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    [TI99/4a] Looking for some recommendations

    Ended up replacing the disk controller ROM with a 2532 EPROM and now everything works.
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    [TI99/4a] Looking for some recommendations

    Followup: I had an issue with the Final GROM 99 cartridge itself that I validated against a second borrowed console from a workmate. The behavior with it was the same, several games wouldn't play properly. There's a guy over in Atariage that made a new cpld image and avr image that was intended...
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    [TI99/4a] Looking for some recommendations

    My next course of action will be to use the TI RS232 expansion card to check into the >5000-5FFF space, as I should be able to wiggle some of the PIO connector pins accessing memory in that space.
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    [TI99/4a] Looking for some recommendations

    Access to the disk controller via DSR (say, using a real Disk Manager 2, or TI BASIC 'OLD DSK1.<file>') locks up the system, I am suspecting that this is due to some of the code from the >4000-4ffff space jumping or running into the >5000-5FFFF space and executing junk.
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    [TI99/4a] Looking for some recommendations

    VeryVon: I'm using mini memory with the FinalGROM99 cartridge. Yeah, I've done all the usualy plugging and unplugging, checking power supplies out, etc. I'll check out your link though, thanks. Adding to the strangeness of the problem, the external RAM expansion memory in the PEB seems to pass...
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    [TI99/4a] Looking for some recommendations

    I am trying to fix my TI 99/4A console myself. I have a PEB and the disk controller doesn't work in it. I also have a FinalGROM99 cartridge, and with that and the Speech Synthesizer plugged in (or the PEB) a couple of games have problems. I replaced a few components in the console itself because...
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    Tandy 1000 spotted in commercial spot

    There's a new Ghostbusters themed Quickbooks ad on TV right now. In the background is clearly a Tandy 1000 desktop case model.
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    Spotted on eBay: Olivetti Minidisc

    Paging Chuck...
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    Laser Printer as accelerator?

    It's been said many times in the past that the early laser printers had compute power equal to or better than the host machines that they were connected to. Were there ever any attempts made to harness this extra power for applications other than printing?
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    Super R@RE!

    Just when you think you've seen it all...
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    Radius PrecisionColor 8-24X Acceleration?

    I just got one of these buggers from a (semi-) local seller on eBay. It is fully loaded with RAM (I believe 3MB?) Anyways, it seems to work fine in 24-bit mode but I can't tell if it's actually accelerating the graphics at all. According to all documentation I can find online this is supposed to...
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    Open Source A500 Accelerator

    Don't know if many over here are aware, but someone's doing a reasonably priced 020/030/040/060 open source accelerator for the A500 over on eab. http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=58918&page=8
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    eBay oops...

    Nope, nope, and nope!
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    Dvorak alternative history?

    There's some interesting... ahem, anecdotes in this article. http://www.dvorak.org/blog/whatever-happened-to-the-texas-instruments-home-computer/ While there's certainly some good points to be made for the lack of certain keys on the keyboard, I do recall writing a few papers with TI Writer...
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    eBay: IBM PC Music Feature

    Not mine, and spendy... http://www.ebay.com/itm/IBM-PC-Music-Feature-81X8630-/141939086101?hash=item210c3a9315:g:pmMAAOSwwpdW9B7p
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    Valentine's Day Heart Candies

    Not completely offtopic... look closely...these were at my daughter's school Valentine's Day party yesterday. So, I guess dot matrix printers have use today. Nothing says I love you like it, don't you think?
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    Seen on eBay: Commodore A2024 Monitor

    This isn't mine, but it's an oddball beastie for the Amiga, and I'm sure someone might be interested in it on here. I've known about these, but haven't seen one before...
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    Commodore 128D NTSC->PAL conversion

    Hey guys... I have successfully converted my NTSC 128D to a PAL one. I was able to get a PAL VIC-IIe chip off of eBay, changed out the existing VIC with it, changed the dot clock crystal out for the one specified and soldered one of the jumper pads. . From studying the schematic it looks like...
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    CompuColor 8001?

    Anyone got one of these? I was poking around on oldcomputers.net last night and was reminded of this thing. It looked pretty advanced for the time, and beat the Apple II to market. I'm also reminded about how "silicon valley" tends to get a little too much press for "firsts" than other...
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    FS: Macintosh ADB keyboards - $10 each

    I've got two Macintosh AppleDesign ADB keyboards, model M2980 for sale. $10 each. They are dirty but otherwise okay.