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    ROM ADAPTEC ACB-2070A Rev G.

    Here is my dump from this RLL controller card. Two roms. Rom A is on the front near the ISA Bracket. Rom B is on the rear near the headers. Can make later a picture of the card. I have it installed now in the computer with a working hdd connect to it. Rom A says 1986 Rom B says G at the end.
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    Motherboard type which was original for this case.

    I got myself a computer case which my dad had back in the days from a company called Vobis. The case is a branded Highscreen one from the Kompakt series. I really like to know what brand and type was the OEM for the case.
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    8 bit IDE (XTA) Replacement Project

    i have two of those Double connector cards also. Mine has a tiny smd resistor in the upper left corner. I have to check to see if it is the same like yours. Also have those AT/XT Seagate drives. Guessing having 3 of them.. I have enough stuff laying around.. Mostly its hard to find anything...
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    Corel SCSI LS2000 8bit

    I found some time to dump some eproms. So modem7 you can added it to your archive website.
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    EAGLE II CL GD 510 /520 driver / utility

    Can anyone help me with driver and the utility for the eagle II Cirrus logic GD 510 / 520 8 bit ISA graphics card?
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    How can i upload bios roms / files to this forum?

    Iam trying to upload a bios rom for a card here on the forum.. But returned me a error i cant. Also tried other extensions, but still cant. How to fix this?
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    memory address error 00000, 04 PCXT Vtech laser xt/3

    I changed the memory on my Vtech laser xt/3 because had earlier a parity error. But now i have got 2 problems. 1. I have installed new memory on the 2 inside rows (removed all older), which should give me a total of 512KB if i set sw1 and lever 3 to ON. (didnt installed the optional 128KB...
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    Adaptec ACB-2070A RLL 8bit ISA low level setup with Seagate ST-277R-1

    Hi all, Found some time to go further with my Retro PCs. Locally i found and bought an Adaptec ACB-2070A (later revision which mentioned in the manual which i found on the internet) for just 15 euros. So i took the gamble. Seller said it was an MFM and RLL controller.. But i found more on the...
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    V-tech laser XT/3 1664KB of memory, how to acess the extra 1MB EMS motherboard memory

    Hi all I have here a V-tech laser 8086 10Mhz XT/3 computer which had the full 640KB of conventional memory. There is an option to add memory chips to the motherboard and should give the system about 1MB of EMS memory. Does anybody knows how to access it, and when a driver is need.. Which...
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    Someone regonize this PC XT IDE controller card with Super FDC controller?

    A few weeks ago i found a PC XT hard drive set.. It came with an very rare PC XT-IDE controller interface card and a super FDC controller on one controller board.. For archive purpose i had to backup the onboard rom (before using this board) Which i did.. I dont have any manual for it, and...
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    Someone with experience on electronics? My Laser turbo XT/3 went bad.

    I have a bad IC here and i like to replace it with a new one.. because this IC is in a bad state. One leg broke off because it was very stuck in the IC socket.. I guess the previous owner also have tried it to get it out with a bad result. The IC that is bad have the name Siemens SAB8237A...
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    Does anyone have a suntac 286 motherboard with Phoenix, Ami, or Award bios roms.

    Iam looking for the almost or latest versions of these bios roms. Is there anyone who can help me with this problem cause they are really hard to find nowdays.. I specially looking for the versions with diagnostic roms.. But if you have something different what i can use i will give it a try.
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    CORELDriver! software

    Is there anyone who is having this driver software> CORELDriver! I ask this because i tried finding it on the internet without a little succes. Version 2.06 or higher would be good i think.
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    Tallgrass technologies corp card

    I have this card having around.. Dont know exactly what it is.. It also have an FCC ID: DC47E5AITC Is there any more information about it?
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    Who made this?

    Does anybody have more information about this card or company who made this? What i do know * Its an Enhanced floppy disk controller with its own bios configuration tool with a custom menu * There is written an white P on the pcb. * Any numbers on the pcb is CA9277B-21 * That is come from...
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    5.25 inch converted 3.5 inch floppy drive extension drive problem.

    3 weeks ago i bought an sony MFD-17W-12 floppy disk drive with the 5.25inch expension bracket.. Behind it there was a `card edge` extension board.. Type of this board is CE-2.. The power cable for the 3.5 inch floppy drive is soldered to this board.. Recently (with today) 2 / 3 days ago i...
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    Memory fault XT computer

    After installing some parity ram to the motherboard (which was a good idea to do) my system is now halting on something.. On screen it says: Ram Parity Chk 1 CS:IP,DS,ES= C800:0750, 0000, 0BA5 I think he`s noted it because there is some ram bad i guess.. But iam not familiar off puzzle where...
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    Trying setup MFM / RLL harddisks.

    Hello, I want to configure an WD1004-27x RLL controller combined with an Seagate ST-277R -1 drive.. I know how to come in the Formatter utility.. Iam already in the Super bios II Formatter Rev 1.0 utility on the controller card. On the second question its asks the interleave number.. Can...
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    Do someone knows the brand of this card?

    It clickable to resize it to bigger picture.
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    Found some SMC Ethernet adapter drivers

    http://web.archive.org/web/19970715054225/http://www.smc.com/ftpdocs/nics.html More important information: http://web.archive.org/web/19970715052717/http://www.smc.com/ftpdocs/chips.html Can someone mirror them? I dont know how to save them..thx