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    Sata <-> ide

    I was trying to set up new storage for my old machines, since I'm still running late IDE drives on them with drive overlay software. The drive overlays will still be necessary, of course, but I can at least use a SATA<->IDE adapter these days.. right? So I hooked up a 120GB SSD that was on sale...
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    USB Phone Tether Win9x?

    Yes, more of my psychosis. I want to tether my Libretto 110CT and my iPhone 5 to use 3G on the Libretto. I don't want to use WiFi for this. Mostly this is a challenge, not a serious need, but it would be neat to have Internet on my Libretto at work (no WiFi allowed, so other option would be to...
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    Amiga OS 3.9 Install Problems

    More adventures with my A1200.. at least I am learning things by the boatload! I painstakingly got a set of 3.0 install floppies made by unzipping ADFs from XDOS to RAM and then writing.. I installed 3.0 to my SD<->IDE, then my 3.1 ROMs arrived, so I wanted 3.9. I stuck my SD card in my PC...
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    Chinon FZ-357A 3.5" Floppy Drive (for my Amiga)

    Title says it all, really. My drive has a wonky power connector that cuts out and forces the Amiga to turn off if jostled - not really acceptable. Trying to find a FZ-357A because why not have an HD drive if I'm going to replace it anyway.. but I can't find one. :P
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    A1200 + Indivision AGA Mk2 = No Power..?

    I got an Indivision AGA Mk2. I recently got an Amiga 1200 (UK) that I have tested and know it works. I installed the Indivision smoothly, following instructions/etc.. I reassemble the A1200 and upon turning the PSU on nothing happens - no LED, etc.. I sent a message through Individual...
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    Amiga Mouse For My A1200

    Either a 1352 or a later one. Preferably official Commodore or Amiga branded, but I'll take any if you don't want a fortune for it (on eBay even the most generic in the universe is $35 shipped to me). It's not impossible that I have a mouse for an Amiga in my giant tote bag of mice, however - I...
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    Amiga 1200 PAL<->NTSC Stuff

    Just bought an A1200 PAL from eBay from the UK - it was like $215 shipped! :D I ordered a step-up/step-down (yeah it does both) unit from Amazon, too (yes I know you can use a brick from the US, but it's cheaper to buy one of those than an Amiga power supply). It came with games, power supply...
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    Would Buying This Be Stupid..?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/140890364572 I'd find a new keyboard, and it probably works, but I don't know the likelihood of it having issues. Thoughts?
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    C64 Mice

    I know that the 1350 is for the C64, but what about the visually identical 1351 & 1352? Also, Amiga mice?
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    Amiga 4000

    I've never had an Amiga, and would love to have one. I figured I might as well go for the highest-end original one. Preferably it would have a full compliment of RAM, a Cyberstorm PPC card, and a Catweasel, but "you can't always get what you want". I am considering splurging and buying a...
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    Video Transcoding For Older Machines

    I've got a Libretto 110CT, 233Mhz Pentium MMX, modded 96MB RAM, 2MB GPU. This thing is easily capable of playing back outdated video formats, and I'd like to convert some videos to play on it. This is challenging, however, as they would need to be transcoded from modern formats. Since old...
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    Libretto 110ct Dock Color Problem

    I recently got a 100ct and 110ct (the 100ct wasn't even verified to work, has some screen damage to the far left but works fine cept CMOS batt! xD). I also bought a brand-new-in-box dock, and 110ct came with a port replicator too. Anyway, to the point. >.> When I use the dock with my 110ct...
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    I know this is kinda iffy as to whether it belongs in this section, but it doesn't belong in "have nothing to do with vintage hardware" either. Anyway, I need a Catweasel Mk4 Plus, and can't find them anymore. I couldn't afford it before, but have a good job and could easily now. Not even eBay...
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    Calmira 3.4 (New Version)

    I'm developing Calmira actively (whenever I'm doing vintage computing, off and on whenever I get into a binge), and am calling it 3.4, progressing from the 3.3e source from calmira.de. You can find my version at http://www.yushatak.com/calmira.html (along with the source, ofc, being GPL). It...
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    Tricord Powerframe 40-pin SIMMs

    Need RAM for this beast.. I know it's a long shot that anyone will have it, but I figured it's been a long time and if I ask again maybe someone will have found some or a new person will have come along.. I'm also interested in other parts for it, additional CPU boards, and so on. All moot...
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    Seeking out a ZZT game..

    I'm relatively certain that the first video game I ever played was ZZT, in 1991 or some such (I was born 1990). I do not, however, know what "game" of ZZT it was, since it was more of a game building platform than a game, really. What I remember is this: I played it on a laptop, and it was...
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    Free Assorted Vintage Stuff!

    Got sone things in the collection that have come with other things, were rescued, etc. They have to go, though. -M68k Macs, ci, si, lc series, cx, probably a few pther models I'm forgetting. -Okidata C64 Printer (original box, has ink) -Several Mac Powerbook Duo docks -Two IBM serial terminals...
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    My Pet Machine

    Specs of my baby, named Voodoo: FIC VA-503+ Motherboard (extensive tweaking, USB, PS/2 Mouse, AT keyboard, SIMMS/DIMMS both supported, AT/ATX power both supported - best BIOS installed, tried later, unstable, reverted - never changing it again) 512MB DRAM (2x256, a miracle I found sticks of...
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    80-pin DRAM SIMMs

    I've got a Tricord server from the early 90s, big crazy machine, want to get it operational, but it has no RAM. It unfortunately uses SIMMs that are a tad wider than 72-pin, so I'm pretty sure it's 80-pin. Need some - anybody have any around? The only thing I can find around that doesn't claim...
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    Newest Video Cards Supported on OSes

    I figured it'd be cool to know this.. What's the newest video card that has drivers for Windows 3.x? For 95? For 98? 98SE? ME? What about NT3.x, 3.5x, or 4? There's stuff like SDD as well, which can help things along, but it should be noted if that's required. It's not hard to find this...