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  1. resman

    Apple IIgs Possible bad IWM?

    You can always just pop a standard Disk II card in slot 6 and set it to My Card in the setup
  2. resman

    Z80 Softcard was it relevant?

    The Softcard was pretty useful to me for software development. It ran Turbo Pascal and the 8080 assembler. WordStar was great for writing papers and kermit was a good program to dial into to the university's network. The SoftCard also came with two versions of BASIC-80. One with hires graphics...
  3. resman

    IS the Sharp PC-1500 a “Z80-clone” machine or not?

    The TRS-80 PC-2 shared the same hardware. You can read the articles describing the Assembly Language starting in the March, 1983 edition of Microcomputer News: https://archive.org/details/TRS-80_Microcomputer_News_Volume_5_Issue_03_1983-03_Radio_Shack_US Pretty nice processor, actually.
  4. resman

    Compaq Deskpro 386/20

    The Deskpro 386/16 went through some revisions to address the FPU from a 287 to support the 387 when it became available. It also used a static column DRAM design that was supposed to be zero wait state during same page accesses. I believe the Portable 386 used a similar design even though it...
  5. resman

    IBM 5155 with Optional Raspberry Pi

    Yeah, the one on the right is the Pi. The IIGS outputs a similar 640x200 non-interlaced signal to the CGA. The lowest resolution I got the Pi to output was an interlaced 640x480 NTSC signal, but you may have better luck with different settings. Although it is a little difficult to see the...
  6. resman

    IBM 5155 with Optional Raspberry Pi

    RPi composite comes out interlaced so it will flicker a little on a composite TV/monitor. For the Apple II Pi, I did a video that compares a real IIGS to the Apple II Pi running the GSPort emulator on the Pi. Not a very popular video (nobody liked my silent treatment) but if you look closely you...
  7. resman

    Fantasy CGA redesign

    That's not too dissimilar to how many of the extended 640x400 CGA adapters mapped their scan lines. Simply create a scan line offset array to map scan line number to offset. Problem solved.
  8. resman

    Calling function in interrupt hander

    For fun, call on_sb_event() directly in your interrupt handler. This will remove the call through the function pointer, potentially simplifying the code. I don't generally like writing interrupt handlers in C (in DOS, anyway) because I'm not comfortable with the generated code. To that effect, I...
  9. resman

    Dead Compaq Portable III

    Sorry for the late reply. I don't remember the exact LCD panel - it was bought for a RPi project that I probably got distracted from by some other shiny project. However, the Portable III screen aspect ration is much closer to many modern displays rather than the 4:3 from its contemporaries...
  10. resman

    Am I missing something ???

    Are you sure you disassembled the shl ah, 1 correctly? Given the test ah, 30h near the end of the function, it would make sense that it was really shr ah, 1.
  11. resman

    CGA 160x100x16 bidirectional scrolling

    That looks really amazing. Great artwork. The challenge in copying the whole memory buffer is that it's just too much data for an 8088 - even a 286 - to do in a timely fashion. Slow framerate, screen tearing and snow will result. But 128 pixels per update shouldn't be a problem. When it comes...
  12. resman

    Interfacing a RasPi with an Apple II's expansion bus via prototyping board?

    I used the UART to connect the Apple II to the Pi - the GPIO pins aren't real-time performant to interact directly with the Apple II bus under Linux. I've heard of some success in a bare metal environment.
  13. resman

    Compaq Portable 286!

    Beautiful machine. Really wish that keyboard layout had remained the standard.
  14. resman

    Compaq Deskpro 386/20

    Very nice. My Compaq 386 collection includes a 386/20e, 386/25, and a Portable 386. Someday I'd like to get an original 386 to match my first Compaq I used for work back in 1988, but I'm still satisfied if I don't. These are great machines that give an appreciation for what the state of the art...
  15. resman

    Graphics tablet

    I will give you my take on the Apple Graphics Tablet: cool peripheral with little practical application. I bought mine many years ago on fleaBay and lucked out with a complete, working, and pristine tablet surface. Most that I've seen are missing something (usually pen or interface card) or have...
  16. resman

    Area 5150 for IBM PC 4.77MHz

    It's a chain of GGLABS CGA2RGB adapter plugged into a RGB to HDMI Arcade Game Video Converter Output Board. It looks better than I expected, but I think the HDMI output is a little harsh. I'm getting the RGB to VGA Converter Board and connect it to a good old analog VGA monitor.
  17. resman

    Are Compaq "Enhanced keyboard" cables interchangeable with IBM model M SDL cables?

    I have an IBM cable between my Deskpro 386/25 and Compaq Enhanced Keyboard.
  18. resman

    Area 5150 for IBM PC 4.77MHz

    My CGA to HDMI video adapter chain finally came in. I was able to hook up to my Compaq Portable to an LCD screen and view Area 5150 in stunning color! Recorded on an iPhone that struggled to get the correct white balance and glare from the lights above (sorry, I'm no videographer). The video...
  19. resman

    Area 5150 for IBM PC 4.77MHz

    Sorta off topic, but I have to share my Bill Budge history. I had a copy of his Apple II 3D package as a teenager and it set my career direction in motion. In the late '90s I had the opportunity to work with him. Nicest, most humble guy in the world. I tried to convince him to come work with us...
  20. resman

    Area 5150 for IBM PC 4.77MHz

    The extreme simplicity of the Apple II is a challenge to pull off something that will *wow* a crowd (try finding many TRS-80 Model 1 demos). Add some hardware and you might have something, but I'm not sure how the demo scene judges enhanced platforms. The IIGS has a lot more to work with but is...