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    IBM RT PC experts?

    It should, I did all the diagnostics on my RT with the Megapel board installed. Out of curiosity, which model of 5081 do you have? I've been searching for one for a few years now, I don't have one for my Megapel. I've just been using a BNC to VGA adapter and a flat panel monitor
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    Wanted: IBM PC RT mouse

    I am in search of the proprietary mouse for the IBM PC RT. The mouse looks like this: and has a connector that looks like this: I am aware it is possible to create a converter, however I would prefer the original hardware. Thanks for any help anyone can provide
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    Tandy TRS-80 Model II Issues

    I am trying to restore a TRS-80 model II and have run into this problem. (sorry about the garbage picture, the phone camera wouldn't cooperate with the CRT refresh rate) When I power the system on, it displays this flickering screen with the message "Boot Error MF". I know that this means it...
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    WTB IBM Options and Adapters Technical Reference set

    Basically as the title states. It's a two volume set of light blue binders in IBM sleeves.
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    TI professional computer bus

    I now have both a TIPC and a portable, and I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade them in any capacity. I have heard that the bus is ISA ish, but not quite. Does anyone know how different the bus is, and if it is possible to put ISA cards in the machine at all?
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    Edit/Delete posts?

    Sometimes I have found that I want to edit a post (e.g. a spelling mistake, or accidentally left smiles on) but I can't find an edit button. Is editing disabled? Same thing with deleting. Edit: apparently editing/deleting is not disabled here. Why is it disabled in the for sale section? It...
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    Various IBM PC and Compatible Hardware and Documentation (some brand new)

    I have the following hardware for sale: NOS PC Convertible CRT adapter (2x) ($30 each) NOS PC Convertible Printer ($100) NOS PC Convertible Serial/Parallel Adapter ($30) IBM 30MB PS/2 ESDI HDD (appears unused, but untested) ($50) NOS Compaq 10MB MFM HDD from Portable Plus (sealed in original...
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    IBM PC Convertible 128k Memory Expansions NOS

    NOS. Asking $20 per module, as these are literally brand new, and never removed from the packing material. I have 20 modules.
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    Vogons forum offline?

    The website seems to be down for me today. Is anyone else having a problem? It's normally online, so it being offline is unusual.
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    The Resurrection of a Broken 5175

    I recently picked up this IBM 5175 monitor from Computer Reset for a mere $10. I couldn't believe my luck, but unfourtunately when I got home and plugged it in, I was greeted with the telltale sound of vented CRT arcing. After some research and some careful consideration, I noticed that the...
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    How rare are 1581 drives?

    I've had one of these for awhile, picked it up off of ebay about 8 or 9 years ago brand new in the box. I never gave it much thought, and never used it much after I got my 1571, but recently I've heard some people saying they are pretty rare. I wasn't aware that they were terribly uncommon.
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    IBM Professional Graphics Controller not working

    I recently acquired an IBM Professional Graphics Controller that appears to be brand new in the box. However, when I plugged it into my 5175 monitor, all it seems to display is these little vertical lines. I then ran the IBM diagnostics disk that came with the PGC, and it gave me the error code...
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    Video connector pinout on IBM 3161 terminal

    I'm not really sure where to put this, so I'm just going to post it here. Basically, I have a monitor that was originally paired with an IBM 3161 terminal. It's an amber/yellow phosphor, and I would really like to get it working with something other than a 3161 terminal. Does anyone know the...
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    Monitor for HP 9000/300

    I recently acquired an HP 9000/300 system from a computer store that was giving away old equipment, along with a HP 7937 disk drive, DEC Vaxstation II/GPX, SGI O2, IBM 5085, and some other accessories. The HP 9000/300 has the monochrome graphics adapter installed (98544B). It has a single RCA...
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    Looking for IBM RT and 5080 accessories

    I have recently acquired an IBM PC RT, and I lack the keyboard and mouse for it. They use an odd 6 pin connector. The keyboard is just a model m with a different cable, but the mouse is proprietary to the RT. If you haven't heard of the IBM 5080, I wouldn't be surprised. It's a high resolution...
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    TRS-80 II Serial Number 6?

    I recently acquired a TRS-80 model II from a computer shop that was giving some stuff away for free. Upon inspection, I noticed the serial tag read 32000006. I have read online that Tandy serial numbers are the last 6 digits, but I just wanted to confirm this. All the chips that I could find...
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    Looking For Texas Instruments Professional Computer

    I am looking to find a TI Professional computer. Does anyone know of someone who has a TIPC they might part with? https://www.web8bits.com/Marcas/Texas_Instruments/English/TIPC.html Thanks, -David
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    IBM XT HDD noise

    I have an IBM XT with a International Memories Inc. 5021H 10 Mb MFM Hdd, and I have always considered it quite noisy. I'm not sure how loud these drives are supposed to be, but it just strikes me as unusually loud. Is there a way to lubricate the bearings in the unit? I'm sure after 25 years...
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    Intrest in new ISA cards?

    I was pondering the idea of designing a brand new line of ISA cards to retrofit into old PCs. Things along the lines of: - A video card that used an FPGA to emulate VGA/EGA/CGA/MDA graphics, settable either by dipswitches on the card or a software utility, that has an HDMI output rather than a...