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    Powertran Cortex

    Hi Colin! Come and join us over at [https://atariage.com/forums/forum/164-ti-994a-computers/], and post some pics in the [Tomy Tutor, CC40, 99/2, 99/8, Cortex, 990 mini] subforum. There's more going on over there ... Sounds like quite a find for a carboot sale! Stuart
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    What is this? Post Photos of Mystery Items Here (vintage computers only)

    I know this is a very old thread but ... can I suggest that it for use by someone with a disability - who types using a stick held in the mouth or something similar? The holes would hold the stick while pressure is applied to press the key.
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    Powertran Cortex

    MPE Documentation and Paperwork MPE Documentation and Paperwork List of documentation and paperwork retrieved from MPE attached, as a zipped Word file. Have included a column of where I think each item should go - happy to receive requests to redirect! Hopefully over time we can get things...
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    Powertran Cortex

    Next installment attached - catalogue of the 5.25" and 8" disks. It's in a zipped Word doc - hope people can open it OK. With the 5.25" disks, I've tried to group them into categories, then have sorted the list by category and disk label title. The 8" disks are already sorted into some sort of...