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    Unpopulated S100 stuff at Anchor Electronics

    What are you looking for? I bought a version of this one... I also have an IMSAI backplane PCB that's just sitting here...
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    Unpopulated S100 stuff at Anchor Electronics

    Alicia is an awesome lady to talk to, but she stays very busy. I shopped there for years when I would travel from Texas to the bay area for Cisco. After taking the early retirement package I hadn't been back out to the bay area. Glad they are still in business! I have one of the blue backplane...
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    Howdy from Dallas, TX

    I'm semi-retired these days doing my own business, but spent 3 weeks shy of 20 years at Cisco in security products. :)
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    Howdy from Dallas, TX

    Hello rlerner... I run Arcadecomponents and do a lot of repairs on vintage computers and arcade game PCBs. I'm over in Highland Village and hoping you're already out on the DFW Retro Computer Group on Facebook. You can also sometimes find me at Dallas Makerspace hanging out in Vector or...
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    DFW Commodore meet-up: April 2023

    Date: April 1st, 2023 Location: National Videogame Museum, Frisco, TX, Party Room Time: 6pm to 9pm APRIL FOOLS! Your Commodore is dead! We'll be discussing what to do when your beloved Commodore dies. This session will be led by Thomas Revoir and me. I'll be talking about troubleshooting...
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    VCF Southwest, presented by the National Videogame Museum, is coming back to Dallas, TX!

    Hi everyone, After over a decade, a VCF event will be held in Dallas, TX! We signed the venue and are hard at work to put together an initial schedule of speakers and populate a web site. We'll have two presentation tracks running simultaneously: Industry Speakers and a Technical Talk Track...
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    Faulty 5150 Motherboard

    Uh... in that picture you have a 28 pin EPROM in a 24 pin socket with pins hanging out over the edge unconnected. It's not going to boot that ROM. You need a Motorola 68764/68766 EPROM which is a 24 pin direct plug-in type or make an adapter to hook up pins 28 and 1 of the EPROM to Vcc, pin 2...
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    Midwest Commodore 1541 Logic Board

    @VERAULT No Longer Needed. I have a box of 1541 PCBs... if you decide you do need one, Robert. Just post a pic of the one you need.
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    Texas VIC-20 oddball keyboard plunger/key/spring

    Hey, I have an oddball VIC-20 keyboard here with a key plunger that doesn't seem to be readily found. Mine has a broken <- (left arrow, the key at the top left of the keyboard) key plunger and is missing the spring and cap, so I need all three. Does anyone have a spare? Thanks!
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    Northern Europe "4.2" Address Decoder IC for TRS-80 Model 4 Gate Array (UK)

    Did you find this? If not, what's the part #s on the top of the chip?
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    Does a vintage system have a limit as to the fastest RAM access time it can use?

    Yes. It can make a difference and not work. It all depends on the devices and the timing of the circuit. You may need to hook up a logic analyzer to get a full picture of what is happening. You may need to delay a signal a bit or some other timing tweaks to get it to work. I see this more often...
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    Texas Instruments Luggable Business Pro

    He's already got the first system cleaned and powered up. HDD Error message, but he'll work through that. :) I did forget to pick up the diskettes from you though :(
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    Texas Instruments Luggable Business Pro

    Bob, it was nice to meet up with you today. Best of luck in your upcoming move! Raymond
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    Fixing my 5160

    I do hot air removal and hot iron placement. Pace MBT250. It's fun flowing 144 pin QFPs that are barely over 1" square.
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    Fixing my 5160

    I'm on that list as well... It was off to the side and hit me 1/4" to the side of my right eye. Had to burn those underwear. Now I just put a bit of pink bubble or foam sheet over the PCB when first powering it up to catch the shrapnel.
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    Texas Instruments Luggable Business Pro

    Hey, my son's new account is in post approval mode... He's trying to reach out to you about these. We're over by Lewisville. @No Parking LLC Raymond
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    Seen Jim Brain recently? Need a couple EPROMs burned.

    Sat and talked with Jim at length at the VCF SE event in Atlanta last weekend. :) I pull 16B8B GAL chips off of Atari arcade PCBs I part out and reuse them. Works like a champ. I have EPROMs and can program them. You have the code files for everything?
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    Is this a counterfit IBM 5150 board?

    Real IBM PC PCB... Just badly UV damaged. I've had many arcade PCBs across the bench damaged like that...
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    IBM 5110/5100 video Display card repair (possible diode fix)

    The HP logic comparator is a nice tool, but... has a shortcoming. If the outputs of the chip are connected to a shared bus then they will show as failed. The comparator doesn't know how to handle those other signals.