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  1. deathshadow

    Not entirely OT, but drawing with CSS...

    Ok, got it. When you use CSS rotations Safari apparently utterly, totally, and completely ignores 30 year old HTML depth sorting rules, so you have to perform a "translateZ" to get it to work. Did I ever tell you what I think about Apple? Did I ever tell you the definition... of insanity?
  2. deathshadow

    Not entirely OT, but drawing with CSS...

    Ah the steaming ****-show that is Apple. There's a reason a lot of web developers are calling Safari "The new IE". It's almost as if instead of writing their own browser engine they just stole an open source one, refused to contribute back to it, and then had Google abscond with all the talented...
  3. deathshadow

    Not entirely OT, but drawing with CSS...

    On my websites I use HTML and CSS to do drawings a lot. I've even got a in progress project where I'm going to have a website where you can play old text games ported to JavaScript, displayed on what looks like a TRS-80 monitor. (right down to the scanlines) On twitter I came across someone...
  4. deathshadow

    I created floppy images of Scott Adams Adventure Games for CP/M on Nabu

    Ooh, the goodies keep coming. I played the crap out of these on a Model III. Wonder how hard it would be to make a scottfree interpreter in JavaScript. There's C source for multiple different ones. Be fun to put these up online somewhere without needing an old PC emulator.
  5. deathshadow

    Hercules Plus and/or InColor Detection and Font Setting

    I should have just gone straight to John Elliot's reference for the MDA. I didn't think he had any herc data, but it's at the bottom. https://www.seasip.info/VintagePC/mda.html#clones Apparently there's actually a card identifier on one of the ports: Reading from port 03BAh returns vertical...
  6. deathshadow

    CoCo 1 Rev D Board: Upgrading from 16K to 64K

    This is why I was such a fan of the revison F board. Just swap the socketed chips and clip out the terminating resistors. Though yeah, getting a proper ROM is a pain. For some reason my F board Coco (that came in a stack of "dead" machines) had colour basic 1.0 so when I did the upgrade it...
  7. deathshadow

    Hercules Plus and/or InColor Detection and Font Setting

    Thank you very much. Exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for. I've also got someone sending me a manual for it. When I get it I'll scan and share.
  8. deathshadow

    Working on Plantronics Viewer

    MOVSW is an even bigger friend, since even on 8088 it's faster. Each MOVSB takes 16 clocks, so to move two bytes that's 32 clocks not counting opcode fetching. MOVSW takes 24 clocks so you get two bytes moved for 8 less clocks every loop. Just cut your CX in half. mov si, Data mov...
  9. deathshadow

    Hercules Plus and/or InColor Detection and Font Setting

    Whilst I have a working inColor card in my collection, my Google-fu is failing me at coming up with any meaningful information on programming the text mode fonts on it. I also remember that the GB112 (aka Hercules Plus) could also do custom fonts. Lowest target for my project is MDA, but I was...
  10. deathshadow

    Am I missing something ???

    That could be cycle / byte eaters. The original PC BIOS isn't the greatest x86 assembly ever written. Sometimes "bum code" to eat up a specific amount of cycles and bytes without using NOP was tossed into clone BIOS to make the code the same size or take the same amount of delay to execute...
  11. deathshadow

    Accessing VRAM in tiny model .com program for MSDOS

    Also a great example of why zero/null termination on x86 is slow rubbish. On top of how often it goes bits-up face-down in terms of memory overflows, unending writes, security woes, etc. etm. msg: db 5, 'Howdy' ... mov ax, 0xB800 mov es, ax mov si, offset msg lodsb...
  12. deathshadow

    Creating your own QBASIC programs and using them within a BBS

    I'm looking at the complexities of these answers a bit flabbergasted at the hoops y'all are jumping through... I mean for gee-wiz gwbasic.exe filename.bas <com1 >com1 Job done. don't forget you can redirect input via < just as you do output with > If you have a executable that at least maps...
  13. deathshadow

    Model III/4 Display Question

    @Eudimorphodon thanks for the info. It would seem that I never used an unmodified model 1 long enough to encounter the limitations of the native character ROM implementation. I think I must have gotten the lower case ROM the same time I got the Level 2 basic and 16k upgrade... because whilst I...
  14. deathshadow

    Model III/4 Display Question

    Playing around on my 4P in model III mode, and I could swear I'm remembering this different. Was the model III character set that radically different from the Model 1? I could have sworn that apart from upper/lower case they were identical, but it looks like characters 0..0x20 and 0xC0 to 0xFF...
  15. deathshadow

    CGA 160x100x16 bidirectional scrolling

    I was unable to find in your source anything remotely resembling the port access for this to be hardware driven, but if as you say it is present, it's then probably the fact that shithub and I get along like sodium and water. Not a fan as I find it ridiculously and painfully cryptic...
  16. deathshadow

    Strings and parentheses in Turbo Pascal

    Store the pointers on the stack not the values, then when it's time to allocate the memory / string side just walk those pointers to add together their lengths before copying their values to the result. That or just always allocated 255 bytes as a scratch area for building the result, since...
  17. deathshadow

    VGA Text mode "03" but 320x240

    Be fun to tweak it further to 360 wide.
  18. deathshadow

    CGA 160x100x16 bidirectional scrolling

    I just tried this on my 1tk sx, and I'm getting like 6fps in slow, not 60. Just what is the minimum requirement to hit 60 because 4.77mhz isn't it. In fact that you're blitting the whole screen (If I'm reading the code right) is kind of setting off my BS alarm unless min spec is a 386... or am...
  19. deathshadow

    CGA 160x100x16 bidirectional scrolling

    No actually, it doesn't. On a real CGA there's snow galore. There is NOT sufficient processing time at 4.77mhz to run snow-free, audio, and actual game-logic all at once, without introducing other issues like screen tearing. It's part of why demo's don't impress me as much as they do others...