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    PS/1 2011 ACU project

    Very interesting project. Subscribing to thread!
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    Looking for Kaypro SWP Co-Power-88 Core Software

    Small update: my system wasn't able to boot the disk I created from copwrcpm.td0, but it could read it in drive B when booting another disk in A. I was able to get the ramdisk to initialize at address FE-FF successfully (the default did not work). I was not able to get it to boot msdos.com, I...
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    Looking for Kaypro SWP Co-Power-88 Core Software

    Sorry to bring this thread back from the great beyond, but I've got a 4+88 (with the full height drives) that came with MS DOS 1.25 disks. I was hoping to try 2.11, so created a disk from the copwrcpm.td0 image mentioned above. It only boots as far as the version string, then the drives stops...
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    Kaypro 4 Tandon DSDD Drive B problematic

    It's a Tandon TM-100-2A. I toned out all the pins on the PCB, checked the solder joints, and power supply voltage. Still no luck. Then I swapped in a known good spare drive for the bad drive and wouldn't you know it, it had the exact same problems! So I put the bad drive B back in, this time as...
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    Kaypro 4 Tandon DSDD Drive B problematic

    I checked items 1-3 and they all seem okay. The caps tested out fine and I even swapped the RPM board over to drive A and it continued to boot and work normally. I guess the next step is to look at radial alignment unfortunately I don't have a scope (yet). I did swap another similar drive from a...
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    Kaypro 4 Tandon DSDD Drive B problematic

    Great stuff, thanks! I will start on #1 and work my way down the list tonight!
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    Kaypro 4 Tandon DSDD Drive B problematic

    Hey all, I recently was given a Kaypro 4 Plus 88 machine in good working order. It boots and runs CP/M and DOS just fine from drive A. Drive B, however, is another story. Symptoms: - Can sometimes display a directory listing from original Kaypro disk - 1/10 chance that original copy of Wordstar...
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    Amiga 3000 PSU silent fan upgrade

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    QuantumLink RELOADED?

    Tried it again just now and getting the same thing. I have my WiFi modem set to 1200 baud, with the correct hostname/port spoofed to 555-1212 and I can see on the oled screen that it's connecting successfully, but then I just get endless plusses.
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    WTB: Sony PVM 1342q Mainboard only

    I know this is a long shot, but I'm looking to replace the main PCB in a PVM 1342q that got damaged pretty badly in shipping. Thanks!
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    Amiga 3000 Battery Leak Repair and Upgrade

    Hey all, I recently pulled my old Amiga out of the closet when I read that they were prone to damage from leaking batteries. Here's a video about the repair process and some upgrades. https://youtu.be/sXn-kez-cRQ Enjoy!
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    Why I love JiffyDOS

    Hey all, hot off the press is a new video about JiffyDOS with a little background, demonstration, and benchmarking. Might be useful to folks who have never used it before. https://youtu.be/6oW8ylqyyDY Enjoy!
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    A brief history and the price war of the 80's

    Hey all, I was going to do a video on the speech synthesizer but got sidetracked and ended up with this instead. It's sure to be remedial for you serious enthusiasts, but I'm just getting started and would like to make more TI content in the future so your support and constructive criticism are...
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    Restoring and adding RGB/Amiga support to Commodore 1902 monitor

    Hey all, in this video I recap, retrobite, and add analog RGB input to a Commodore 1902 monitor. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/uQp39KbTBRE
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    Bootstrapping an Apple II or III with ADTPro

    Hey all, here's a short tutorial video on using ADTPro to bootstrap your early Apple when you have no existing media. https://youtu.be/5peRTdMCkrk Enjoy!
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    Browsing the Internet with a C64 using The Old Net

    Hey all, during the global pandemic and this period of self-isolation I've started making videos about retro computers, much of it Commodore-specific. Hot off the press is a video about using your C64 to connect to The Old Net and browse the vintage web as well as download directly from CSDB...