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    California TRS-80 Model II systems: $100 each

    You're asking a very low price, so I don't think you need to go through them to sell them. The price is not the issue. The only issue is finding someone interested in them locally to you or willing to make the trip.
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    EM Interference on C64 RAM?

    Check your socket wiring completely (bottom, and top especially, where it will be hidden). It's easy for a pad/eye to come loose and go unnoticed. It may be barely touching.
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    Floppy drive repair info needed - bad R/W head?

    Yes, head coil death is very common, at least on the Mitsumi/Newtronics drives. Chinon not so much that I've seen, but it can happen. 26ohms should be across the whole RW coil. You should have a center tap of about half that, typically ~11ohms. I think they are all around the same design. The...
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    My Computer Obsession

    I can understand buying orphans and restoring them, but you have to let them back out into the world. If you don't, it becomes hoarding. I know, I've been there... I have to force myself to go through and sell them.
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    Anyone have a lead on Proper 8 pin din "horse shoe shaped" din connectors for Commodore AV cables

    Technically those extra pins on the top of the horseshoe are unused. You can get the "wrong" one and just clip them off. Only the extra middle pin is used for anything (chroma). The only use I've ever seen is a custom cable that uses pin 7 for a second audio output, but there are already better...
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    CP/M on Commodore 64/128

    Has nothing to do with any "bug" in the VIC-II. It's just a timing condition that only works with the old Motorola PLL setup. This is in the original 326298 board, the 250407 board, and the SX-64. It won't be stable in the boards that use the 8701 instead.
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    CP/M on Commodore 64/128

    It works but is a little slow. Here is a site with some common programs and an 80-column terminal add-on. https://retrotinkerer.wordpress.com/2019/07/07/tinkering-with-c64-cp-m/
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    The South 2 x Tandy CM-5 CGA Monitors + 1 x Atari SC1224 RGB Monitor for sale

    Sorry, I forgot about this post! The Tandy monitors were sold long ago. I still have the Atari monitor, and it has been tested to work fine. (I made an adapter from DB15 to the Atari)
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    The South Minstrel ZX80 Clone "Issue 2" Kit

    I bought this as a bare board and "main chips" many years ago and never collected all the parts up to complete it. I lost interest in it, but maybe someone else would like to finish it? It needs some resistors and caps and a couple of audio jacks and connectors to complete it. Take a look at...
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    The South Commodore Board Repairs in the USA

    Hello, I don't publicize it much, but I do board repairs on C64's. I worked at a Commodore dealer in Atlanta in the early 90's, so I've repaired hundreds and hundreds of them over the years. Some custom chips are getting expensive, so you can send donor boards along with the ones you want...
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    VIC-20 with no video out

    Black screen meaning no signal (no power on flash at all) or black screen meaning dark raster? If the latter, then yes you probably just have bad ROM or RAM. The ROMs go bad in those pretty often. If it's the BASIC ROM, then some game cartridges may still work unless it's shorted. If it's the...
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    Apple IIGS Ticking Noise

    It sounds like some type of filtering cap has failed.
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    The South Wanted: C64 8562 NTSC VIC-II Chips

    Does anyone have a couple of these left to spare? I can trade for a couple 6567's if need be, I have a few of those. I've run into a few newer 250469 boards that had them missing and looking to revive them...
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    Amiga 2000 Rev 4.4 Black Screen

    You have a short somewhere. Look where you did work like replacing sockets where you could have accidentally dropped solder or a trace came loose and is touching another signal. It's hard to find mistakes you made yourself. Have someone else check it out if possible.
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    Bad disk image?

    I assume all the NABU computers that were available have been sold?
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    A question of scents- Do the epoxy-brick Commodore supplies all share the same smell?

    They don't smell like anything at all normally. I would suspect the ones you have smell like whatever environment they've been in for 35+ years.
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    IBM 5150 flaky with DOS 5

    I didn't read the OP very well. Sorry. :)
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    IBM 5150 flaky with DOS 5

    DOS 5.0 requires 512k of RAM System requirements: DOS 2.11 or later, a PC with an 8088 or higher processor, 512 KB of RAM, and a low-density 3.5" or 5.25" floppy disk drive. A Microsoft Mouse is optional.
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    Sample HTTP web sites to test vintage Netscape 4.77

    You can run the Apache webserver easily enough as a proxy to serve http out of any modern web page... However the issue with RAM, CSS rendering, etc. remains. You just can't go back...
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    Commodore 128 - Very hard to repair!

    "Usually" the 128 has bad ROMs or ROM sockets. But, on my last C128 repair I had bad VRAM on the 8563 (that caused bizarre problems you wouldn't think are related) and a bad 8502 CPU. The CPU also caused odd problems - it would work in 128 mode, but not C64 mode. Once I swapped it, the opposite...