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    VGA Benchmarks Recommendation

    Trident 9000 and OTI-077 aren't that slow, just towards lower class. Of course they slow down a 486 so I understand the feelings. An OTI-037 or a Realtek though... certainly broadens your horizons on slow VGAs
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    Tools !

    What's the temperature setting you ended up being happy with? I find that it does the job nicely on older boards without huge ground planes at around 320C, but I can't get good results on more modern boards, it just doesn't suck the solder better than the manual hand pump.
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    ChatGPT and code generation

    Another issue is validating the answer. You ask "who's the author of book x", it replies "John". Is it correct? Nobody knows, in order to verify it you need to do the effort you'd do if chatGPT didn't exist. I still don't see it capable of providing simple answers that you can trust, let along...
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    GAH! It finally Happened! (email spam)

    I don't get this, I though that if the email bounces back to the sender as undeliverable it doesn't reach the recipient? So there were so many attempts to send the email but none succeeded? I probably understood something wrongly
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    ChatGPT and code generation

    I liked that! A friend attempted to generate small code snippets using ChatGPT for actual work. The thought made sense, apart from curiosity he needed to use some libraries once and didn't want to spend the time getting familiar with them just to write 10-20 line functions that no one would...
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    3.5" floppy drive question

    Other systems used floppy drives powered through a non-standard ribbon cable too, like the Schneider EuroPC series. This TEAC model was never used in the Schneiders though.
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    D-LINK DE-100TP REV-D1 NIC. Completely flummoxed.

    Since this thread appears to be the landing page when searching for "de-100tp packet driver", I thought documenting my findings after fighting this card for two days is a worthwhile reason to necropost. Just like people who wrote here before, D-Link's packet driver (both the .SYS and .COM...
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    Fixing an AT "buckling springs" membrane keyboard.

    Don't use solder or bodge wires, get a metallic/copper tape. Cut thin stripes, expose 2 points and connect whole traces with it. Cover it with normal tape and make sure nothing exposed can be touched by anything it shouldn't.. This is not the way to fix a dozen of problems on a membrane in a...
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    New desk is sitting in front of large window, how can I best keep some vintage beige box hardware from yellowing?

    Just a though, uv-filtering membrane on the window. Like the one people use on car windows.
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    DS DD 360K 5.25" floppy disks - good vs bad brands?

    Recently I got my hands on many Verbatim 360K disks that were stored in the same way and place. Testing them revealed something interesting: of all the different types that mostly survived, the light blue ones were all bad. It might be a coincidence or not, but given that from 10-15 disks none...
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    Amstrad 6128 and 1804S-P - Possible Sync Issue?

    The 6128 does no internal regulation, voltages need to be regulated at the power supply and it's very sensitive to "bad" power. Since you are not powering it from the original monitor, how are you powering it? The same way like when you used the other 2 PVMs that it's working fine with? I'm not...
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    Gmail and Catch-22

    You can't even create a new google account today without giving your phone number and getting verified through it. No, you can't use other means of verification and you can't skip the phone verification, even at the cost of not being able to recover the account. It's phone number or no account...
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    The move is complete, but the tweaking has only just begun

    Replying to myself above: the described behavior, although seen on another xenforo forum too, appears to be a browser issue as it's happening on Chrome but is fine on Edge. I guess forget about it.
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    DOS 6.2.2 xcopy locks up when copying subdirectories to CF Card

    Copy a (very) large file over to the CF. I suspect you'll get the same lockup
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    486 CPU questions

    The tricky part for such motherboards with fixed bus speed is to make sure that the dividers of all components that rely on bus speed can be adjusted in BIOS. Or that they withstand the overclock of course, but then you enter overclocking territory where replacing a card can render the system...
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    The move is complete, but the tweaking has only just begun

    An insignificant inconsistency that doesn't affect anything, just documenting it here: On some buttons the clickable area, where the cursor changes to a hand and you can click the button, is not the same. See for example the attached screenshot. On the main forum page...
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    Router as Wi-Fi Repeater/Extender

    Your concern is valid, it won't help. A repeater/extender will help only if you can place it somewhere with better signal than where the laptop is. For this particular case, depending on a number of factors like where your router is, it might be better to place the repeater/extender on the same...
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    How do I get the battery corrosion completely neutralized?

    You will need to remove every component around the area as well, nasty things will appear under chips and sockets. There is extended damage and a repair is not guaranteed.
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    Amstrad CPC 6128 with power issues?

    Glad to hear, fortunately it's an easy fix.
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    Amstrad CPC 6128 with power issues?

    Have you checked the power switch? Just open it and clean it, It's a known issue. Gooey stuff building inside it from the rubbery point that pushes the small metal doing contact.