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    MTCP DHCP lease 60

    Thanks, tested on a different DOS computer. (I am rotating them, so none of them rests forever). This one is Turbo XT 10MHz I got this: Warning: Your DHCP server may not have honored your hostname request. Requested hostname: "TURBO10", Assigned hostname: "" Hostname was not wiped out form...
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    To paint or not to paint a generic 386...

    That salmon reminded me of Cray supercomputers. Only seen photos, never a real thing :-)
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    How are old hard drives supposed to sound?

    I have tested recently Seagate ST4144R 5.25" full height 123MB RLL, it was surprisingly quiet. Did not here the heads move though. Only the sound of rotating platters. Surely much quieter and smoother than some 3.5" lousy drives, like that drive in post #4 for example. Unfortunately the drive...
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    286 Accelator Mandax

    I happen to have few of these. If anybody is interested, PM me. Cheap. EU preferrable. 286 Accelator Mandax
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    2 More 8 bit ISA cards I need help Identifying

    Folks I need help with two cards. First one is SCSI ISA, it is missing Z80280 CPU, but otherwise seems fine. So far I have only seen/used FDC, HDD (MFM, XT-IDE) controller cards and or MFM or IDE HDD drives. Most probably the answer is obviuos, but still I woud like to ask, might this card be...
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    Manual for the 80286 M-209 motherboard

    I am attaching board specific diskette files - memory manager, and some utilities. I also have original manual and original floppy 5.25" booklet pics here
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    MTCP DHCP lease 60

    Looks like that. As hostname is usually read only value not many people stumbled upon it. This Chinese router is good enough to be sold worldwide:-)
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    MTCP DHCP lease 60

    There is section in Huawei config which says: I did not configure any so far. Funny thing is, that Huawei seems to accept proposed HOSTNAME (look at the picture), screenshot is with missing line in tcp.cfg therefore it say DOSRULES (your default). I could also see my specific HOSTNAME...
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    MTCP DHCP lease 60

    Turns out I was still using 2020 mTCP version. Somehow I missed the July 2022 release. Now it really works with the new parameter . But there is maybe another problem. It ignores and/or removed my HOSTNAME entry. Is this expected behaviour? I was thinking this option will tell dhcp server name...
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    Conversion of 1.44Mb to 720Kb floppy disk doesn't work as expected

    Replacing DD drive with HD drive should not be in any way problematic. HD drives are capable od DD operation. They should switch to DD mode automatically when a DD diskette is inserted. Why dont you try DD diskettes?
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    MTCP DHCP lease 60

    Since I changed my home network all my DOS computers claim their DHCP lease time is 60s :-) As there in no way to use such short lived automatically configured tcp.cfg file, I had to resort to static IP addresses. My guess is it is most probably not a bug in mTCP. Is there any way to inspect...
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    MTCP and SNTP

    https://github.com/nayarsystems/posix_tz_db/blob/master/zones.csv This seems to work for Dublin. You have to copy whole string. For my location only the first part is sufficient..
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    MTCP and SNTP

    set TZ=CET+1CDT Just guessing:-) I am using this CET-1CDT I googled it up severals years ago, it means Central European Time -1 Hour with daylight saving. I do not remember exactly anymore.
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    Smc 83c790qf nic

    It worked:-) On a 386SX. ftpsrv.exe was keeping disconnecting, but this drivers and following configuration solved it SMC LAN Adapter Setup Program -- Version 1.22 (960731) Board Type: 8216C Node Address: 0000C03C396A Current Setup I/O Base Address 200...
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    Diagnosing sick Turbo XT clone board

    This is 10MHz Turbo board. I found this speed problematic. Does it not work in standard speed mode? When turbo LED comes on it should be running at high speed which is not what you on the scope.
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    MAT 286 - oscillators question

    Here I am two years later with more info on my MAT286 revision D motherboad. I desoldered the 32MHz oscillator to see what label is beneath. It says AT clock. So in a state as it is in the picture it works like this. AT bus runs at 8MHz (32/4), CPU runs at 16MHz (32/2), that is performance cca...
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    MAT 286 - oscillators question

    Hi, I have this 286/1MB RAM, HT12, QUADTEL BIOS mobo (real picture). Is seems to work. I've only tested it till it complains about CMOS failure. I removed the battery and cleaned the board with IPA to stop further damages. Stason links...
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    8048 Assembler

    Was there CP/M 8048 assembler/linker with documentation and can be used for MCS-48 family? I found two products (asmb8048, X8748) but with no documentation, and I can not make them do anything.
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    Help to identify missing parts in 286 board

    I have just found (but did not win) another exemplar of this particular motherboard in local classifieds. This one still has discussed components. I just want to share the pics for reference. More detailed photo can be seen here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_48eymgpdUEsRnzcSHuveqwqe6GsoNfS