/browse_frm/thread/7358eb6c032af683#
  13. david__schmidt

    Apple III to Disk II pinout?

    Does anyone have an adapter pinout to adapt an Apple III to a Disk II? There has been a little discussion and links here: http://68kmla.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=11136 but nothing definitive. I now have the pinout for a Disk III to Disk III+ (IDC 26 to DB-25) adapter, so I'm closer - but...
  14. david__schmidt

    Best glue for a nylon keyswitch post?

    My Apple III had an unfortunate accident today. Dropped a IIgs keyboard on top of the III, and broke off the Alpha Lock key. :mad: The nylon post snapped in half. What's the best glue to use on nylon? The break isn't clean enough for cyanoacrylate (super glue), I don't think. And I'm...
  15. david__schmidt

    Keytronic Keyboard Repair - foil discs

    I recently adopted a Franklin Ace 1200 whose keyboard had failed entirely. Early Franklins used the typical Keytronic foil-over-foam capacitive design, so I set out to fix it with inspiration from Geoff Harrison: http://www.solivant.com/sol20kbd/ I read several sites that had recipes for the...
  16. david__schmidt

    Xebec Sider SASI disk for recovery operation

    Does anyone have an Xebec/sider/SASI disk drive they could spare? I need to try swapping out parts to recover files locked away on an Xebec that shorts out the power supply when powered up. The platters spin freely, but nothing else is working. The disk has some rust on the case, so there's...
  17. david__schmidt

    SARA Emulator Updated

    The Sara Apple /// emulator has been updated to version 0.5.0 - it's now a native OSX app: http://www.blackcatsystems.com/software/sara.html
  18. david__schmidt

    Bootstrapping, transferring disks to/from Apple IIs

    Just dug your old Apple II out of the garage? Great! All your floppies disintegrated into non-magnetized particles? Not so great! No serial card either? Worse yet! The ADTPro project officially released version 1.0.0 today after a year's worth of beta. ADTPro has two main purposes in...