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  1. AK6DN

    RX8E / RX28 Technical Question

    In this directory: https://github.com/AK6DN/rx02_emulator/tree/master/disk_images There are OS78V4 and OS8V3D RX02 bootable images, and an OS8V3Q RX01 bootable image. And for reference, here are the OS8V3D RX02 and OS8V3Q RX01 console and emulator debug logs for booting and doing a 'dir'...
  2. AK6DN

    Terminal program that handle reader run signal?

    A little late to the party, but I do have a fairly large number of either of these 1x8 connectors available (50+) and M/F pins (250+). See attached image. I bought these connectors off eBay years ago and got a deal. Pins are from Mouser (still available). I've used a few but still have lots...
  3. AK6DN

    TU58 repair and tolerances

    TU58 info here: http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/dec/dectape/tu58/ MP1014 has controller schematics.
  4. AK6DN

    Could not resist, the sound of a 68000 CPU, hello RF72

    Trivia fact. Back when I was at DEC in the early 80s we wanted to use the just released/announced MC68000 as a graphics controller CPU. We had just been out to Stanford and visited Prof Forest Baskett and his grad student Andreas Bechtolsheim working on the 'SUN' terminal project that did all...
  5. AK6DN

    Could not resist, the sound of a 68000 CPU, hello RF72

    DELUA unibus ethernet controller (single hex board follow on to the two hex board DEUNA) uses an MC68000 as the controller CPU. The DEUNA used a T11.
  6. AK6DN

    DEC RK05 decpacs

    Obviously not in earthquake country.
  7. AK6DN

    PDP-11/34A FPU (FP11-A) on eBay

    I just had a set of boards made via OSHpark. Due here in a couple of days. The connector parts I ordered from Mouser are ESW-112-33-L-D and ESW-120-33-L-D. Two of each. Note these are two columns shorter than the above called out connectors, and are centered in the hole pattern of each board...
  8. AK6DN

    DEC units on ebay

    This is one of my favorites, been on eBay for quite a while ... https://www.ebay.com/itm/111999989788?hash=item1a13b8381c:g:i~QAAOSwVcFXOozk $2K for some painted sheet metal, a few LEDs, and some switches, on a small PCB.
  9. AK6DN

    PDP-8/I at the RICM

    Here is a small focal based test program I run on my FPGA PDP-8 ...
  10. AK6DN

    VT100 only showing white blocks

    Can you put the VT100 in local echo mode and type characters on the screen using the VT100 keyboard. That would rule out any issues with the character memory display logic for the screen. And as the prior post noted putting a loopback connector on the VT100 and typing without local echo, you...
  11. AK6DN

    What is this microPDP-11?

    The 11/70 to 11/74 microcode update was purely for support of the CISP option, no changes were made to the standard PDP-11 instruction flows EXCEPT that the ASRB instruction was re-implemented as an atomic memory lock operation, so when it would read memory, operate on it, and write back, in an...
  12. AK6DN

    What is this microPDP-11?

    Sorry, when you mentioned the FPF11 I thought you were referring to the FPU and not the CIS... The copy I have (EK-KE44A-TM-001_KE44-A_CISP_Technical_Manual.pdf) indicates the uWord is 1K x 88b, which corresponds to the 11 1Kx8 (82S181 equivalent) devices in the top row of the image of the...
  13. AK6DN

    What is this microPDP-11?

    Hmmm the FP11-F schematic indicates the uWord is 48b wide, implemented as 12(1Kx4) PROMs. Mostly under columns E72 and E80.
  14. AK6DN

    What is this microPDP-11?

    And just because I could the 11/44 FP11-F which has a 64b 2901 datapath ...
  15. AK6DN

    What is this microPDP-11?

    Yes, both the 11/44 and 11/74 CIS units were separate co-processors. The CIS74 integer/descriptor processor was 2901 based, but the character/decimal datapath was custom logic, using classic 74181 ALUs and assorted translators programmed into PROMS. The CIS44 had a 16b 4-slice 2901 datapath. So...
  16. AK6DN

    DEC units on ebay

    Yikes! https://www.ebay.com/itm/234869969747 $1850 for a PDP-11/35 front panel; missing some keys. https://www.ebay.com/itm/165889945807 $50 for a PDP-11 programming card https://www.ebay.com/itm/334638039025 $18,500 for a PDP-11/03 system These are all BUY-IT-NOW no bids. Have not been on...
  17. AK6DN

    What is this microPDP-11?

    I worked on the CIS option for the 11/70; it was the 11/74 CISP project. I have discussed it before here, I believe. The 11/74 CIS was a three hex board set that went into an updated 11/70 backplane in slots 1-3, pushed other slots down, and eliminated one set of RH11 controller slots. The CPU...
  18. AK6DN

    PDP-11/34A FPU (FP11-A) on eBay

    Yikes. A few years ago I needed some so I made a couple of PCBs at OSHpark. PCBs cost ~$3 each. Just add some IDC style connectors. I used SAMTEC ESW-114-33-S-D and ESW-122-33-S-D. They are still shared on OSHpark.com. Just search for 'FP11A'.
  19. AK6DN

    CHM Oral History of Tom Stockebrand - TX0, LINCtape, DECtape, VTXX, flipchips, more -

    When I was at DEC back in the early 80s I had the good fortune to take a business trip out to Albuquerque NM where Tom was then running the Advanced Terminal Development group. We talked about the high resolution CRT display projects he was working on (full page megapixel displays) that we were...
  20. AK6DN

    Looks like we have a new PDP-11 fan

    Yikes for someone who works with old electronics he seems to have a remarkable lack of knowledge and cavalier attitude about static control.