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    Luggables & Laptops

    I've never actually used one, but I've always liked those laptops. I have used the hp "StinkJet" printer, and I hate them with a passion.
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    Mousedesk disk

    Where can I order an actual, physical disk (original or copy) with Apple's Mousedesk? I've read that Geos has advantages and disadvantages, including incompatibility with standard ProDos software. Is this true? Which desktop is better and why? Please don't tell me to download Mousedesk. Even...
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    Will the Applecolor RGB monitor work with a //c?

    I know it's a dumb question, but before I spend a bunch of money, I want to make sure. Will the AppleColor RGB Monitor designed for the //gs work with the //c? I looked it up, but some reference sites don't seem to know the //c even has an RGB port.
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    Can I load Model I/III cassettes on the Tandy 200?

    The TRS-80 Model 4 is compatible with the Model III in Model III mode. The Model III is mostly (?) compatible with the I, so all that Model I/III software I find at yard sales, flea markets, thrift shops and sometimes even eBay (not that there's any on eBay now, so don't bother looking) should...
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    Apple IIgs slots

    Many 8- or 8/16- bit computers have some kind of internal slots. Most don't have enough. Is the Apple IIgs the exception? I know Apple I/O is mapped to use certain slots for certain things, but the IIgs has most of them built in. How would I avoid conflict between built in interfaces and slots...
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    General Instrument Infocipher 1000R ?

    I just found this on eBay, and I was curious if anyone here knows what it is. It appears to be some kind of early cable modem. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-INFOCIPHER-1000R-DATA-RECEIVER-GENRAL-INSTRUMENT-APPLE-IIC-IIE/253880857357?hash=item3b1c7a730d:g:yHIAAOSwF91bhaE-
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    What rare, unusual or non-US computers did Tandy sell?

    In an older post I can't find, someone mentioned the Tandy 10, and even more obscure mini, and a video game console sold by Radio Shack. I can't remember what it was called, but if I remember right, the brand name on it was Radio Shack, not Tandy or TRS-80. It looked like an Intelivision with...
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    Model 4: Gate Array vs Non-Gate Array

    To repack a computer means, as I understand it, to put the boards, drives and other parts in a case other than the one it came in. For example, a model 4 in a 3 case. Steampunk is, among other things, an artistic style based on science fiction stories set in the 1800's, when all the technology...
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    Was the Hex Bus Interface vaporware?

    I know ti sold Hex Bus peripherals for the CC-40 & ti-74, but was the Hex Bus Interface for the 99/4a released? I've heard that it was, and that it wasn't. What about the beige Voice Synthesyzer?
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    Final Cartridge III questions

    What is the difference between The Final Cartridge III original, "pro" and "plus" versions? Will any version of the Final Cartridge work in 128 mode? Since I don't care about the button stuff, can I put a Final Cartridge ROM in a 1750 or 1764?
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    Is there any Spectravideo 328 software?

    According to http://www.samdal.com/svsoftware.htm there are about 11 applications for the SV328. All the rest is games. It's one of the most powerful computers of it's time, and the only thing with less applications available was the Atari 2600 (in spite of Spectravideo's efforts!). Am I...
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    Color graphics & sound for CP/M on Spectravideo?

    Was there ever *any* support for color graphics or sound on generic CP/M+ or MP/M? I know there was some hardware specific software for Amstrad, Microbee, etc., but what about the Spectravideo 328? Could the SV328 run MP/M?
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    Model 200 disk drives

    I GOT ONE I GOT ONE I GOT ONE I GOT ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :jumping3: Oh. Excuse me. I'm a little exited. I've wanted a Tandy 200 for years and I finally got one...
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    Why didn't somebody tell me about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    https://github.com/burniouf/A2osX Has anyone here used A2OSX? Does it work with Geos, MouseDesk, AppleWorks, etc.? How well does it work on a //c with or without a RAM expantion? Can I order a working boot disk?
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    Apple //c SD drives

    I would like some advice or suggestions. I need a hard drive for my Apple //c. Those are a little hard to find, so a modern equivalent will have to do. But it must be the equivalent of a hard drive, not a stack of floppies. There are, as far as I can tell, two SD card drives for the Apple //c...
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    Wanted: Atari DOS XE

    I just (finally) got an Atari XF551 drive with DOS XE manual, now I need the system disk. Also interested in an XC11 if anyone has one laying around...
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    Wanted: Disto hardware for Tandy Color Computer

    First, I need a Disto 4-in-1 board or HDisk adapter with RS-232. I also want a Super Ramdisk, 3-in-1, Super Controller II, and 2 Mb RAM expantion. Thank you.
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    Tandy Color Computer Hard Disk Controller

    I'm looking for a Tandy Color Computer Hard Disk Controller, Catalog #26-3145.
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    65802 vs. 6809 vs. 65816

    I once heard that the 6809 was considered the most advanced 8-bit (8/16-bit) CPU ever. I also heard the 65802, available at the same time, wasn't quite as good. Is that true? What is the difference? Other than extended addressing, what's the difference between the 65802 and 65816?
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    Commodore 128 compatibility?

    I have a commodore 128 with a 1571 and a CP/M boot disk - just the one disk that came with it so far - and I've heard it will read other disk formats, but what other formats, and how? Do I need extra software, or to use a disk utility to change formats? If I find a pile of Kaypro, Osborne, or...