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    SaV64 [Final Batch]

    This is the final batch of SaV64 devices. There is a $5 discount for devices that do not have perfect cases but are otherwise fully functional. The SaV64 was designed and created in collaboration with e5frog, based on his OVG64 over voltage protector. It uses an over voltage protection...
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    Final Expansion 3 Rev 11 [3rd Batch]

    This thread is for pre-ordering a Final Expansion 3 Rev 11 from the 3rd batch. PCBs have been ordered but I need at least 14 paid pre-orders before I will order parts. Shipping will begin in September. No refunds will be given after parts are ordered. e5frog and SkydivinGirl are happy to...
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    SaV64 Pre-Orders

    Hi everyone! I am very happy to introduce the SaV64! The SaV64 was designed and created in collaboration with e5frog, based on his OVG64 over voltage protector. It uses an over voltage protection controller to allow you to safely use your original Commodore power supply or an alternative...
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    060 4000D and 486 Project with some nice photos now its completed :D

    You did an amazing job! As John Hammond would say: Heather
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    My IBM 5160 XT Build

    After my PC10-III Build, I really wanted to get an 8088 system with more slots than the three that are available in the PC10-III. Since I also wanted to get an IBM PC, the 5160 was the perfect choice. I was extremely fortunate to find one locally for a good price. It had a full height floppy...
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    IBM 5160 Hardware Address Configuration Assistance

    Hey everyone, I'm attempting to optimize the hardware addressing for the BIOS of each card I have installed in my 5160. The three cards that I'm using, which have their own BIOS, are as follows: Octek EVGA-16 VGA Adapter XT-IDE Rev 2 with UART Sergey ISA Floppy Disk UART According to the...
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    FS: Assembled Final Cartridge III+ C64/C128 Cartridges

    Hey everyone! *9 Units Remaining* I decided to post this here since there may be some of you who are not on AmiBay or Lemon64. These fully assembled units are the last ones I have from the Final Cartridge III+ project. You can find out more about the project using this link. You can use the...
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    WTT: Sergey ISA SVGA for Comparable ISA Video Adapter

    Hey everyone, I finally managed to get myself a nice IBM 5160! I decided to begin upgrading the system today when I ran into an issue with the Sergey ISA SVGA card when installed in the system. I know the card works because I have tested it in my Commodore PC10-III. All the jumpers are...
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    Wanted: IBM 51xx XT Desktop Computer

    Hi everyone! I'd like to get an IBM Model 51xx XT Desktop Computer. My Commodore PC10-III is nearly perfect for my needs, but it just doesn't have enough expansion ports. I'm looking for a pretty much stock system that is in good condition and reasonably priced. Thanks for looking. :) Heather
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    FS: Two Lo-tech 2MB EMS Boards

    Hi everyone, Due to the limited expansion slots in my Commodore PC10-III, I don't have room for these boards. They are both fully assembled with the full 2MB of memory and tested. http://www.lo-tech.co.uk/wiki/Lo-tech_2MB_EMS_Board I have two of these. The cost is $50 each + PayPal Fees +...
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    Wanted: Ethernet, VGA, and Sound Card for my C= PC10-III 8088 System

    I'm working on my 8088 Commodore PC10-III project and was hoping to get a few cards. Please let me know if you have a compatible Ethernet, VGA, or Sound card available. I'm not looking to spend too much, but I will pay a reasonable price. It would be even better if I could get everything from...
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    Internal USB floppy drive on Desktop

    Chuck(G), If you can find one, Buslink made a USB Floppy Drive (Model FDD-1) which used a standard 3.5" floppy drive. You could easily take it apart and mount everything inside the case. Here's a link to the drive on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00006BAJ2 Unfortunately, they...
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    Wanted: Commodore PET 4008 Name Badge

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to restore a Commodore PET 4008. The black plastic name badge across the front of the computer has had some holes drilled into it so I'm in search of a replacement. If all else fails, I'll try to fill and patch the current one, but a replacement would be ideal...
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    Quick Introduction

    Hi everyone, Just a quick introduction. Some of you may have seen me on LemonAmiga, Lemon64, Denial and AmiBay. As with many of you here, I started playing video games in the 70's and using computers in the 80's. My family could never afford a computer so I had to buy my own Commodore 64...
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    New CFFA3000 with Disk Remote for Classic Apple IIs [Auction]

    Hey everyone! I've been meaning to join this forum for a while now. Many of you may know me from Lemon64 and AmiBay. It's great be here! I'm auctioning my brand new CFFA3000 over on evilbay. I pre-ordered this when I was starting to get into Apple II stuff, but I've decided to scale back...