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    So token ring is coming back...

    Is it just me, but I am afraid I cannot trust somebody who does not have enough money to dress in trousers without enormous holes in them. Now Really
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    amaus.net repository back on-line thanks!

    Dear All, So it's not perfect (see later) but I can say that https://amaus.net/static/S100/ is back up at fibre speeds. Friends will know that we relocated back from Switzerland to the UK and part of the deal was that our new home (in the English countryside) would have a Fibre to the Home...
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    Red Sparrow the Movie

    So I just watched Red Sparrow, and in 2018 not via download but in a real Cinema Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Sparrow I thought I was going nuts when they started using 3.5" floppies Now as far as I can tell the story is set in the present day, well for example all the cars...
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    Cromemco CS250 chassis and some S100 cards

    A NOS, no really, NOS Cromemco CS 250 chassis for sale Chassis only, the 68020 and other cards are removed as will be the floppy drives before sale the CS250 has rather an elaborate power supply. More so than System III or Z2 ---- Also some much earlier gen S100 cards...
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    Adaptec and Other SCSI cards. 20 CHF

    Dear All, My SCSI adapters are for sale. As ever this is a sensibly priced sale In Switzerland http://www.anibis.ch/fr/ordinateurs-~-bureau-hardware-contr%c3%b4leurs--531/multiple-scsi-controllers-inc-adaptec-all-for-only-20chf--18129216.aspx and all my items for sale including S100 cards...
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    Items for Sale/ Gift in Switzerland now to Europe and USA

    Dear All, I updated my list of items for sale http://www.anibis.ch/fr/advertlist.aspx?mid=460071 I'm using the Swiss anibis website and if viewed in Chrome , use that browser to auto translate to English to make things easier, although my ads are in English. You can reply with interest and...
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    Items for Sale or Gift in Lausanne Switzerland

    Dear All, Somewhat of a frustrated hello. In Switzerland, I've put out many advertisments for Vintage and other items I am either selling or gifting away. At the very least I think the list makes amusing reading Please check and do get back to me via the anibis reply button is best...
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    Cromemco and Sage and Other for Sale in Switzerland

    Dear All, Marcus very much regrets to say that my time in Wonderful Switzerland will come to an end. The prohibitive cost of living in Switzerland has another victim. me. To all Swiss residents who are interested in Vintage Computer Equipment I would like to unload at between modest cost...
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    Cromemco Login at 19200 Baud

    I documented my efforts to add the Octart, well 2 Octarts into my Cromemco S100 system. http://majzel.blogspot.com/2016/10/the-long-road-to-cromemco-login-at.html Regards Marcus Bennett
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    IBM PC and AT Real Time Clock RTC Implementation

    Everybody, Take a seat before you start to laugh. I'll eventually blog it (when with your forum help you have helped me uncover the technical detail). But I've found that the reason I've been waking up at exactly 03.00 numerous times in the last month is that an oldish PC in my study keeps...
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    ZX Spectrum HD

    Sorry if this was also done to death, I normally post in other parts of this VCF site ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RS1WjZXdUU Recreated Spectrum HD My only question is, will Apple try to sue them for stealing that keyboard design. No wait, maybe it should be the other way around :-)...
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    Hosting Webpages on Google Drive

    Dear All, I made a quick and long overdue test of pushing part of our website to Google Drive and sharing a portion as an internet url. Can somebody test pls? Oh and maybe report back download speeds etc? https://majzel.blogspot.com/2015/03/hosting-webpages-on-googledrive.html thanks...
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    Thanks for the memory

    I don't believe it .... I was browsing the Register today (well via my RSS feed) and I thought I saw some chips with numbers I actually recognise. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/03/17/china_getting_into_dram_/ Please check the link and tell me. Isn't that a 64K DRAM from well a hell of...
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    HxC SD card diskette emulator for 5.25 and 8" disks on Cromemco systems

    Dear All, I recently made a blogpost regarding the integration of HxC into my Z80 / 68000 Cromemco system. To summarise It works fine so far, supporting 2 emulated diskette drives simultaneously. Each drive can be 5.25" or 8" and the diskette formats I have working include CDOS Cromix and...
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    Reading and Writing diskettes with Cromemco cscopy

    I just posted this article, the first in a series explaining how to get data to and from my Cromemco computers. Today, the easy way, especially if you need to transfer less than 354Kilo Bytes ... http://majzel.blogspot.com/2014/03/reading-and-writing-diskettes-with.html
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    Two vintage SCSI Enclosures with Disks

    I have 2 SCSI enclosures with disks trying to find a home. I live in Lausanne Switzerland maybe the only catch. Nevertheless if anybody is interested, contact me immediately. here is the local advert...
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    IBM Power Series 850 Laptop for spares only

    Dear All, I used to have 2, 850 laptops. Then I moved country (again) and thought, well I take 1 laptop, and all the parts for 2 laptops (2 batteries, Hard disks etc) since it was bulky. I am VERY SORRY NOW because the laptop I took no longer works. So basically what I have to offer is 2...
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    Class Action Anybody

    As a proud (and now outraged) Cromemco Z2 owner... Sony, how dare you :-)
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    My son's 15 minutes of fame...

    At first I thought this might be a wind up so I did visit the Swisspost site. Now I'm the last person in the world to be uncharitable but this could fall under the category of being vain and I think I would like to softly make two points: a) This seems to have precious little to do with...
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    IBM PowerPC Thinkpad

    I'm the proud and now the sad owner of an IBM PowerPC Thinkpad 850 It is now ** not working ** in the sense that poweron reveals nothing So I'm looking for a fellow enthusiast to help me a) either get it working b) take mine away for parts for your working system Obviously I'd rather get it...