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    Chancing His Arm With A Pdp-8/f?

    So the asking price is slowly dropping but still much higher than it’s worth. I guess unsurprisingly there’s been no acceptable offers either.
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    Chancing His Arm With A Pdp-8/f?

    This advert on eBay! A bit of a chancer! Condition unknown and collection only in the U.K. but you apparently have to pay to import it too so who knows...
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    pdp-8/e power supply

    Thanks for that, never looked there :oops: I've got copies of most of the bitsavers pdp8 stuff on my workshop computer of course, just never thought to look at that one, thanks for the heads up. Some differences there from the maintenance manual 1 (Sept '73) and the machine I'm repairing (also...
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    pdp-8/e power supply

    Has anyone traced the pcbs for the H724 pdp-8/e control cards? One of my power supplies has failed and the only schematics I can find are in maintenance manual 1 with no component values or layouts. I can trace the circuits myself I guess but I’m just looking to save some work. (The 5v and power...
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    DEC H724 power supply fan removal

    Perhaps factory changes? I used it in the lab from about 1974-1980 and I don’t remember the psu ever being repaired/swapped but I expect there would be a flow of final test failures and reworks cycling through the repair facility.
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    DEC H724 power supply fan removal

    This was my brief write up from when I came to replace a faulty 724 fan. Irritatingly after all the bother the fan was actually OK - one of the (solid core) wires to it had corroded through! http://theadamsons.co.uk/pdp8e1.htm
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    Vaxstation 4000/60 Power Supply & Monitor Questions

    I don’t think you’ll have any luck finding a circuit diagram - I‘ve looked pretty thoroughly and couldn’t find one. You can get replacement psus on line, not cheap but if it’s a key bit of kit … FWIW I had similar problems a few years ago and did the time-honoured fix of replacing the...
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    Paper tape punch programs

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    Fixing Corruption on a VMS Disk

    I guess you can mount it with mount/foreign/nomount_verification? Not sure though and I don't know what you'd do after that.
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    Fixing Corruption on a VMS Disk

    That would be mount/foreign of course. But aside from backups I don’t know any VMS tools to manipulate the mounted/foreign volume.
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    Rescued a pdp8/e

    Chatting to an old university colleague at the weekend I discovered a pdp8/e chassis on the way to the skip so I managed to save it. The less good news is that it's just the bare chassis/power supply/front panel/single omnibus. 1 or 2 broken switch paddles but not too serious (just the pivot...
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    What Now For PS?8?

    I’ve probably missed some chat on this but with the legendary CJL’s passing has PS?8 finally passed too with its remaining turds left unpolished or is it likely to re-emerge anytime? After 40-odd years waiting I’d have liked to just try it a little.
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    Schematic for H7819-AA (Vaxstation 4000/60 PSU)

    Does anyone have a pointer to a schematic for the H7819-AA Vaxstation 4000/60, 4000/90 power supply. One of my recently acquired machines' power supplies has failed but luckily the machine itself boots up OK.
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    Anyone Had Cataract Surgery?

    So I've had cataract surgery and simple lens replacement which means I can't focus on anything nearer than about an arm's length away. Reading glasses work but with a progressively narrower focal range the stronger they are. So close up work to replace ICs etc. is getting a bit beyond me. I know...
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    Is This The End For VMS Hobbyists?

    I received this email this morning: “Dear HPE OpenVMS hobbyist, This is to inform you that HPE is concluding the HPE OpenVMS Hobbyist license program in alignment with the HPE OpenVMS support roadmap. If you wish to understand more details, please reach out to us at the earliest through the...
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    ‘Rare Vintage’ PDP8/i ;)

    I see someone called the vintagecomputermuseum is advertising a pidp8 on eBay as a vintage replica for $900 claiming it has some sort of vintage rarity pedigree. I guess I’m getting older quicker than I thought! Heh!!
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    Unbelievably Valuable ASR33

    An ASR33 has just sold for £4300 on eBay UK. Who’d ever have believed it? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Data-Dynamics-Teletype-33-Vintage-Communication-Computer-Rare-Collectors-Reader/113894970642?hash=item1a84ab5512:g:wrwAAOSwk6Fdg80a
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    Sick SBC6120

    Looking for something else in the workshop I came across a SBC6120. Well, well, forgotten all about it. I bought the bits soon after it was announced so I suppose around 2002-3 or so, built it, fiddled with it then put it away. So, hooked it up, prepared an OS on CF and tried it. Not so good...
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    Goodbye Cctech Mailing List

    No, it’s not dead, just that I’ve finally lost patience with the drivel on there and unsubscribed. Should have done it a year and more ago. Not just that the boring threads seem interminable with the same people contributing just 1-liners time and again. Nor just that every poster on there...
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    £3000 for a PDP8e Front Panel!!

    On EBay in the UK...