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    Alberta Large Batch of Teletype Machines:$1,000

    I think I worked on every single type of machine shown on that page at one time or another, Chuck(G). One note on Model 37s: the ASR low-level model had a huge cabinet of electronics built into the pedestal. It was one of the easiest electronics devices to troubleshoot--everything was TTL and...
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    Alberta Large Batch of Teletype Machines:$1,000

    ASR Model 35s were used a lot in flight simulators and data centers. They were (almost) always 8-bit ASCII devices. Pretty much anyone who ever worked on the BAUDOT Model 28s had no trouble figuring out how to work on these.
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    TI/99 4a clone

    Here is the datasheet/manual for the Speech ROM chips. They only use 10 of the available pins, the rest have no connections. Note: Unicorn Electronics has some of these chips in the Back Corner of the Warehouse section. They are mask ROMs though, so they will already have programmed data in them.
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    *NOW* I remember why disks were such a pain

    One option for long-term archival storage would be an M-Disk. The data on them is more-or-less permanent (100 to 1,000 years without data loss). There are BDXL versions that will store up to 100GB of data, readable by any current generation BluRay drive. You would still have the long-term issue...
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    Granddaughter using Early Learning Fun

    Facemaker, Story Machine, Early Reading, and maybe Beginning Grammar would be potential additional choices. . .
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    Powertran Cortex

    I suspect that if you look at the downloads page on the Powertran Cortex website, you will find the utility and the cable to transfer disks from the PC to your mini-Cortex. Pretty much all of the Cortex documentation that survives is there as well. As to what was used to build MDEX in the first...
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    IBM Mainframe Manuals and documentation (not mine)

    I saw this on LinkedIn and thought it would be good to post it here, as it looks like a huge bunch of IBM mainframe manuals up for grabs in NYC...
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    Drop-in Replacement for TMS9918A/928/9929 VDP with VGA output

    I came across this interesting object a while back, as I correspond with the project creator pretty regularly, but basically, it replaces the original TI VDP by plugging into its socket and replaces the Composite Video output with a standard VGA signal. It has been tested in all known video...
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    Powertran Cortex

    Anyone else on the forum have a Cortex? I just got one and I don't have a lot of information on it yet. For those wondering why it is in the TI section, it uses a TMS9995 microprocessor and all of the ancillary support chips are TI as well, even the disk controller (which I am still trying to...
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    Looking for RP/M Documentation

    Looking for the manual for RP/M, a CP/M workalike.
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    TI-99/4A, TI-99/8, and HexBus Documentation

    I recently uploaded as much of the original design specifications, schematics, and logic coding as I could find up onto the HexBus and Datasheets & Manuals folders on WHTech. As of now, about 90% of all TI documentation for the 99/8 that was ever produced is up on the site. The current hoard...
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    Foundation Computing CP/M Card

    I'm looking for anyone with one of these. I found the card, but not the manuals or operating system disks. It was intended to work as a peripheral card for a TI-99/4A. I do know that it uses the Kaypro disk format, but that is about all the data I have on it. . .other than the period it was...