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    Midwest Everything must go

    I think your landlord needs to be removed. They can't tell you what you can have inside your apartment unless it's a danger to the building or somehow violates the terms of your lease.
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    Wanted: Digital LK421-AA (DEC's UNIX keyboard)

    I sent you a pm incase they no longer need it (and since you're under the post count to send).
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    new version of DEC ROMs, PALs....

    I used an online site malware scanner and here's what it says: Site Issue Index page missing. Directory and file listing permitted Site is Blacklisted by McAfee "Your site is blacklisted and needs immediate attention. Web authorities are blocking traffic because your website is unsafe for...
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    new version of DEC ROMs, PALs....

    They're likely basing it on either a list or something.. it's likely right now because it's associated with 'russia'... When I've had Chrome actually complain that a site 'may have malware'... it's based on 'reports' or it's malware in an ad the site is showing from an external ad host...
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    new version of DEC ROMs, PALs....

    This is why I don't blindly rely on something like "bitdefender", and if I'm skeptical of a page, I check the page source. Been online since the early 90s, never been phished, virused or otherwise (unless I was intentionally running a honeypot), so you do you. Meanwhile the rest of us thank...
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    new version of DEC ROMs, PALs....

    Loads fine for me on my android phone and chrome on mac.
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    Looking for someone to format virgin DEC RX50 floppies for a DECmate II

    I'll have to be doing that myself soon if the DMII I grabbed recently works.
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    Northern Europe Wanted: Computer automation Inc moving head disk controller

    Should actually go in The Wanted forum not the for sale or trade forum.
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    California many DEC pieces for sale in San Carlos, CA

    Then why did you even need to make that post if you can make deals with him anyway then? And how would I know that I don't even know you.
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    California many DEC pieces for sale in San Carlos, CA

    so they can buy everything up and leave nothing for anyone else?
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    The South VCF XT-FDC Modifications

    I sourced all my parts from Mouser.. They do seem to be backordered on the 37 pin DSUB until January... I used an L77SDC37SA4CH4F Amphenol
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    California many DEC pieces for sale in San Carlos, CA

    Last time it was 10am, location is given above, it's a warehouse in the back of a 'industrial' area across from a restaurant, you just look for all the people. Last time, it was cash (preferred) and paypal.