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    I guess its that time of year again...

    I had hoped the bears would have continued napping until the overnight temperature stayed above freezing. It is so much easier putting the trash out the night before instead of traversing an ice covered driveway to meet the 6 AM pickup deadline.
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    Pound for pound the best mainframe

    There is always a weight based comparison and the prototype of the Hercules emulator on an iPhone may provide the maximum per pound.
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    Wordstar 3.0

    Can you get Wordstar 3.0 to the machine running SIMH? Peter Schorn has an extensive set of web pages for his SIMH version which includes directions for moving files from host to SIMH. https://schorn.ch/altair_10.html
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    How to Get SRAM Card Working on Sharp PC 3100 and Tidalwave PS-1000

    I see you already posted to Tankraider so that eliminates that as a suggestion. Have you tried to initialize the card from the Filer on the HP-200LX? The manual has it as <menu key I can't read>, O, C followed by F10. That is on page 22-8 of the manual. I would suggest trying to get the card...
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    Looking at the ECMA standard, the 5.25" High Density drive might only provide about 1/3 of a track width to the 40 track drive. That factors in the minimal permitted track width and maximum track deviation so only 0.11 mm of track would be available instead of the standard 0.155 mm. The 40 track...
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    I'm using wildcard-88n. How is 7.15mhz turbo mode possible?

    The Wildcard documentation shows that Control Register 2 bit 6 needs to be set to 1, See page 10. How to accomplish that is something I don't see. It should be set by either the BIOS or a pin that goes to an external switch. Hopefully, someone else knows. The obvious question is: Does the BIOS...
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    Was an AppleII ever a "business expense" pre 1980?

    The probable answer is yes. Difficult determining the exact tax law status 40+ years ago what with the need to unwind successive edits. While everyone caught on to the tax effects quickly, I can't definitively prove anyone placed a tax deduction on an Apple II for the taxes filled in 1980. The...
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    Rocky Mountains 12+ 5.25" external bays in an ATX case

    Given those operating new cassette tape factories, I would not be surprised to see a new floppy disk manufacturing plant start. Only need to sell a few million disks a year to make a decent profit. It does seem that thanks to poor storage the excess production ran out a lot sooner than I...
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    Z80 Softcard was it relevant?

    I am fairly certain that running overnight was not necessary to be claimed as a business expense. Someone with the 1981 updated IRS guidance for Sec 167 specific to computer software would provide a more accurate answer. I just remember that some of the other suggested write offs were for...
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    Z80 Softcard was it relevant?

    The Softcard was, for a while, the cheapest way to get a 64K CP/M system even including the cost of the required Apple II. BASIC-80 was different from Applesoft. I think the BASIC-80 was the standard disk extended while Applesoft had gone in a different path for its extensions. That means that...
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    Windows 12 in the wings

    The SxS system lets multiple versions of DLLs coexist and provides correct version for an application that needs it. It does require the software to specify the correct versions but most compilers for Windows over the past 20 years have done that.
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    Help identifying a c. 1968 desktop computer

    Might it be a proposed product from Computer Communications Inc.? https://www.computerhistory.org/brochures/doc-4372956fbe631/ though the brochure shows what looks like a clunkier keyboard.
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    hdmotion.exe - how to actually run it?

    What did that poor hard drive do to you? The function of INT 13h 41h came with the revised BIOSes that broke the 504MB barrier. The Phoenix EDD document that defines the functions was released in 1995. You will need a newer system.
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    Windows 12 in the wings

    That seems to fit with the MS timeline: a new OS getting upgrades and an older OS only getting security revisions and a replacement OS taking over about every 5 years. The question is what improvements are planned for the new revision. In a lot of ways, current OS design feels like the tailfin...
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    Recommendations for affordable computer/tablet mathematical software

    Maple (on Android) has an interesting UI bug that makes it very difficult for me to hit items in the pop-up menus for functions. Funny in a way. Maple won't recognize my dragging on the screen to pick up an item while Free42 is convinced I am dragging across the screen and repeats whatever...
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    Recommendations for affordable computer/tablet mathematical software

    Yes to all of them but 90% of my usage would be handled by any normal scientific calculator. A graphing calculator that wasn't designed for the handheld calculator form would be ideal. The N-Spire and Prime emulators have every function I could expect to use but finding the right one requires...
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    Recommendations for affordable computer/tablet mathematical software

    Calculator style software has been going through a trend of large visual buttons with only a small effective target which results in my frequently missing the button. I have been using emulations of older calculators since while the visual buttons appears smaller, the actual target is larger...
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    What's an Adam Bus? Is it the same as an S-100 bus?

    I wish the images included a picture of the ribbon cable connector. Counting the pins would have excluded a lot of possible candidates. The connector does have a label of ADAM BUS so the card interfaces ADAM BUS to S100 bus systems. I doubt it would be for the Coleco Adam. 1985 is after the...
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    Data Cartridge

    FPI is Flux (Reversals) per Inch. It provides the basis for the more useful bits per inch calculation depending on how many flux reversals are needed per bit. 12,500 fpi was expected for cartridges which could store 60 MB on 9 tracks; less if using one of the versions with fewer tracks.
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    Data Cartridge

    The link seems to show 6 QIC tapes now. Which version of QIC? Don't know, not spending the time to calculate the capacity. If it was a different cartridge, then I hope you saved a picture of the earlier post.