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    Post your vintage madness statement(s) here!

    Today I licked two stamps valued at $20.00 each (50c) and (10c) made bout 80 years ago and stuck them to a unused post card made 100 years ago, later I installed a 33 meg RLL Seagate Hard Drive into a IBM 5150, formatted it.......... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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    Looking to buy vintage ram

    Looking to buy 27 chips of the following name brand and type: AM9101DPC/P2101A-2 AMD 256X4 RAM To be used in a IBM 5150 A Model, the chips soldered to the motherboard are this type, so it seems only appropriate to fill the sockets with the same. Ideally would be nice to get 27 chips, but...
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    Seattle Computer

    I have an 8bit ISA memory card. First one of this kind I've ever seen, it sais Seattle Computer on it, RAM+ scp130c. Anyone familiar with this memory card?
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    Vintage value!

    I have a Brand New IBM AT 5170. The box is opened, but the computer has never been opened, turned on, or used. The box isn't perfect, but completely intact and not water stained or anything. The Case is 99% perfect, only one small scratch on the entire thing, top of the case near the back...
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    Evergreen rev to 486

    Looking for a Rev to 486 upgrade processor. Thanks :)
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    IBM 27F4943XM Speech talk Adapter

    Seeing any information on the IBM 27F4943XM Speech talk Adapter. The board uses a mouse like connector, information on the web seems to be scarce. People selling this card mistaken it for a Mouse Card.
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    IBM SCREWS wanted!

    I'm looking for something that someone may have, the screws that came with the IBM 5150, the case and the cards, I have 3 5150's missing many of the original screws, so if anyone has of these for sale, email me :)
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    MAC PLUS COMPUTER - Seeking input on what you would pay for it

    I would like to get a MAC like this, would like everyone's honest opinion on what they think this machine is worth, to put forward an offer: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=141015787910&ssPageName=ADME:X:BOIPACC:CA:3160 THANKS!
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    People selling on ebay can be surprising

    Been an Ebay buyer and lurker since 2000 ish, and well like most of us, probably bought more vintage stuff than I should of. I've been looking for a IBM AT 5170 in nice condition, as nice as I can get it, good or bad, the shipping is the same, so might as well hold out for a good one. That day...
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    8-bit ISA VGA adapter for IBM PC 5150

    Looking for switch settings for this VGA Card, it's made by WANG. Thanks :)
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    Dram Memory

    I managed to get a pile of these memory chips: FUJITSU MB8264-20 64k MEMORIES DRAM So far none have worked on a AST Six Pack or Directly on a 5150 Motherboard, either the chips are bad, or ........ Anyone had experiences with these types of chips?
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    Ibm 5150 + 3 drives + 1 hd

    Incase this is not possible, I figured I'd ask. I have an IBM 5150, I put in 3 drives, with a card that can handle 4. All 3 work, 2 360's, 1 1.44meg. When I throw in a 20 meg seagate and MFM card, this device defaults to Drive C and, my floppies do not work past the A: drive, is it possible...
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    Ibm 5150 back to the future!

    I have a few 5150's, been trying to get them all back to some sort of Vintage State, that means no VGA or 3.5 Floppy Drive, any-how two of them have Fujitsu 8088's, how crappy can it get eh? So searching around, I managed to buy two Intel Made D8088'S, interesting thing, they are both NEW...
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    What if IBM didn't choose the Intel CPU!

    Word for thought, useless but hey! What "if" IBM Choose the 6502 back then, where would Intel be today? Where would the PC industry have gone, where would the company that held the patents to the 6502 be today? Since "most" other computers back then used the 6502 type cpu, if would of been...
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    Looking to buy a rll controller 8 bit

    Looking to buy a RLL 8 Bit Controller that is compatible with a Seagate ST-238R. :)
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    Toshiba FDD6371L3K

    Seeking proper jumper settings for the following 360k floppy drive: Toshiba FDD6371L3K The person who had it before me removed them all, if you can imagine that... Thanks in advance.
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    Vintage Mice for the first IBM Computer's and Clones

    Did IBM ever release a Mouse for this Card: IBM 33F4461 8525 Bus Mouse Card 8-Bit.
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    IBM Selectic TypeWriter

    Maybe someone has a lead on this, I've tried and found a dead end. I'm looking for True Type or Open Type fonts, that resemble the fonts that the IBM Selectric Typewriter had on metal balls. Two fonts in particular are: Bookface and Light Italic. Thanks for any help :)
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    Document Recreation

    At the bottom of page 102 of Apple II Red Book. Perhaps someone can help me with these lines. Note 1: See attached image. Thanks!! :)
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    Apple II Vintage Basic Programs

    Looking for the following programs for the Apple II (Basic) in txt format: Mastermind Pong Hi Res Demo-Basic Dragon Maze Colorsketch Looked all over the net, nothing. If anyone has them, that would be much appreciated. :)