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    Toshiba T1000 EMS Card

    Got around to pulling this and snapping a couple pics. I have the documentation that came with this somewhere. Will post that soon.
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    Kaypro 4/84

    This is a pic I had on hand when I first opened the unit a few years back. I can get a better pic if needed. I will report back with findings about U9 & U10. Thanks.
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    Toshiba T1100 Plus Clock Battery

    On the system PCB there appears to be a 2.4V 50mAh Ni-Cd battery for the clock/calendar. You can see it hiding under the main battery compartment in the image. Can anyone recommend a safe and modern replacement for this type of battery? Unexpectedly, this unit had the 384k RAM upgrade...
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    Kaypro 4/84

    I have a Kaypro 4/84 Plus 88. It is exhibiting a new issue in which some of the characters appear broken, particularly on the right side of each character, and some have portions that appear more dim as well. I have attached a sample image of the display. This is again a new issue and has...
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    FYI: Computer Reset liquidation (Dallas, TX)

    I still have not yet stopped by there since the liquidation, but hope to before it is too late. I am somewhat curious to see the building when it is close to empty. After digging through a pile of business cards I did find this: On the back was hand written "jenesaispas1f" which I believe...
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    For Sale: spotted on Craigslist (continuous sightings)

    Vintage NEC Versa M/75, ABQ, NM 😉"Maxwell Smart Style"😎 Vintage NEC VERSA M/75 With Power Adapter Fully Functioning No Additional Software Is Included Text Is Preferred Calls Please Leave Message $79 OBO Cash n Carry @ 4th & Griegos NW FiveOh5Six8181One3 Thanks For Looking!
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    Testing Osborne 1 Images

    I did notice the Turbo Pascal disk 2 JPG was not correct, here it is now.
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    FYI: Computer Reset liquidation (Dallas, TX)

    I expected this day would come. I have shopped there for parts for many years, very sad to hear of Richard's illness. Richard also ran a U-HAUL business inside the warehouse and drove a wood-paneled station wagon. I remember the first time sifting through the "drive" room getting numerous bug...
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    Testing Osborne 1 Images

    Recently obtained a lot of original Osborne 1 disks (18 in total), some SD, some DD from a local estate sale. CP/M system disks, utilities, Supercalc, etc. I would like a way to test the images I have dumped, as I do not own an Osborne. I dumped them using a Kryoflux and converted them to .IMD...
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    Kaypro 4/84 Case Fan

    Looking to replace this quite noisy fan. Any suggestions that have worked well for others? Also, it seems that when installed properly the fan is pulling air into the case and seems to me it should be the other way around, but I don't know for sure with this machine.
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    Where does one find replacement switches for KAYPRO keyboards?

    I replaced some on my Kaypro 4 from here: https://www.tubesandmore.com/products/switch-replacement-boss-effects-pedals Same switch. Of course, I had to carefully remove the broken portion from the keycap but it worked well and the keys fit properly again. I used micro drill bits with a head...
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    KAYPRO and KayFreHD as a hard disk module

    I would also like to take my 4/84 Plus 88 in this direction with ROM enhancement and FreHD. Any different considerations given the Plus 88 upgrade in place? I haven't budged the Z80 daughterboard loose but I suspect I may need to at some point.
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    Kaypro CP/M versions

    Chuck, thanks for the response. I have to say though that I am not entirely certain that there is enough information on the diskettes themselves to distinguish which system they are intended for; however someone with more knowledge may be able to do so. This link however has helped with the...
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    Packard Bell PB70 PSU repair

    Here is a PSU from a PB300 386SX desktop. At first the 12V rail was reading only ~10V so I took a peek inside to see if adjustment could be made. There was a small dial but the head rather easily snapped off. Now the PSU will not output any voltage. Other than replacing the part I do not...
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    Everex Step 386is troubleshooting

    A quite clean system, but sadly will not post. Has LED display and speaker toggle. RAM tested OK in other system, (except for one DIMM from empty socket). I suspect issue is with the InSTEP 387 upgrade board. Since this was originally a 286 board, I want to verify which type of alternate CPU...
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    IBM 5151 Tower?

    I have an opportunity to pick up two of these - can anyone identify them? I could not find any information on my own.
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    IBM AT clone clock speed issue

    IBM AT clone. Works well, except system timer is slow. Only about 11 seconds pass on the system timer during an actual 60 seconds. Swapped the BIOS to a similar board and vice versa with the same BIOS revision. No issues there. Seems to be an issue with the board itself. Never seen this...
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    Toshiba T1000 PSU Component List

    Hello, I have (3) Toshiba T1000 laptops, each worked for awhile. I suspect each unit has PSU issues based on observations. The time has come to examine each component within the PSU to see what may be the issue. The last unit that worked began having a "fishy" odor emanating from the...
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    Aptiva 2159-S76 Recovery

    I am looking to see if anyone has this: Recovery CD: 76H4685 Applications CD: 76H4686 Volume: C1RUS1A So far, it has not come up in any archives that I know of. The closest one I could find was MMXUS0R, which is so very close, but still does not configure Mwave correctly. Futhermore, any...
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    CompuAdd 3.5 Floppy mounting

    I was fortunate to find this appropriate 3.5" faceplate for a CompuAdd 810 system. I also know the drive it fits too as well, but I am curious as to what the drive mounting hardware originally looked like. Just like with 5.25" adapters, the drive must be raised about 3/8" to align with the...