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    Randy Wigginton to give keynote at KansasFest 2013

    DECEMBER 17, 2012 — KansasFest 2013, the Apple II convention scheduled for July 23–28 in Kansas City, Missouri, comes on the thirty-fifth anniversary of the Disk ][ disk drive, Apple DOS, and Applesoft BASIC. To celebrate this anniversary, Randy Wigginton, Apple employee #6 and engineer who...
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    Apple II History book

    I'm working in earnest on creating a real printed book of the Apple II History, with some additional material that I'm updating. I would be interested to hear from people who are Apple II fans, how they got started with the Apple II, or why it is or was important to them. If anyone is interested...
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    Historical info

    See the Apple II History web site for more than you ever wanted to know about this computer...