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    DEC RL01 drive and 3 disk packs - free in Portland, OR

    Yes, the RL01 and disk packs are still available. PM me if you're in the PDX area and interested. Thanks! - Earl
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    DEC RL01 drive and 3 disk packs - free in Portland, OR

    For free: RL-01 disk drive and 3 RL-01 cartridges. Has scratches and could use some clean-up, but in pretty good condition. Worked last time I had it connected to my PDP-11/23+ (several years ago). Just plugged it in and it powers up, although the fault light comes on since there is no...
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    How to store circuit boards/expansion cards?

    A few years ago I had a lot of PDP-11 QBUS gear donated to me, including quite a few QBUS cards. I purchased thick anti-static bubble wrap (the big bubble kind) and stored them that way, but it's not very efficient. Now I've accumulated a few dozen S100 cards, and need to figure out a creative...
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    Altair 8800b front panel placard and case lid

    Hi all, I was recently gifted 3 Altairs (8800b, 8800b turnkey, Icom Attache) and some MITS/Pertec 8" drives, a ton of spare cards, chips, manuals, etc. It's pretty amazing actually. ;) I'm starting restoration on them. The answer is probably "it can't be done" - but does anyone know how I...
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    Kaypro 2x video issue

    Kaypro 2x video issue (pictures added) Kaypro 2x video issue (pictures added) Attached, please see pictures of the video issue I'm having with the Kaypro 2X. In one picture, I've turned the brightness down all the way. You can still see the horizontal slanted lines on the screen. In another...
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    Kaypro 2x video issue

    Hi all, I was recently gifted a pristine Kaypro 2x computer. It's a beauty, complete with manuals and disks, and it works. But it does have one minor issue. There are thin horizontal (and slightly diagonal) lines running from top to bottom of the CRT display. They are not bad enough to obscure...
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    Running VMS 4.x in an emulator

    Hi all, After a while of being stalled, I'm working again to get a full set of VMS 4.4 manuals scanned in. I've got the whole wall of orange and it's going digital (no pun intended). Work is coming along nicely. I'd like to run this classic version of VMS (4.x) in an emulator. I had posed this...
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    My lazy PET 2001-8N doesn't like to boot up. But it will - after a while.

    When I turn on my PET 2001-8N, sometimes it takes a while to display the Commodore welcome message. Sometimes it doesn't come on at all. When it does come on, everything works well. The screen is crisp and it functions normally. The CRT always turns on, even when the welcome message doesn't...
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    Brief 60 Hz hum from PET 2001-8N

    Hi all, Today I turned on my PET 2001-8N, and about one minute later, there was a 60 Hz hum of moderate volume that lasted about 2 seconds. About a minute later, it happened again. The PET continued working. I popped the hood on the PET, and there was only one thing mildly suspicious. It...
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    Storing and cleaning old circuit boards

    Hi all, This topic comes up every now and again. So I guess it's now and again. I've got a bunch (20-30?) of DEC QBUS boards currently in static-safe bubble wrap or plain anti-static bags, and also some other miscellaneous boards like AT-sized 386 and 486 motherboards. I'd like to store them...
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    Tandy Micro Color Computer MC-10 on eBay

    Hi all, I'm selling a Tandy Micro Color Computer MC-10 on eBay. It's in excellent condition with manual, power supply, video cable, and original box/packaging. http://www.ebay.com/itm/291273612716 It is packed in an outer box with good packing materials. Should arrive in perfect shape...
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    Retrobits 147 - Jeff Ledger and the Micromite Companion

    Hi there everybody, Just published Retrobits 147 - Jeff Ledger and the Micromite Companion: http://www.retrobits.com/2014/10/show-147-jeff-ledger-and-micromite.html Chat with you soon, - Earl
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    Three broken Mac Pluses and one maybe working Mac 512, plus some extras

    Hi all, I'm in Tigard (near Portland), Oregon. I know that local-only can be a drag, but I really don't want to ship this stuff (costly and fragile). Therefore, this is for local pickup only. I have four classic Macs, one of which seems to be working, and some things to go with them: Mac...
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    Will KEF-11A FPP from KDF-11A (11/23) work in KDF-11BA (11/23+)?

    (also posted on CCTECH) Hi there, I have a floating point processor (FPP) on a currently unused 11/23 CPU M8186 card (KDF-11A). From the manual, looks like this is a KEF11-A. Also, in my working 11/23+ with KDF-11BA, I have no FPP. Makes it hard to use Fortran-77. The KDF-11BA manual refers...
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    Activity stream via RSS?

    Hi there, I'm wondering if there is a way to get the forum "Activity Stream" via an RSS feed? Thanks, - Earl
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    Refurbishing new in box floppy disks?

    Hi there, Many of us in the vintage computer community have lamented the imminent death of existing floppy media. There are still a few ways to get new in box floppy disks; however, the condition of the disks after a two-decade shelf life is questionable. I'm wondering - could a way be found...
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    Retrobits Show 146 - Building a Modern-Day Retrocomputer

    Hi there, In Show 146, I discuss a "modern-day retrocomputer" that my daughter and I built on a solderless breadboard. The project was a lot of fun. Links at: http://www.retrobits.com/2014/05/show-146-building-modern-day.html Direct download...
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    VMS 4.x binaries

    Hi there, I've recently added a full set of VMS 4.4 manuals into my collection. The books are in really good shape. This got me thinking that it might be fun to run a 4.x version in an emulator. It took quite a bit of searching for specifics of the OpenVMS Hobbyist terms and conditions, but it...
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    1902A Monitor on top of 128 DCR?

    Hey there everybody, Should I put my Commodore 1902A monitor on top of my 128 DCR? Or should I avoid doing this? I've never seen any opinion on whether the metal case of the DCR could handle the weight of a standard CRT. I've seen people do it, though. Any opinions? Anyone doing this? I could...
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    SOL-11 Forth for PDP-11

    Hi there, Anyone know where I can find SOL-11, a small (Forth-like) language and OS for PDP-11? Using Google just brings me lots of dead download links. Thanks, - Earl