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    IBM AT & Clone (Many 8bit/16bit cards) - Apple IIGS - Apple ii color moitors - (FREE)

    IBM AT & Clone (Many 8bit/16bit cards) - Apple IIGS - Apple ii color moitors - (FREE) Moving Sale - Must reduce my collections. Local Pick-up preferred Clifton Park, NY area. Please private message if interested. -Brian
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    286 Memory Management

    I believe that DOS memory expanders did not become widely popular until the 386 because of the architecture of the processors? But I do see references to software that does seem to make extra memory available to programs (DOS 16/M?). But I have not been able to find anything to download that...
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    Apple II Monitors

    I need to get rid of several Apple branded, composite monitors (Apple II and III era). Several green and color (composite). Local pickup preferred as shipping these is a nightmare. Albany, NY area.
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    5170 IDE Hard Drive

    I have some questions regarding setting up my recently acquired IBM. I have an early 5170 with the piggy back RAM. I have a rev 1 , XTIDE board with v.10 BIOS I have a 3rd party, 16 bit, IDE / FDD controller (from Jameco). I have a western digital 6.4G hard drive that I am trying to get to...
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    5170 ram

    I just acquired an early 5170 motherboard with the piggy back RAM situation. I like to have backups, what is usually recommended to replace them with? A single 128k RAM chip?
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    CH Gamecard III

    Just purchased a boxed gamecard III by CH (Joystick Adapter) for a IBM PC/AT It is designed to adjust to your PC speed automatically. Problem is, the "automatic" is achieved through a proprietary program that is supposed to accompany the purchase. My boxed product contained everything but the...
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    Hey guys, Please dont shoot me for asking a question that i am sure is covered somewhere in this forum. Feel free to direct me to the right thread. I have an unbuilt xt-ide that i want to implement in a 5170. I had two, the first one i got up and running in an XT that i sold. I beleive it is...
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    I'm on the market for a 5170 PC AT. IBM is preferred, but a clone with a similar design would be cosidered. There are a handful on ebay, but the $500+ prices are keeping me from acting. For possible credit/trade I have: apple //GS, 4xTecra 500 CDT series laptops (one has the docking station...
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    Ibm pc at - 5170

    Can I get a quick idea of what it will take to implement a 16bit ISA VGA card on a 5170? I put one in a 5160 a couple years back(8bit version), and needed to execute a small proprietry program (VGA.exe) from dos to get this to work. I think I had a paradise VGA card. I ask mainly becasue most...
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    Apple //c monitor

    Can anyone recommend some good literature on composite monitor adjustments? I have an apple //c green phosphor that works great, except the display is a little bent and tilted towards the right. I know there are some fine adjustments inside that I can tweak and would likely fix this. Instead...
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    IBM / Coleco

    IBM 5150 and 5160 computers. Both systems have original keyboards. I have many 8-bit video, joystick, serial/parallel, disk drive (original, 3.5 disk, and XTIDE) cards that go with these. Many extras. I should note that the 5150 is NOT a very early model with the lesser amount of RAM. I...
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    IBM 5150 and 5160

    I have a couple of working systems that I would like to part with. One 5150 and one 5160. I have several joystick cards, VGA cards, CGA cards, memory cards, I/O, Floppy card, 1.44 drive controller, XT-IDE card (protoype), etc. I also have a couple spare stock motherbaords, as well as, a...
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    Super Expander +

    I just purchased an Apple ][+. It arrived yesterday and contains a long card labeld Super Expander +. It appears to be fully populated with 256k ram chips (1 Meg total?) So, in an Apple ][+, what can I do with this card? Is there software that I can use to utilize this as a Ramdisk?
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    Power Supply Surprise

    I have been building and collecting vintage computers for a number of years now. I have always been surprised at how few equipment failures that I encounter. The majority of my collection is Apple ii, which I consider to be generally realiable (of course, a few bad ram chips here and there)...
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    Z-100 game help

    I'm trying to get an old game to work on my IBM PC XT. The game is called Warp. It is an old star trek type game that uses text only. It also uses a lot of realtime cursor addressing. The game started up fine, but when the actual game action starts, the screen is a mess of control "like"...
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    I was wondering if anyone knows of a version of rogue that was ported to the apple II ? I'm aware of similiar graphics based games like Beneath Apple Manor, and Warriors of RAS. But I was looking for the good ole ASCII maps with the classic Rogue magical items and dungeon layout. The closest...
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    8513 monitor

    I have a IBM 8513 color vga monitor that I need to get rid of. I'm willing to give it away, I just don't have space for storing a CRT type of monitor which is this small. I picked it up when I found my PC 5150 from cragslist. I thought it might be a CGA monitor at the time.
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    Long Term Storage

    Wanted to get opinions from the group, as there are many here with a lot more engineering / electronic experience than myself. I am probably nearing the end of my "accumulation phase" of retrocomputing due to space, money, and spouse! Basically, I keep one fully populated computer on display...
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    NEC v20 and CP/M

    I have been discussing the NEC processor on another thread. Specifically, I thought I'd ask here about the CP/M emulator by Stephen Hunt (VCPM) that runs using the 8080 emulation code on a NEC v20 processor. I've searched the net and only found two files. VCPM.a86 (uncompiled) and VCPM.CMD...
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    Apple IIe - almost free

    Found this on Craigs List / Cincinnati today. I thought about picking this up myself, but I have over 10 Apple II's already. Hope someone can take advantage of this, he says it's going to the dumpster if not. I think he is the original owner too...