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    TEAC FC-1 SCSI Floppy Controller with Multiple Floppies?

    oh neat, i have one of these boards, but its in my "projects for later" box. A box the size of a full size truck... I have to know, is the 12-drive setup for some specific purpose? or just dick waving?
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    Finally got a TRS-80 (III)

    Naturally, I'm telling everyone that will listen, pretty excited if it wasn't obvious. I finally get to post in this section! Long story short, I have several Craigslist saved searches, and something besides broken down office chairs popped up today. In the FREE section no less! On a normal...
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    new phones; a musing

    I'm someone that appreciates the old stuff, but I also believe I'm still "with it" when it comes to the latest and greatest. Samsung released their $1500 note phone, for those that haven't heard, and it has been ~2 years since my last upgrade so I jumped on the newest top spec phone. I can...
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    Proud new Kaypro II owner

    First off, a few pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/XTFcN2p I had to call in a few favors to get the $200 I paid for both units. The thrift store wanted $150 each, but I asked nicely and they agreed to $200 for both. I would classify it as a good deal. :-D I fingered ePay shipping would...
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    IBM PAL/GAL 30-pin simms?

    So these Adderall pills are kicking in and I'm doing a bit of cleaning in my garage. In stead of having 3 big boxes in 3 different places with a random selection of memory in each, I now have 12 small boxes each with sorted simms/dimms/rimms/etc But seriously, I'd like to identify these 30-pin...
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    IBM XGA2 firmware needed

    So I'm poking around with a "dead" XGA2 video card and long story short, I ended up checking the eprom on the board and it appears to be dead. I have a replacement chip, but I need the data that goes on it. The chip has a label 39G3309 and is an AM27C256-200JC. thanks!
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    SCSI CD changer question

    I've been lucky to own a few CD changers over the years but they haven't been able to act in a manner that I wanted them to. I want the drive setup in a way where only ONE cd drive appears to the OS, and software (or physical button) can change the disk in that drive. The ones I've owned all...
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    So token ring is coming back...

    https://tokenring.com/ yea. Almost as bad as the new soylent: https://soylent.com/ That stuff is NASTY. I only found this because I was looking for any possibility of adding a TR/eth bridge to my router for shits and giggles.
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    IBM 5150 defiled...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5bNkHCCIgk I mean, that monitor cover, is SWEET. I'd order one in a heartbeat. But I'm really having mixed feelings about the chassis mod. It's not exactly a RARE system. (looks over at the 7 I own) But I still feel dirty for having watched this defilement.
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    Harris 9116 machine - what now?

    Apologies if this is in the wrong area. I had this item dropped on my lap last night and I'd like some info on it. Images: So it's appears to be a 16-port Harris 9116, and thanks to google and an ad in computerworld ( LINK ) it looks like some sort of multiplexing terminal interface for...
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    Apple II composite monitors

    I have several (like 15) Apple 2 composite monitors of various styles and I need to make room for other items. These are all rescues from the Denver public school system, so the term "used hard and put away wet" is a very apt description of their cosmetic condition. That said, these would be...
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    Piecing together an early 5150, some questions

    couple months ago, I got a large truckload of ibm/apple parts. (I made a post about this) I'm still in contact with the guy who gave the big lot of stuff initially and I've gotten a bit more. I'm technically under obligation to sell the items, and I intend to follow through and uphold my end...
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    IBM eduquest ethernet or tokenring

    Putting the feeler back out there, looking for the backassward ethernet card for the ibm eduquest. OR the token ring one. Obviously for a reasonable price to denver.
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    Univac Sperry keyboards

    I've been getting a steady stream of items from a benefactor, and he presented me with these two gems: https://imgur.com/a/1PVvu I've come to the conclusion the 2nd keyboard is from an Univac Sperry. I think. The first is similar, but is much thicker and has several additional keys. I...
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    384k memory card, but for what?

    I recently came across an IBM Eduquest (seperate thread), and with it came a memory card of sorts. It was a blurry Craigslist-esque image, but it was a memory card of some description. I got the package today and realized it was not IBM. First thought was for the TI-99/4A, but I've come to...
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    IBM eduquest 55 - info?

    I recently came into possession of what I assume is an Eduquest fifty five. (image attached) I read it as fifty five, though I will admit it might be a thirty five. I just can't tell. The price was unbeatable in either case so once it gets here tomorrow, I will know for sure. I have my...
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    Formatting MFM drives

    I have a literal pile of 30 MFM drives and I have had success with about half of them. I'm having some issues with a few and I'd love some help/info please. I'm currently using a 286/12 with a Seagate ST22M MFM controller. some drives give me error codes when I goto format and subsequently...
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    Shipping Apple IIe systems

    Title pretty much spells it out. I have probably 3-4 of these systems I need to sell. I want to know what I can do to ship them without damaging the keyboard. I'm honestly thinking of removing the keyboard in its entirety and ship it separately. That REALLY seems extreme, right? the...
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    IBM EDSI cables

    Putting out a feeler for a set of cables for the IBM model 60/80 ESDI hard drives. (the mfm esque ones) I have a drive, and a controller, but no cables. I just want to play with the setup for a bit. I'm likely to just keep using scsi. So anything cheap would be my goal here.
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    Huge load from Craigslist!

    (forgot to post this here, sorry if you've seen it elsewhere) I've been dicking around all day and have more pictures of the haul! This was originally posted on the Craigslist thread, and I got it! Album #1 (Apple II) >>> https://imgur.com/gallery/81wCm Album #1 (IBM parts) >>>...