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    Some new games for the often maligned TI-99/4a... quite impressive.

    These games are all from the same author, Rasmus Moustgaard. He is doing some incredible things with the old TI-99/4a. TI-Scamble Flappy Bird Titanium Road Hunter
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    KansasFest Website (kansasfest.org) is down

    I'm getting a 521 Web Server Down error.
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    Is RCR Today?

    hmmm? hmmm? Is it?
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    Favorite Retro Computer Programming Environment

    Hello all, There are a ton of programming environments out there for the various retro computers we all know and love. I thought I would start a thread to see if we can get some discussion going on these various programming environments. So here is the question. What is your favorite...
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    Retrobits Podcast - Chuck Peddle Episodes

    I just re-listened too the Bill Herd interviews (episodes 100, 101, 102). Herd is amazing. I wish I had one ounce of the drive and passion he had back in the day. Truly amazing interview.
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    How Do You Clean Grimy Metal and Circuit Boards?

    Hello Everyone, I have an Amiga 2000 that I'd like to clean up and I was wondering if anyone had a solution to that stuck on grim you get on circuit boards and chassis over time. Mike
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    Today my wife...

    ...and her friends were discussing the hobbies their husbands enjoy. One of my wife's friends commented that her husband gets very excited when one of the cards in his baseball card collection increases in value. She thought it was weird. My wife then pipes up and says "oh ya..you think that's...
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    http://www.ebay.com/itm/TESTED-20-MHZ-CMD-SUPERCPU-ACCELERATOR-100-WORKING-/280868590234?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item416512929a#ht_500wt_1057 too rich for my blood.
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    Commodore 128D Boot Issue

    Hello, I am having a problem with my Commodore 128D in which the 1571 spins up, the drive activity light comes on, and it never finishes booting up (I don't get a ready). When this happens there isn't a disk in the drive. I am wondering what you folks think might be causing this. I...
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    Tonight's agenda.....

    ...Jim Butterfield's "Machine Language for the Commodore 64 and other Commodore computers". This is gonna be fun!
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    Triumph of the Nerds

    I know most of you have probably seen this...but if you haven't.... Triumph of the Nerds on YouTube
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    My new toy....

    ...arrives tomorrow and I am VERY excited. http://www.retroswitch.com/products/flyer/
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    Programming Games with Two Monitors on a C128

    I read somewhere that you can hook up two monitors to your commodore 128. It made it sound like it is possible to code in 80 column mode and then when you run the program it shows up on the other monitor in 40 column mode. Is this correct? If so it would be super handy for programming games. Thanks
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    TurboForth - A New Forth Implementation for the TI99/4a

    Yes..I'm pimping the 99er's again. http://www.turboforth.net/index.html
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    Enjoying Episdoe 25

    I like to listen to the podcast while I am at working banging away on some code at work. My coworkers really enjoyed browserquest and the 8bit google maps. Keep up the good work. P.S. Earl was correct about the 99er's over at atariage.com. There are a lot of interesting projects underway, both...
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    New Commodore 128D, Need an 80 column Cable

    hello, I just got a Commodore 128D which I would like to connect to my Commodore 1084S monitor for 80 column. Can anyone suggest a place to purchase a cable? I found a site in Germany that is selling them but I'd like to purchase it state side if possible. Thanks
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    Looking for Compaq Portable 486 and Compaq Portable 386 Drivers

    Please let me know if you have any information on where or how to locate these drivers.
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    Vintage Macintosh Programming

    Are there any good forums out there devoted to classic Macintosh programming? or is this it?
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    mTCP Mentioned on the Retro Computing Roundtable Podcast