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    Radio Shack Model 100 equipment on ebay

    I'm closing out all of my M100 stuff. I'm auctioning a Disk Video Interface with cables, Model 100 system with 3 cases, manuals, CD of info, and a couple of PDD's that don't work. The DVI and M100 work perfectly. The PDD and PDD2 are sold AS IS since I couldn't get them to work properly. My...
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    Vintage parts up for auction

    I've got an IBM PC AT power, fully functional, up for auction. Also a keyboard and power supply for a Promark Technology. Both work. That keyboard is a nice clickety keyboard. May fit in a 386 Dolch machine. And 4 older TI calculators. My ebay handle is mcmccain. Note: if the calculators...
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    Some More Stuff

    Still cleaning out that closet! Olivetti M10 (Brit version), TI Hexbus RS-232, and some older Casio and TI calculators. My ebay user name is mcmccain.
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    Atari Portfolio System

    Found this system stuck in the back of a closet. It's in very good shape and some of the equipment is still in original boxes. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113810457485
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    AN NEC PC-8201a system on ebay

    Still cleaning out that closet and found all this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113774299562
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    Osborne 1/Executive Padded Nylon Carry Cases

    Cleaning out a closet I found a couple of carry cases for the O-1 and Exec. One is used with a 1 1/2" tear in it but otherwise in great shape. The other case is NOS but does have a couple of stains. My ebay handle is mcmccain.
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    Retru computing manuals and software on ebay

    My clear out continues. Up this time is Wordstar 3.3 for IBM PC, Fortran 77 for IBM PC, and 2 Learn the vi editor manuals. My ebay handle is mcmccain. Come one, come all!
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    More stuff

    I'm still cleaning out my closets! Check mcmccain on ebay. Currently, I'm offering an IBM Thinkpad 760ELD, Sharp PC-E500, and a Sharp PC-E650.
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    TI CC-40 Stuff

    Due to failing health, dialysis, I have decided to significantly reduce my collection. Currently I am running some auctions on ebay for several cartridges for the CC-40 and a RS-232 interface with the parallel cable installed along with a 300 baud modem. My ebay name is mcmccain. Auctions end...
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    Several items up on ebay

    I've got some Epson Geneva/PX-8 items and a nice system up right now. Also several other items. Seller name is mcmccain. Come look and bid!
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    Some handheld items

    I've got a Panasonic RL-H1400, a Tandy/Radio Shack Pocket Computer(original Pocket), and an HP-12C calculator up for auction on ebay. My seller ID is mcmccain. Come one, come all!
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    Storage options for Sharp PC-E500S

    Picked up one of these recently and am really impressed with it except for one little thing. I've got the cassette interface, but was wondering if there is a viable alternative storage option such as a disk drive. I know Sharp made a 2.5" unit, but that might as well be a unicorn! Any...
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    Amiga 2000 030-30MHz accelerator

    Got a faster unit so this is extra! https://www.ebay.com/itm/113196638272
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    Sharp PC-E500s

    I'm looking for one of the above items. Doesn't have to be functional. In fact I would prefer a parts machine, but am flexible on condition. As long as the display bezel is in place. I picked one up a while back and the previous owner decided it looked better without the bezel. I disagree...
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    paypal credit fueling higher ebay prices

    Has anyone noticed with the addition of paypal credit becoming more common bidders are willing to go a bit higher on auctions? I've noticed it on some of my auctions. Seems people are more willing to go a touch higher knowing they can stretch the payback out over 6 months. AND, I know it's...
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    FA Gateway M2626u SA8 laptop

    Not really vintage, but a good candidate for a emulator or Linux or whatever. Also good for student or casual computer work. https://www.ebay.com/itm/113088310527
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    WTAMU cultural display

    West Texas A&M University's Panhandle Plains Historical Museum is having a "Cultural" Display showing snapshots from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's. Displaying various items from pop music to news events. Surprisingly enough, in the great state of Texas, there was not a SINGLE Texas...
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    A. T. Cross Pen Company CrossPad Complete Setup

    And the CrossPad is not posted. https://www.ebay.com/itm/112624761826
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    Newton MessagePad H1000

    An estate rescue. https://www.ebay.com/itm/112623537007 FYI, I will also be offering an original, IN-BOX, pristine Cross Crosspad in the next couple of days. Unless someone makes me an offer I can't refuse prior to listing it! :)
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    Amiga A570 CD Interface